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I'm having a hard time imagining why you would get that error with Screenshot Captor.. and you're saying reverting to prior version works? That is bizarre.  Anyone else?
Are you using some kind of network mapped drive? Or maybe some antivirus program doing something weird..
Thanks for responding.
I know what you mean. I sometimes have a hard time imagining that I will be able to get up in the mornings, but it usually all works out somehow.
There have been no recent changes to mapped drives or anything. The system remains relatively stable (or whatever passes for "stable" with Win10...).

My drives: (what I use most)
  • The HDD.
  • 3 x Cloud Drives (accessed fairly frequently).
  • 1 x Cloud Drive (accessed occasionally).
  • 1 x 2GB dynamically changing RAMdrive (set as the TEMP variable).

The only slightly unusual thing I do with drives (have done for ages) is set hard links to cloud storage volumes/folders. I use these hard links as virtual folders, some of which are my main "working folders".
The hard links are very stable and never cause any problems. The drives I use are unlikely to be causing the problem, because - and as you have also observed -  the earlier version of SC consistently works OK, whereas it is only the latest version of SC which consistently does not.

The only "odd" thing I have found with folders is the mysteriously-appearing "QL folter temp", which I referred to in a Launch Bar Commander - Latest Version thread. I wondered whether it might have something to do with the observed LBC long delays.

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Polywick Story Server
« on: December 05, 2018, 11:47 PM »
Oh, sorry. The elephant in the room = The big/important thing nobody is talking about = (in this case) The Business/User Requirements.

I mean, you didn't arrive at whatever design objective(s) you have arrived at without first having some initial problem/idea of what the user requirements were, did you?    :o
If you did, then I would be kinda impressed, but not in a good way.

I use the latest Setup.exe version and run on Windows 10 x64 latest build, the options i use (create a screenshot and save) are working like ever.

Could you try Setup.exe aswell to minimize error to portable package?
This was addressed to me - right?

I indicated that I initially used the CHS setup (through DCUpdater).
I then tried
Same result - System Error.  Code: 1722.
I then reverted to the earlier version and tried the whole thing (Setup and then Portable install) again.
Same result - System Error.  Code: 1722.

So the causal problem would seem to be in the latest version. Specifically - by deduction - it would seem to be in one or more of the three (apparently only) updated files:
  • ScreenshotCaptor.chm        3551838   10/10/2018 4:06 PM   10/10/2018 4:06 PM
  • ScreenshotCaptor.dcupdate      1104   29/11/2018 4:07 PM   29/11/2018 4:07 PM
  • ScreenshotCaptor.exe        9465096   29/11/2018 4:07 PM   29/11/2018 4:07 PM

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Polywick Story Server
« on: December 05, 2018, 09:28 PM »
Some design objectives, but apparently not a user requirement in sight?
Hmm. I feel that I may be missing something here.

The design is to make a one-pane organizer.
-PolywickStudio (December 05, 2018, 07:28 PM)

Hahaha, very droll.
What about the elephant?

Talking of Haters, I had an absolute LOL moment today whilst watching this USTV clip of something called "The View", in which was a group of women apparently discussing/making a tribute to the late 41st president of the US, (George H.W. Bush) - God bless 'im - who died recently.
Now I don't know much about the women in the clip, but what it clearly shows is that one of them seems to be moronically obsessed with using the pretext of paying tribute to the deceased president to address the single issue of a manufactured negative political comment against the current president (Trump 45th).
To paraphrase Yoda:
"The Hate is strong in this one."

But a highly articulate blonde lady (Meghan McCain) - who seems to have clearly done her homework on GHWB - won't stand for the nonsense and disrespect of perverting the occasion to try and score political points on the speaker's single issue, and so tries to pull it back on track.

What amused me was that, if one wanted to FAIL and make a complete, public and spectacular ass of oneself, then there are probably other/better ways to do it, but this one would arguably be up there with the best of them. Priceless shooting-oneself-in-the-foot stuff.
But it's beautifully compounded by the disrespect and lack of honour shown in the act of attempting to abuse such a solemn occasion by mindlessly trying to score political points. If it were about (say) trying to make a $ profit from the occasion, then the speaker could be labelled as being "venal", but in the context of paying tribute to and honouring a great US president on his death there's an English phrase that could be used to describe this kind of thing: "Don't sh#t in your own nest."
This was definitely an own-nest-fouling of the greater kind. Highly successful and amusing, made all the more so because it was so brilliantly executed by a speaker who clearly didn't seem to appreciate the potential impact and/or blow-back of what they were doing. Talk about target fixation.

