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Maybe try this?  I've used this a lot on a laptop where I constantly had to change network settings.

  • Free
  • Tray Icon
  • Switch between network adapters
  • Switch between networks
  • Wifi Management is even a new feature

Features List

Living Room / Re: Tips for failing eyesight? PC use
« on: March 02, 2022, 03:37 PM »
You could try "reading mode" which many browsers have.  That would help out the contrast and background colours, and you don't have to mess with addons.

Well, what if you just copied the file and changed the extension to ".bak" or something?  Then, when you want it back, just change the extension back from bak.

Or, you could log what files you open. 

What is a case scenario where you would want to only temporarily name something and keep ahold of the old name?

Wow, Dormouse, thanks for the analysis. 
So far, I have not been pleased enough with any of the markdown editors I've tried so far.  Whilst I really appreciate everything saved in text and therefore fetchable from other programs, I don't like switching between editing directly and in markdown.  I just don't care about markdown, I guess.  I'm pretty happy with TreeDBNotes, although it needs some improvements and needs some promise for the future, but it's still working well for me.  I'll keep an eye out for anything new and interesting, though.

I've seen some addons for chrome and firefox before that allows you an extensive macro system that you can use on web pages.  I never had a real use for these systems, but if you wanted to automate web-page processing, that seems like a good start.

iMacro is one of these.  I think it's the one I played around with, except it was for firefox - but that was all pre web-extension era.

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