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Found it!  So sorry I missed it.

From this thread:

I downloaded tinyev from here:

... and drug the FARR_TinyEv folder into FARR's plugin folder, had FARR reload the plugins, and typed "ev GOGO" and got Everything's results directly in FARR!  Super JAZZED!

Sorry for the spin!

Any help getting Everything's results back into the FARR window?  Naively tweaking some working aliases, the following settings wait for me to finish typing, and then open Everything with (whatever I typed into FARR) placed into the search box:

regexp: ^everything (\S*)
results: everything | C:\Program files\Everything\Everything.exe -search "$$1"

From the original post to this thread in 2012 (Prince still alive, but not Michael Jackson) all I get at the end is Everything opened up with "$$1" in the search box. ;(
regexp: ^(.*)\s\s$
results: dolaunch C:\Program files\Everything\Everything.exe -search "$$1"

Any help greatly appreciated.  Long road so far, but close!

Thank you for your help Nod5!  Looks like something in ScanFs.  It opens, but isn't reflecting any command line args.  I wrote an app just to display the command args, and called it with a search string and a file path, and they look fine.

Thanks a ton!  Will figure out what's happening down stream-

I'm hoping to grep text files from the FARR command line, or at least open ScanFs with the arguments I type in to FARR.

Based on this 10-year old thread: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=13567.0
... I end up with the following alias in myaliases.alias (just changing the launch path).

<Result>grep $$1 $$2 | C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Saleen Software\Saleen ScanFs\ScanFs.exe /path=$$1 /contents=&quot;$$2&quot;&gt;+&gt;^grep (\S*) (.*)</Result>

If I type "grep" into FARR it opens ScanFs, but has whatever I typed in to ScanFs the last time it ran.  If I try to add arguments in FARR ("grep *.txt needle") I just get from FARR "Sorry, no results."

Any suggestions *greatly* appreciated!

Find And Run Robot / farr lock in: plugin or feature request?
« on: September 12, 2017, 08:38 AM »
Would this be a plugin or a feature: When I launch farr I basically want it to own the focus until I choose something from farr.  i.e., nobody gets the focus until farr allows it, or if they do somehow it immediately takes it back and restores my cursor position.  So no accidental mouse clicks outside of farr, and no background processes launching that seem to vaporize the focus.

So if I launch farr, I'm either going to select something from the search bar, open farr help, open farr options, or hit <esc> to deliberately exit.

Man, that would be golden for me...

Is there a way to use the keyboard to get form the FARR command line (where I type) straight into the "Shell Context Menu" or "Properties" for the top item in the result list?  I've been right-clicking on the item and then navigating to one of those two menu choices with the mouse.

Thanks for any help-

Got most of it crammed into the subject there.  I have a new laptop and somewhat regularly I bring up farr and start typing only to find that I accidentally touched the mouse pad.  So the focus has left the farr command entry area and may be in another app, or on the desktop, or even still in farr but down on one of the items in the result list.

Any ideas for coding a hotkey to take me back to the farr focus?  Could be in farr, but I'm also lightly versed in ahk.  Current workaround is to re-hit the hotkey I use to launch farr, but depending on where the focus is, sometimes one re-click does it, sometimes 2, and occasionally 3.  I'm not tied to preserving anything I might have already entered successfully (ok to kill off the farr session and start over, or to leave it as is and just get me back).

Thanks for any suggests!  Sorry to be burning people's time with my fat thumb pads. ;)

Find And Run Robot / Re: Find Or Load URL?
« on: January 26, 2016, 03:41 PM »
More than welcome Mouser, thank you!!

Find And Run Robot / Re: Find Or Load URL?
« on: January 26, 2016, 03:26 PM »
No sweat Mouser!  Thanks for the reply.

FYI: FARR is hands down the greatest app I have ever had on any computer I have ever used.

Find And Run Robot / Find Or Load URL?
« on: January 26, 2016, 12:58 PM »

I have a number of urls that I visit pretty regularly.  I create links to them and put all the links in a folder in my FARR path.

So far, so good.

But sometimes I go to open one of the url's from FARR and then discover I already had it open in an existing browser tab.  Or, I think I have it open in the first place and end up alt-tabbing and ctrl-tabbing to the browser(s) and through the tabs but come up empty (and then launch it from FARR). 

Is there a way in FARR to bring a browser tab up to the foreground if it's already open, OR open the url if it isn't?

Thanks for any suggests-

So ignorant!  It's the (obvious) *top* item in the context menu!!!

Sorry I missed the obvious!

Thanks a million wraith808!!!