But hey, when the Hate is that strong, I guess a gal's just gotta evacuate her bowels pronto, regardless. Gives a whole new meaning to"let it go/flow".  Ahahaha, I slay me.


As a follow-on from the above HVV item, I should apologise to French-haters and Francophobes alike that it was not used as an opportunity to get yet another dig in about how awful the French are. We should of course never forget that there are plenty of reasons for hating the French:

You may have read that the French are revolting. (Yes, they are, aren't they?)
This time it's whilst dressed in fluorescent HVVs (yellowish-green hi-visibility safety vests). All drivers of vehicles in France are required by law to have an HVV in their car. had an interesting comment about this:
(Copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images.)
The unsung genius of the yellow vest
tags: Environment, French affairs, Media & Journalism
Natalie Solent (Essex)
Whatever one thinks about the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) protests/riots in France – and I happen to know that they are the result of a deal made between a French green activist wishing to see more protests about what the government was doing to combat climate change and a particularly literal minded demon – the choice of the yellow Hi-Vis waistcoat or vest as a symbol of the protests was inspired. As every schoolboy knows, St David told the Britons to wear leeks in their caps to distinguish friend from foe in their battles with the Saxons. In many struggles since then some item snatched up in haste from whatever was lying around in order to improvise a uniform has duly become an icon of that cause. Here are some reasons why the gilet jaune is destined to join that illustrious list:

One: Protesters want to be seen. Hi-vis vests make people highly visible. This is one of those linkages that manages to be both obvious and surprising at the same time. Why did no one think of this before?

Two, anyone driving a car in France has got one in the boot anyway because a 2008 law says they must. Might as well put the thing to use.

Three, and this is the one I love, it turns a symbol of compliance into a symbol of defiance. Cop pulls you over. Cop saunters up to the car. “Is monsieur carrying a gilet de haute visibilité as required by law?” “Why of course, officer. I always carry my yellow vest. One never knows when one might need it.”
I reckon that's a typically "French" thing to do - to turn the tables on an oppressive authority by flipping the bird with an oppressive symbol used by that authority. The guillotine of the French Revolution was a prime example. The irony is biting/cutting.

That reminds me of the little joke
Masochist: "Hit me..."
Sadist: "....No"

Yes - you're so right! There's often truth in humour.

@mouser: Feedback - I have been stumped by an error.
ScreenshotCaptor v4.31.1 NOT WORK (dl 2018-12-06)
I initially installed it via DCUpdater, but it failed to start.
I then tried installing it from .ZIP Portable, but to no avail.

Results are consistent and repeatable:
At SC startup, the SC Systray icon momentarily shows, but then it fails/abends with the error message:
Screenshot Captor
System Error.  Code: 1722.

The RPC server is unavailable.
Not sure what "The RPC server" is referring to. I can't identify a file/app of that description on the HDD and it doesn't seem to be an identifiable Service process.

I reverted to ScreenshotCaptor v4.29.0 Portable (dl 2018-04-13) - which works fine.
Then I reinstalled ScreenshotCaptor Portable v4.31.1 (dl 2018-12-06), but it still abends.
So I reverted to v4.29.0 again and shall continue using that until a fix/workaround is provided for the latest version.
OS is Win10-64 PRO.

I had always considered that the privacy of my mind was unassailable and that my thoughts were my own, and nobody could take them away from me - even if I were in the Stalags. Now I am not so sure. I commented the other day to my now 17 y/o daughter that, as an experiment, I had for the first time deliberately allowed Google permission to use "my" data - data about me that it already captures and holds and has access to, by default - to aim targeted ads at me. I told her that I found the result interesting, but somewhat disquieting.

Here is a very interesting - if not alarming - review on what happens, apparently almost immediately, when we succumb to allowing this kind of access through our privacy walls, reported on by Such a loss/reduction in privacy effectively enables third parties to engineer algorithms that could manipulate/modify our paradigms, sometimes without our even being aware of it, and it is happening now, even as I write this. It goes far beyond subliminal advertising, since it can clearly be used - and is being used - to subtly control/manipulate our perception of the reality of the world about us:
Measuring the "Filter Bubble": How Google is influencing what you click

This goes far beyond merely allowing access to private data, being, in effect, more like giving permission to be brainwashed by a third party(ies). And we seem to be highly susceptible to it. It's very clever, and insidious, though I suppose it could be argued that it's not harmful, but merely a conditioning of one's thinking.

