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Wow, I just re-read my latest post and realized that probably, nobody understands what I was talking about.  haha

Uh, I've been using Notion now for about a month.  I know it's been mentioned in this thread, and the thread is really about zettsle-something and today, I actually saw a template for Notion that was called zettle-something. 

Then, I realized I didn't know how to spell pertanintcy. 
Now, I've brought Dormouse's thread length one post longer.  :)

Just because I found in my daily pursuit of knowledge, the word zettelkasten , which I first heard of by watching this thread, here is the link of pertainenancieeeaaay:

I don't know if *Notion* has yet died from this thread, but I'm giving it a good try.  Is this a good thread to talk about how well I like Notion, or should we start a new one?  I mean, @dormouse is only up to page 47 so far.

The tool I pointed to was just a GUI for OpenSSL.  If you install OpenSSL, it offers the option to add it to the PATH, I think.  You use it in the console, normally.  If not in the PATH, then you'd have to either use the full path to the exe or you have to change the console's DIR to the folder where the exe is.

The exe is here for me:
C:\Program Files\OpenSSL\bin\openssl.exe

Just wanted to throw in here about certificates - I found this nifty thing called OpenSSL Wizard which uses, obviously, OpenSSL.  But the gui is presented in a way that I found really helpful for the guy who has to get or make a certificate file of some sort but only needs it very rarely and so only wants to learn just enough to get past the job and on to other things.

Thanks for the compliments!  I'll check out the chalk program - looks neat.
Yeah, Calculor does have one issue I never figured out how to solve - when you divide a certain way, it displays the trailing zeroes.  I've done all sorts of things to fix that but never hit on the right solution.  And I haven't looked at the code in forever, so I don't know if I'll ever see the time to fix it.  Life's like that.  One moment's interests are not the same years later.

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