Find And Run Robot / access windows explorer context menu from farr?
« on: December 27, 2015, 09:34 AM »
Sometimes I find a file through farr, but instead of opening it I want something off the winexp context menu (edit, open with, delete, rename).  Any way to get there from farr?

Screenshot Captor / Re: possible to miminize "New Screenshot" window?
« on: October 31, 2015, 11:21 AM »
Bummer, I usually use SSC to copy what I've captured to the clipboard or to save it to a file somewhere (but not in the SSC folder).  Both options are quick/easy from the post-capture dialog.

So sorry to be such a nuisance Mouser! 

Would really love to be able to minimize that dialog.  There's so much more to it than trivial popups like yes/no/cancel, and it won't allow anything in front (which even trivial popups normally allow).

Again, so sorry to be such a nuisance.  Can probably do another 5 years of dragging the title bar down to the bottom of the screen without significant injury.

Screenshot Captor / Re: possible to miminize "New Screenshot" window?
« on: October 31, 2015, 10:44 AM »
Nice!  I do like the standalone window!

But to get there from the post capture dialog I'm clicking "Save Image and Show" to save the file and bring up the main interface.  From there, under View I click "Toggle standalone standalone screenshot window".  And from there, back to the main interface to close it.  Now I've got the screen shot window ready to minimize, and then restore from alt-tab.

Any chance of an easier way to get there from the post capture dialog?

Screenshot Captor / Re: possible to miminize "New Screenshot" window?
« on: October 31, 2015, 09:15 AM »
Hi Mouser!

I'm actually still hoping for this feature (the enabled minimize toolbar button)! ;)

The scenario I want to support is for comparing two things on the screen that are a hassle to display at the same time.  So I screen shot the first one, then bring up the second one (usually takes a few steps), then bring the screen shot back to compare with #2. 

While I'm working to bring up the second image ("usually takes a few steps") I like having the screen shot minimized.  1) It's out of sight, and 2) It's just an alt-tab away from coming back into the foreground.  With minimize disabled in the post capture dialog I've been dragging the dialog to the bottom of the screen with just the title bar showing.  I don't want to "Save Image And Show" because 1) I don't really want to create a file from the screen shot, just save it for a few minutes and then look at it again.  And 2) When I minimize that other window (the main interface?), it disappears from the AltTab list and I have to click on the tray icon to get it back.

Sorry for the drawn out explanation.   Thanks for considering!

Find And Run Robot / Re: farrfox preferred format for bookmarks.html?
« on: December 02, 2014, 08:01 AM »
I am not worthy Mouser! 

I had 'firefox bookmarks' checked AND I added the path manually. ;(

All fixed up and batting 1,000% again!  Thank you!

Find And Run Robot / farrfox preferred format for bookmarks.html?
« on: December 01, 2014, 09:42 PM »
For a while now my firefox bookmarks all create double entries in farrfox (each bookmark in bookmarks.html shows up twice in the farrfox results list).

Any idea what format farrfox prefers for the contents of bookmarks.html?

I tried FFBookmarkUnpacker (found in the dc forum) but a good half or so of my bookmarks don't get unpacked.  I also would rather not have all of my bookmarks showing up in all farr searches.  I like telling farr when it is I want to search only my bookmarks (by invoking farrfox).

I can code, and I should be able to parse through bookmarks.html and write out any alternative format.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

Awesome list lanux128, thank you!!

Absolutely *golden* lanux128!!  Perfect!  (and yes on deleting the 'custom override' regexp).

Thanks a million!  It's bothered me for years, but small, like a really, really tiny splinter.

Thanks for the suggestion lanux128, but it makes a global ctrl-o that overrides all ctrl-o's in any app.  I should have been more clear.  I'd like to trigger farr, and then with the cursor inside the farr command window, be able to hotkey to the options page.

I use alt-j to trigger farr, and still can't burn it out of my skull: alt-j, alt-o.

Back when we were all in grade school, if you typed "Ctrl-O" into farr it would open the options window.

I vaguely recall a post that it was conflicting with something else and had to get unplugged.

Is there a way for me to wire this back up in my own installation?  I still miss having a hotkey that would take me from the farr command window into the options window.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I have fcalc 1.11.01 and in the config box under "Regular Expression (custom override)" I have:

^=(.*)$|^=$|^fc (.*)$|^fc$

... which brings up fcalc when I type '=' into farr.  So far so good.

