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General Software Discussion / Re: Best Windows Info tool?
« on: May 14, 2022, 06:43 PM »
It's my choice.  I stopped looking for anything else years ago.

Contro's right!  I always dislike those answers, too, when I get them, but this problem needs to start with Googling before it gets to a forum.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Y2K problem in SC (not April Fool's)
« on: April 02, 2022, 08:18 AM »
I never doubted you, in fact!

Screenshot Captor / Y2K problem in SC (not April Fool's)
« on: April 01, 2022, 09:29 AM »
haha!  I bet nobody ever knew this!  And this is not an April Fool's thing.  Seriously.  It isn't.
Screenshot Captor has the Y2K problem!  It cannot number screenshots past 999!

Really!  So, I set my SC to name screenshots like this:   Screenshot_1.png   Screenshot_2.png
but once it gets to Screenshot_999.png, it can't create Screenshot_1000.png and just keeps overwriting Screenshot_999.png.

Here is the setting at  Settings > File Naming> New Screenshot File Template > Default New File Name
%quickfield% Screenshot%_num%

And, I have checked the box in the same settings section for "Auto sequence new file names to avoid overwriting old files"
Auto-incrementing Number is set to "1"

For myself, I've modified the naming scheme to: %quickfield% Screenshot2022%_num% to get it to start the numbering over at 1.

Screenshot Captor / Re: I have a new problem“memory is out”
« on: March 30, 2022, 11:52 AM »
Ah, well, I'm just guessing.  You'll have to wait for Mouser to jump in here, since it's his program.  :)

Screenshot Captor / Re: I have a new problem“memory is out”
« on: March 30, 2022, 08:45 AM »
Maybe it has to do internally with the amount of memory allocated for a possible screenshot to inhabit?  I dunno - just guessing here, seeing how it's likely coded in C++ and the designer must allocate a certain amount of memory before the program can place data into it.  Maybe you've found, via your ultra resolution, the limit.  I bet the program wasn't written to know how to handle that kind of data immensity.

Living Room / Re: Programming/Coder humor
« on: March 13, 2022, 10:02 AM »
Wow.  That's uncannily accurate.

Maybe try this?  I've used this a lot on a laptop where I constantly had to change network settings.

  • Free
  • Tray Icon
  • Switch between network adapters
  • Switch between networks
  • Wifi Management is even a new feature

Features List

Living Room / Re: Tips for failing eyesight? PC use
« on: March 02, 2022, 03:37 PM »
You could try "reading mode" which many browsers have.  That would help out the contrast and background colours, and you don't have to mess with addons.

Well, what if you just copied the file and changed the extension to ".bak" or something?  Then, when you want it back, just change the extension back from bak.

Or, you could log what files you open. 

What is a case scenario where you would want to only temporarily name something and keep ahold of the old name?

Wow, Dormouse, thanks for the analysis. 
So far, I have not been pleased enough with any of the markdown editors I've tried so far.  Whilst I really appreciate everything saved in text and therefore fetchable from other programs, I don't like switching between editing directly and in markdown.  I just don't care about markdown, I guess.  I'm pretty happy with TreeDBNotes, although it needs some improvements and needs some promise for the future, but it's still working well for me.  I'll keep an eye out for anything new and interesting, though.

I've seen some addons for chrome and firefox before that allows you an extensive macro system that you can use on web pages.  I never had a real use for these systems, but if you wanted to automate web-page processing, that seems like a good start.

iMacro is one of these.  I think it's the one I played around with, except it was for firefox - but that was all pre web-extension era.

RSSOwl i liked much better, but that one didn't handle the amount of websites I track through RSS (including the YT channels, there are 109 feeds). So I looked for an alternative and also "landed" on QuiteRSS.

I used RSSOwl but started having problems with it, too.  I didn't want to give it up.  QuiteRSS solves most problems and can handle a LOT of feeds without any issue at all.  It does have its occasional hangups, and the developer doesn't work on it too much, but it still gets a new version every now and then.  The biggest problem I find with it is sometimes the embedded browser doesn't load things, but that's okay since I can always load things in my regular browser with just a button-click.

So, you need a webscraper that can send passwords.


I'm pretty sure you can give it a password.

Once you are into the scraping business, just put it on a timer.

AH - you need an RSS reader, no?

I use QuiteRSS and have for years.  It's how I keep track of what happens on DC.  It's how I get all my tech news and any word of software giveaways.  This way, I get to see all of what is new on nearly any website I want to keep track of.  The RSS Reader goes out to all of those sites and fetches what is new and you get to read it like a little morning newspaper.

QuiteRSS runs on my desktop like an extra browser.  I've tried over a dozen RSS readers and this is the one I've used the longest and am still using.

Fellas, here's one called Effie, and it's giveaway, this Feb 10, 2022 (today):

I'm going to give it a spin.

[update] eh, never mind; I read the comments and the giveaway part is only for 6 months of pro features.  Nah, I'm not interested in any subscription apps.

