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What I'm most interested in is a local directory and photo organizer. I'm curious if the face recognition still works in isolation from Google?
...As an aside, it looks like there is a Picasa import for lightroom utility
Regarding Lightroom: Thanks re the Lightroom utility. Looks potentially rather useful

Regarding face recognition: In Picasa, face recognition seems to have always been independently carried out by the desktop app and thus not requiring any online Cloud-based/Google functionality, unless you wanted to link people's names/faces with their email address (the database for which would be in your online Gmail account). I therefore find it curious and somewhat telling that the Google marketing push - effectively shutting down Picasa and only partially replacing it with a new offering (Google Photos) - was to force the user into a seemingly unnecessary (i.e., not a user requirement or benefit) and sole reliance on Cloud functionality, thereby apparently creating/ensuring an increasingly more captive audience and owning unfettered access to an increasingly large amount of users' data (i.e., including the image databases).

Some people (not me, you understand) might say that Google - like Facebook - is decidedly NOT your "friend", but merely a very successful marketing data miner and and corporate psychopath that - rather like the US NSA - considers the user's right to privacy to be an annoying nuisance to be variously trampled upon or evaded at all costs, but I couldn't possibly comment.


Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Clipboard Help+Spell errors
« on: April 11, 2019, 04:27 AM »
^^ Yes, those could be useful ideas. Thanks.

By the way, I just had an installer automatically run itself from the RAMdisk Temp and it kept failing, but it ran OK from a directory on C: drive.
I recall this problem (installers failing when run from R:\Temp) being a problem sometimes, with some installers, so it's probably nothing new. I never could figure out the cause of that.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Clipboard Help+Spell errors
« on: April 10, 2019, 09:30 PM »
@mouser: Nope, the gotcha is still there after boot-up has completed with R:\Temp running OK.
As soon as CHS is restarted after setting the CHS Tweaks to Force to system Temp directory, the error:
   Error DBG103: DBISAM Engine Error # 11013 Access denied to table or backup file '124120'
 - pops up and and CHS is without any settings.
Whilst CHS is still thus active, I go into CHS to change the Tweaks, and this error pops up again:
   Error DBG103: DBISAM Engine Error # 11013 Access denied to table or backup file '124120'

I then set CHS Tweaks back to Let database engine decide and then terminate CHS and restart it. CHS then seems to start up just fine, with all settings correct as previously.
This seems to be consistently repeatable.

However, CHS is definitely "allergic" to the ImDisk RAMdisk under this current version of Win10-64 Home, whereas it was perfectly OK using that RAMdisk under Win10-64 Pro.
I presume that the likely cause could be some vestigial Registry entry in this Home version which remains even after fast startup has been disabled. I shall try to research that as I'd like to know.
It might be worth identifying exactly what CHS looks at when the user sets CHS Tweaks to Force to system Temp directory, as a good starting-point, because that's when the error is triggered - e.g., whether it checks the Registry for anything at that point.

As far as any other apps being similarly afflicted by this mysterious error, so far there's still been no sign. Pretty much everything that has to use system Temp will need to be happily using that ImDisk RAMdisk. Apart from CHS, everything else seems stable with it, so far.    :o

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Clipboard Help+Spell errors
« on: April 10, 2019, 03:38 AM »
@mouser: Thanks for your comment. I put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and went through the checks you suggested to verify what directories are being accessed/written to, and have now figured out and fixed the problem and discovered what seems to be a quirk in CHS. It's quite interesting:

  • Context: I have migrated CHS from a laptop with an oldish version of Win10-64 Pro to another laptop with a more up-to-date version of Win10-64 Home.
    Problem: CHS consistently fails with the DBISAM error above and all previous settings are lost.

  • CHS directory:
    My user ID is the Owner of the FARR directory and subdirectories at:
           C:\UTIL\Windows utilities\FindAndRunRobot\
    These directories are all unchecked for Read-only.
    The location of CHS is in the plugins folder of FARR:
           C:\UTIL\Windows utilities\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\Clipboard Help+Spell\

  • CHS Database:
    The CHS Database path is:
           C:\UTIL\Windows utilities\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\Clipboard Help+Spell\Database\

  • CHS Backups:
    The CHS Backups path is:
           C:\UTIL\Windows utilities\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\Clipboard Help+Spell\Backups\

  • CHS Tweaks: Is set to Force to system Temp directory - for potentially fastest response time.
    NB: System Temp is ImDisk, a dynamically variable-sized RAMdisk (up to 2GB) - in R:\Temp and which is set as the system default Temp/TMP directory.
    Changing CHS Tweaks to either:
            Let database engine decide, or
            Use Database "Temp" subdirectory
     - fixes the problem and all the previous settings are restored OK.

  • The reason for this is explained by a warning in the ImDisk configuration tool:
    Warning: the fast startup feature of Windows is enabled. This
    can lead to some issues:
      • The system writes the ramdisk content onto the hard drive
         at shutdown, and restores it at startup.
      • The data synchronization feature of ImDisk Toolkit does not
         work at system shutdown.

    Open the Shutdown settings to disable the fast startup.

    (Button) Shutdown settings
    (Checkbox) Do not t show this warning again                             (Button) Close
    Obviously, I want to keep the R:\Temp RAMdrive working, as it speeds up the the system, so I disabled fast startup.

  • Gotcha in this version of Win10?:
    The fast startup shutdown settings are greyed out (cannot be changed), but you can change them, except that it is sorta hidden on another page (I did a duckgo search to find that out). After disabling the fast start settings, the ImDisk configuration tool no longer gives the warning message. However, CHS still would not work with the R:\Temp setting, so I left the CHS Tweak set at Let database engine decide, (which works OK) - and the RAMdisk seems to work fine for all other applications (so far). Not sure whether CHS using the CHS Temp folder instead of the RAMdrive will slow CHS response times on some large database searches, but we shall see. However, it seems as though CHS is sensitive to the RAMdrive and doesn't like to use it, though it apparently worked OK on the previous laptop (with the older Win10-64 Pro). I would like CHS to use it, for optimum response, so that could be a something needing a workaround/fix, if/when you have the time to investigate, please.   :D

Thanks again.
CHS remains one of my daily most useful PIM tools and I was nearly overcome with despair when it wouldn't seem to work.

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Clipboard Help+Spell errors
« on: April 08, 2019, 05:49 PM »
@Ath + @Shades: Thanks for trying to help.

The files (in the CHS database) in question are definitely unticked in the Read-only attribute. I have double-checked this, as I initially thought that would probably be the problem, even going so far as to enforce them to be unticked again. It made no difference though.

The files are in a directory on the C:\  drive, which is where they have always been since I started using CHS. The drive location has never been a problem before, anyway, so I don't see how/why it could be a problem now. It doesn't seem to be a problem, at any rate.

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