But after I do a calculation, say '=1+2' and hit enter, it shows the expression and the result in the window below and it replaces the command line with 'fc ' and at the bottom of the window it says 'FCalc plugin by mouser'.  But it doesn't respond to further typing.  For example, 'fc 3*4' does not show 12.  Although it does still say 'Fcalc plugin by mouser' at the bottom.  If I remove the space 'fc3' it switches back to a farr search and shows me anything that matches fc3.

Would love to type '=1+2' and get '3', and then continue typing '3*4' and get '12'.

In the "Regular Expression match (default)" box I have:

^fc (.*)$|^fc$

Thanks for any suggestions.

Thanks a ton IaianB!

Riding on your script from Mouser, I made an ahk script to find Firefox, create a new tab, and open the search results:

InputBox, UserInput, Search Text
if ErrorLevel
IfWinExist, ahk_class MozillaWindowClass
   WinActivate, ahk_class MozillaWindowClass
  Sleep, 100
  Sleep, 100

Sorry I can't quite get my head around a way to do this from farr.

I currently have a farr hotkey defined with the "Text for Search Edit Box" set to "search\s".  And "search" is defined as an alias with about 15 results, the first of which is a google search.  So when I use the hotkey I type my search text into farr and hit enter, which opens my browser (firefox) with the google results.

I have firefox set to open links like this in the current tab, which is what I prefer most of the time.  But there are times I'd basically like farr to open a new tab in ff and then open the google results there (effectively opening my results in a new tab, but without changing that preference in firefox).

I found 'sendkeys' in farr, but can't get my head around getting farr to switch from whatever app I start in, over to Firefox, then send the keys to open a tab, then go back to farr and run the 'search' alias.

Thanks for any help!

Find And Run Robot / Re: help searching recipes.docx from farr?
« on: July 12, 2014, 06:36 PM »
Firstly, Mouser is clearly one of the greatest individuals of all time!  I hope it is known to anyone or anything that ever lives with Mouser that he is never to be hassled with thing like sock pickup, dish cleaning, or anything else at that level.

I was wrong about being able to open a MS-Word document scrolled to a particular bookmark.  I could only get it to work from hyperlinks inside Word documents, not from arbitrary/html url's outside Word.  "file:///recipes.docx#bookmark_name" opens the file, but ignores the bookmark.  Many fruitless hours of forum scanning behind this conclusion despite this dated KB article:

Ultimately, I wrote a script to take the name of a bookmark on the command-line.  It opens recipes.docx scrolled to that bookmark.  RecipeOpen.vbs:

Option Explicit

Dim objWord
Dim currentDocument

set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
objWord.DisplayAlerts = 0
objWord.visible = true
objWord.Documents.Open "c:\!projects\recipes.docx", false, False '(path, confirmconversions, readonly)

If WScript.Arguments.Count = 1 Then
set currentDocument = objWord.Documents(1)
   currentDocument.Bookmarks(WScript.Arguments.Item(0)).Select 'bookmark to bottom of screen
   objWord.ActiveWindow.LargeScroll 1 'scroll down 1 frame
   objWord.ActiveWindow.SmallScroll -3 'scroll back a few lines (bookmark to top of screen)
   MsgBox "No bookmark name passed to RecipeOpen.vbs"
End If

objWord.Application.Activate 'move focus to ms-word ;(

Second script RecipeBookmarks.vbs scans my recipes.docx file for bookmarks and creates RecipeBookmarks.txt just as Mouser described above.  Each line contains: search text | url, such as "Top Drawer Seafood  Chowder  | c:\!Projects\RecipeOpen.vbs link20".  Got to remember to run this guy whenever I add a new recipe to the docx file.

Option Explicit

Dim objWord
Dim currentDocument
Dim bmk
Dim fs
Dim f

Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
objWord.DisplayAlerts = 0
objWord.Documents.Open "c:\!projects\recipes.docx", false, True '(path, confirmconversions, readonly)
Set currentDocument = objWord.Documents(1)

Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f = fs.CreateTextFile("c:\!Projects\RecipeBookmarks.txt", True)

For Each bmk In currentDocument.Range.Bookmarks 'replace trims newlines
    f.WriteLine(Replace(bmk.Range.Text, vbCr, "") & " | c:\!Projects\RecipeOpen.vbs " & bmk.Name)

currentDocument.SaveAs "c:\temp\recipes.htm", 8
Set currentDocument = Nothing
Set objWord = Nothing
Set f = Nothing

Lastly, inside FARR > Options > Aliases/Keywords/Groups I opened myaliases.alias and created a new Alias with the Trigger/Keyword set to "recipes" and the Result(s) set to "recipes | #filecontents C:\!Projects\RecipeBookmarks.txt".

Works like a charm!  Mouser for president!!

Thanks for all the great tools and support!

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