[updated update]
Actually, I ran the installer, but I can't use it unless I "sign in" with at least my google account.  Nope, not for me, and I'm sure not for this thread.  Sorry for the noise!

Now, I got to TreeDBNotes from good 'ole Keynote (there is a newer app called this, too, and it's completely different).  The old Keynote worked like TreeDBNotes, but would also let you link regular .txt files into it's tree and tab structure.  That was nice.

Ah, yeah, I forgot that you had requirements for how the data was stored.

I was sooooo very willing (and still am) to learn to code in Delphi just so I could make some fixes and changes, and I've emailed the authour through the years, but he only ever answered me once or twice and that was it.

The PIM aspects of TreeDBNotes were never fully worked out, I think.  I only ever use the notes part, but I love it.  I have my own toolbar with all my own custom styles.  The tree gives you options to customize the style and icon AND flag of every entry in the tree.  Any entry in the tree can be a folder as well as a note.  And you can put passwords on individual notes.  I love this program and have never found anything else I've liked better.

Getting data *out* of TreeDBNotes, yes, well, it has quite a few options, but they are kind of quirky, I think.  You can output to epub or html, really, that's sort of it.

Also, I wanted to add to this anthology a short list of things I find most useful in my TreeDB Notes - things I try to find in other editors:
  • Paste hyperlink - say you have a url on the clipboard, I want to select text in my editor and "paste they hyperlink" into that selection without using a dialogue box.  I started doing this in TreeDBNotes and I essentially stopped using the bookmark system in my browser.
  • Recognize system url protocols - I like to use callto: links in my notes.  With TreeDBNotes (and Qtext) you can create callto links by just typing callto:xxx-xxx-xxxx (phone number) and it generates the callto link automatically.  This is great for storing contact information with click-to-call that calls that number in your phone application (Phoner Light for me, connected to our Asterisks PBX).
  • Multiple tabs, each with it's own tree - I love this.

I also love custom icons for note entries and folders in the tree.  With TreeDBNotes, I can also paste screenshots right into the editor with no further work (they become embedded as bmps).

I wanted an app for my Android where I could just record simple thoughts without any further activity.  In other words, I just dictate to the phone and it gets changed into text.  For this, I've been using a little app called "Simple Notepad".  It stores all my notes as text files that I can copy to my desktop later (or I could do the Google Drive sync thing.

The one thing on my Android that I tried to avoid was having to sign in to anything ever just to record my thoughts.  That's what stopped me from using OneNote - I was in the woods once and went to record something and it asked me to sign in.  How in the world am I going to remember any password when I have to use a password keeper in the first place - AND - I'm in the woods?  Sometimes I might remember one or two of my 500 passwords, but not when I am in the woods.  So, I started using Simple Notepad.  I don't know if it's the best or not, but I like it enough so far.

Now, on my desktop, I've mentioned before that I use TreeDBNotes - and I've not seen anyone discuss this note-taking application within this awesome thread (this is one of the best threads on DC, in my opinion, and I've monitored it via RSS from the beginning).  The authour quit working on TreeDBNotes some years ago, but it's still out there to be downloaded.  Using this program, I have notes for all of my program development, all my IT and network changes and logs, conversations with techs and agents over the phone, histories of various computers and devices and network management.  I've got an entire notebook dedicated to stories and poems, another notebook dedicated to notes on animals, artwork, etc.  They are my own personal encyclopedias.

hee hee, how's this?

Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  1. ;adds numbering to existing text
  2. NumberLines(whatstring){
  3.         newstring := ""
  4.         Loop, parse, whatstring, `n
  5.         {
  6.                 newstring := newstring . a_index . a_tab . a_loopfield
  7.         }
  8.         return newstring
  9. }

Are you coding in Autohotkey?  I've written this code before, and for files, in fact.

Charity is not above the law.
Charity is not above the law because it's not comparable that way.  Law is there to keep Justice.  But Charity beats Justice (that's where we find Mercy).

I think what we have here is the difference between a minion of Capitalism (the system with its licenses) and Capitalist's possession of any degree of Charity.  Capitalism excludes the need or place for Charity.  If we have any question of "what is right" it has not place in Capitalism.

I am saying that I think Tuxman is right in his estimations of what the licenses allow.  I agree, that the fellow who borked his own code was within his rights, even if they were malicious - because that's how *that* system works.  It precisely follows the laws and licenses to the letter and that with a material goal in the ultimate end (who gets the money).

However, I also agree with Deozzan in that what that fellow did was not right for him to do - it goes against Charity.  Charity is an entirely different law with a different scope.

So, I think what we have is a conflict between Law and Morals.  According to the law, the fellow was within his rights because that law excludes the reality of Charity and Malice. 

If we discuss the law (and the licenses that protect software, also subject to the law) within its own boundaries, we cannot also discuss Charity.  However, if we discuss Morals, then we can definitely discuss the law.  That is because the moral law (Charity) is higher because it guides the will and not only the material doings.

The thing is that the law doesn't have the welfare of people in mind; that's how it can work, but not be just.

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