Again, Pandora's box has been well and truly opened:
Fast forward to 2018, where we can perhaps now better understand why we might have the apparent privacy shambles that we see around us. It was a gold-rush, opportunistic, every man for himself. Presumably the Google/Facebook founders (and others) would have seen it coming. There were little/no regulations to limit or constrain the progress of BI and its application in the field of mass demographics. Now that some regulations have belatedly been or are being implemented, it arguably may be too late anyway - locking the stable door after the horse has bolted; Pandora's box has already been opened.

Living Room / Re: Good video on climbing Mt Everest
« on: December 05, 2018, 07:19 AM »
One of the things you learn from reading these books on high altitude climbing like Everest, is how the lack of oxygen at this altitude (even when using supplemental oxygen) completely messes with their brains and slows down and muddles people's thinking to the point where they are not thinking properly at all.
The manifestation of that phenomenon doesn't seem to be restricted to just a very high-altitude phenomenon though, as it has also been observed and documented as happening with people who were breathing oxygen at sea-level at the time it was manifested, and even though they may have sometimes been taking an elevated "high-level view" or "helicopter view" of things.
There was a rumour going round that I read about that supposed that the problem may be genetic in some way and lay with a class of folk who were deemed to be genetically "undesirables", or something (no, I don't think it was a reference to Hitler), but I couldn't possibly comment. So, whilst high-altitude oxygen starvation or (say) any state of diminished ability to absorb oxygen at the "normal" rate of absorption may be a causal factor in muddled thinking, it's not necessarily the whole story nor the only causal factor.

It is thought (Brinkley, et al) that this strange phenomenon was originally encapsulated in about 1934 by the renowned Yorkshire pigeon fancier, ornithologist and inventor of "blogging", Prof. Fred Bloggs, who, when, attempting to discover the reason as to why some of his prize-winning homing pigeons seemed to occasionally lose their way during races and lose him the race, he declared obscurely, but (in hindsight) with penetrating insight:
"Them as is 'igh oop cannot allus see tut'way forrard clear. There's now't so queer as folk."
People initially thought that he had been referring - possibly unkindly - to the race judges who had cost him the loss of the annual Nantes - Oldham race, which he had won for 5 years running, because one of his birds was judged to have arrived a minute too late due to a timing error, but when he was later asked to explain he said:
"If'm yew got yer 'ed oop in't clouds, allus yew c'n breathe an' allus yew c'n see is tut'clouds an' when yer sh#t yew dun't know nor care 'oo it's fallin on."

On the shoulders of giants.

T-Clock / Re: T-Clock mostly obscured by black rectangle
« on: December 02, 2018, 12:45 AM »
That's odd. I never had any problem with T-Clock (Win10-64 Pro or earlier). It starts at windows startup, automatically.
I am using T-Clock v2.4.4.492 also.

As to the black rectangle, I have no idea.
I sometimes find that other proggies can leave residual artefacts like that, when they have had some kind of non-terminal error (e.g., FARR occasionally does it). Terminating and restarting them usually fixes it.
Could it be the residue of a "toaster" notification box?

When I have problems with Notifcation icons not appearing (or not properly) in the Systray, I usually find that terminating/restarting explorer.exe can clear it. It might help with the T-Clock window also.
There's an explorer.exe restarter utility from Windows Club I use for that, but there's one (or used to be) from NirSoft also.

Where you wrote that "The problem occurs at startup", I wasn't sure whether you meant startup of Windows or of T-Clock.
Does simply terminating/restarting T-Clock not help?

The wording "QL folter temp" Sounds like it could be Dutch or Deutsch, I guess.
'folter' means torture (!) in Dutch and Deutsch -- probably does mean folder in some other language though..
Well, thanks, that's, er, fascinating, but it doesn't really help me get any nearer an answer to my queries. (Maybe its pidgin English. Who knows?)

Couple of queries and an odd thing - using LBC v1.154.2.0 (2018-11-21)
LBC in "Portable" mode.
System is Win10-64 Pro
Temp is a RAMdisk: R:\Temp

1, Docking is not persistent:
  • The docked window does not consistently pop down when the hotkey trigger is pressed. I have to keep doing a "restore from tray" to get it back.
  • Am I missing something about making it persistent?

2. Slow display on hover/select of an item in the drop-down menu:
  • Display is usually slow, sometimes interminably so. Sometimes quite quick.
  • I wondered if it was a RAM problem, but I have 16GB of RAM, so it shouldn't be. Doesn't seem to make any difference if I clear the Standby List in RAM.
  • Is there any way to consistently speed up LBC here?

