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Found it!  So sorry I missed it.

From this thread:

I downloaded tinyev from here:

... and drug the FARR_TinyEv folder into FARR's plugin folder, had FARR reload the plugins, and typed "ev GOGO" and got Everything's results directly in FARR!  Super JAZZED!

Sorry for the spin!

Any help getting Everything's results back into the FARR window?  Naively tweaking some working aliases, the following settings wait for me to finish typing, and then open Everything with (whatever I typed into FARR) placed into the search box:

regexp: ^everything (\S*)
results: everything | C:\Program files\Everything\Everything.exe -search "$$1"

From the original post to this thread in 2012 (Prince still alive, but not Michael Jackson) all I get at the end is Everything opened up with "$$1" in the search box. ;(
regexp: ^(.*)\s\s$
results: dolaunch C:\Program files\Everything\Everything.exe -search "$$1"

Any help greatly appreciated.  Long road so far, but close!

Thank you for your help Nod5!  Looks like something in ScanFs.  It opens, but isn't reflecting any command line args.  I wrote an app just to display the command args, and called it with a search string and a file path, and they look fine.

Thanks a ton!  Will figure out what's happening down stream-

I'm hoping to grep text files from the FARR command line, or at least open ScanFs with the arguments I type in to FARR.

Based on this 10-year old thread:
... I end up with the following alias in myaliases.alias (just changing the launch path).

<Result>grep $$1 $$2 | C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Saleen Software\Saleen ScanFs\ScanFs.exe /path=$$1 /contents=&quot;$$2&quot;&gt;+&gt;^grep (\S*) (.*)</Result>

If I type "grep" into FARR it opens ScanFs, but has whatever I typed in to ScanFs the last time it ran.  If I try to add arguments in FARR ("grep *.txt needle") I just get from FARR "Sorry, no results."

Any suggestions *greatly* appreciated!

Find And Run Robot / farr lock in: plugin or feature request?
« on: September 12, 2017, 08:38 AM »
Would this be a plugin or a feature: When I launch farr I basically want it to own the focus until I choose something from farr.  i.e., nobody gets the focus until farr allows it, or if they do somehow it immediately takes it back and restores my cursor position.  So no accidental mouse clicks outside of farr, and no background processes launching that seem to vaporize the focus.

So if I launch farr, I'm either going to select something from the search bar, open farr help, open farr options, or hit <esc> to deliberately exit.

Man, that would be golden for me...

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