3. Strange folder creation:
  • I don't know what is doing it, but this path repeatedly gets created (even after I delete it), always with empty folders:
    C:\Workdata.001\Hold\SCRAP 0-ANY\QL folter temp\2018-08-07 1326hrs  Quick Launch (HP Pav-15)\User Pinned

  • There is an actual folder on my HDD:
    C:\UTIL\.Quick Launch Backup\.Quick Launch\2018-08-07 1326hrs  Quick Launch (HP Pav-15)\User Pinned
     - but note that it is in a .ZIP folder.   :tellme:

  • Folder C:\Workdata.001\Hold\SCRAP 0-ANY\ is often used by me to execute/run setup proggies from and I wondered whether LBC had something to do with it. So far, I haven't figured out what keeps creating this empty path. The wording "QL folter temp" Sounds like it could be Dutch or Deutsch, I guess.
    Pinned links are "magic" links. The only reason I though LBC might have something to do with this strange path creation is that there are pinned links in the folders that LBC is attempting to display, and I wondered whether the pinned links might be causing the delay in LBC, as it tries to resolve the paths of those links.

(Intentionally left blank.)

How many people looked at the rest of the pictures there?
Yes, that was a good accidentally brilliant picture.

Are you the developer of CHS?
If so, how did you collect all those "user requirements?" I'm curious. Survey?
-visualoutliner (November 26, 2018, 05:44 PM)
  • (a) No, I am not the author/developer of CHS - @mouser is.
    I am however a keen fan and user of CHS and sometimes suggest changes/improvements for CHS. ...    :)

  • (b) As an interesting exercise, I built the draft of requirements from my analysis of a collection comprised of my own and others' stated user requirements and the interpolated/deduced/postulated requirements that will have been met by the existing AS-IS status of CHS, with the idea that the whole might be useful as a CHS user community tool to help define and distinguish the differences between "business/user requirements/needs" and "feature wants".
    Whilst it might not be entirely correct as it currently stands (e.g., may need updating), as far as I am aware it is the only attempted documented analysis and definition of requirements for CHS that exists publicly.
    It could seem a bit confusing though, as it also attempts to demonstrate the overlap between requirements in two domains - PIM users and CHS/Clipboard users, so there's quite a lot going on in that table - including, for example, "Priority".

The reason I pointed out the CHS requirements was to suggest that you could do a lot worse than document the VisualOutliner business/user requirements and priorities. From experience of small and large systems development as a programmer, systems analyst and as a project manager, application development success/failure is often dependent on the timely collection and ranking of business/user requirements and priorities.
Again, from experience, simply dumping an embryonic product development onto the table and saying "tell me what you think about it" (OWTTE) isn't necessarily going to be conducive to, or guarantee success. Ideally, I would suggest that you use formal ß-testers, at least.

Living Room / Re: silly humor - The Mole! (NASA Mars Insight Mission)
« on: November 26, 2018, 08:29 PM »
All about The Mole on the NASA Insight mission:


This made me smile:
Docker makes me sad. 70s UNIX tools wrapped in a gigantic binary file with a comic-style logo added on top of it, and suddenly it is "the next big thing". Bah, kids today.

@Curt: Thanks, yes. I think I understand what you say there, but the control over the ongoing availability of the defined extensions is arguably the crux of the matter.
I mean, for example, what if the extension you want (as listed by Share Extension or Extension List Dumper) is no longer available in the store? - like BadAdJohnny, for example.
I would surmise in that case that BAJ was probably excommunicated ostensibly (at least) for its links with a VPN, but that doesn't alter the fact that it was/is a pretty devastatingly good adblocker, and it doesn't consume gigabytes of RAM either - so it's pretty efficient. Yet it is no longer available in the store, even though it works perfectly fine. However, only a minority who have the technical know-how to access and use a non-store copy of the BAJ installer are going to be able to take advantage of using it.
This would seem to be simply a form of effective censorship by a proprietary gate-keeper who disallows the continued availability of BAJ for the majority - via the "authorised" store - for unstated/specious reasons, and not because BAJ is "no good" either, but probably because it is apparently too good at what it does and could adversely affect incremental advertising revenues for the gatekeeper, or something.
Transparency so opaque you can't see a thing...

Living Room / Re: silly humor - Musk to Mars! edition.
« on: November 26, 2018, 07:50 AM »

    0:00 Mike Allen: "You're forty-seven. What is the likelihood that you
    0:02 personally will go to Mars?" Elon Musk: "70 percent."

Some people (not me, you understand) might say that, regardless of how he calculated the 70 percent,  Musk is already living on another planet anyway, and if he does move to Mars, then it can't be soon enough for the rest of us, but I couldn't possibly comment.

Mind you, if his predictions regarding the hardships of life on a Mars mission are anything to go by, it sounds like the potential to survive might be greater than, for example (say), getting bogged down in a subterranean water-filled cavern in northern Thailand...    :o

@visualoutliner: Nice features!    :Thmbsup:
I for one shall watch the development of Visual Outliner with interest.  Good luck!    :Thmbsup:

Meanwhile, just to give a quick nod to the importance of user requirements:
By the way, because PIM (Personal Information Management) is a very important matter for me in my personal and work life, I have defined and documented my requirements - e.g., in evaluating CHS (Clipboard Help and Spell) I applied the above method:
@mouser - by the way, there is still this: User Requirements for CHS

It could be used to save repetition by different/new CHS users. I put quite a bit of effort into that. Have not updated it in ages as no-one seemed interested. I think I left it as public and editable.
- which has apparently caused some readers to experience such traumatic mind-expansion and neural damage that it induces a temporary state of profound sleep from which the reader awakens with a complete loss of memory of ever having seen it in the first place. (This is the way Nature helps us to recover from traumatic experiences.)

Amnesia rules.

"Share Extension" looks kinda handy, but apparently only useful IF the extension is available from the official Google Store or whatever. (is that correct?) Not sure I see the point in it.

@dantheman: I suspect that you might be asking the wrong question here.
For example:
  • I used to use FEBE (at the time when it was the only available extension backup tool, I think), but its development started to lag a little, and then Firefox brought in the Sync functionality, which made FEBE somewhat redundant. So I used Sync instead of FEBE, and - just in case - kept contingency copies of the installers of my fav extensions. So I was mostly covered, from a backup perspective.

  • When I eventually switched to Slimjet - after becoming sick and tired of Mozilla and their control-freak trips, wrecking all that was good about Firefox (for me) - I was happy using the Sync functionality that was built into Slimjet/Chrome. That was until recently, when Google appeared to be starting with the same control-freak tricks that Mozilla had been up to - in this case, silently switching off one of my fav extensions (so I had to keep switching it on again when I ran Slimjet) and then completely zapping it  - this was the excellent BadAdJohnny extension.

  • However, after the Firefox experience, I was prepared for this, and I am in the habit of saving backup copies of the installers of extension that look as though they might be at risk of unilateral prohibition/deletion by GodMode Google. Of course, that will only work if Google don't go down the same path as Mozilla and enforce obsolescence of all/any extensions that they don't approve of on an ongoing basis. I consider backup copies of the extension installers to be a "lowest common denominator" approach - i.e., rather than a backup tool like FEBE (and its restore component).

  • So, from a user perspective, I have taken a relatively independent path that is based on a complete lack of trust of the browser providers/supporters. This has generally worked well, though I thought I had been caught out when Mozilla made the Scrapbook extension obsolete, but I've overcome that hurdle with newer technology - i.e., saving webpages as .mhtml files), which are indexable/searchable via WDS (Windows Desktop Search) and GDS (Google Desktop Search), etc..

So, whether you are using Quantum, or something else, the question might better be: How can my processes be made more resilient and more certain of avoiding falling into the trap of relying on transient proprietary backup solutions from unreliable/fickle providers?
This is one of the concerns that I have regarding my tendency for increasing reliance on MS Office OneNote. I mean, if the supplier can kick off what looks to be a definite new line of integrated computing - such as Windows Phone (Windows 10) and complete with a new Sony-Ericsson smartphone designed for it - and then simply drop it all "just like that", where the heck does that leave the users who have been suckered into using it? If they'd said at the outset (like Google tend to do) that these are trials or Betas, then that could at least be a little more honest, but no, they didn't elect to do that and we have all read the message, loud and clear: "Screw the users/customers".

Living Room / Re: Gadget WEEKENDS
« on: November 20, 2018, 06:19 PM »
a running stitch is the most basic of all sewing stitches
I thought it was pain in the side one gets after sprinting  :o
-cranioscopical (November 20, 2018, 02:16 PM)
Well, that's appropriate as this discussion is becoming a bit of a pain and is a running thread.

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