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I was actually thinking that P2P could be the model for  sharing secure data between the computers while the computers themselves also donate cpu time for indexing.

Everything is possible the question is "do we have the vision ?".

I just think that searching information should not be a profit model but unfortunately it has turned into the most profitable business that is going head to head with oil business

To me there is only one real short term solution and that is an open source, distributed, uncontrolled, non tracking, open search engine. A search engine that does not keep massive database about visitors, a search engine that does not do anything else beside seaching. Sure enough this search engine should never be controlled by anyone or anything. And if you think that this is tinfoil hat thinking and it is an unreasonable paranoia solution then I really do not have much else to contribute to conversation.

Yes, but being open means open to all the spammers to see the code as well, and that leaves them free to manipulate things externally to get better ranking on your open search engine. It would quickly become worthless and poisoned by massive amounts of spam. No control puts the blackhat SEO spammers in full control.

I think that merits of an open distributed search engine is way bigger than some rotten people`s attempt to make easy money


Onelook: http://www.onelook.c...=front+line&ls=a

front line: the line along which opposing armies face each other

There has to be a line between proper representation and falling flat on the marble floor.

Well, if you have taken my word in that context I cannot blame you. But the way I have used is not the way you have quoted. "Front line" is the one that is in the front of the line, no militarist connotation there for me.

If you think that an invisible enemy cannot exists in real life because it is invisible, that creates an oxymoron for the argument. Since it is invisible I cannot even myself deny the non existence of the invisible enemy since it is invisible and impenetrable. Also you have assumed that I have illogical unreal paranoia sunken ideas about facts about google and internet, that tries to put me in a position where my claims are not even credible. In reality I am none of those and have no interest in the game of oxymoron tactics.

The fact is that when I say there is no invisible enemy I am flat denying any existence of any form of enemy. Google is a concern to me not enemy. I hope this makes it clear.

It is possible

Firefox made into a somewhat stable semi non profit corporation from donations, Wikipedia managed to grew steadily. Although both has started getting massive donations from Google recenty.

If people have managed to write an operating system like Linux on mostly voluntering basis, if people let their cpus run for searching for aliens then it is possible to create an open search engine.

Most of your argumens fall flat on a marble floor, because what you are telling me about my own words are not proper represantation of what I am saying.

First of all there is no "invisible enemy". Second there is no "enemy"

Google is up there and running a massive business, controlling what internet should be, what people should do on the internet. Google also does affect people`s desicions, since most of people`s daily desicions have started relying on daily internet searches. Now you can see how powerful this medium is. One can argue that Google does rely on page rankings, but the thing is that how do you know their algorithms are pure and has no skew? Sure enough no one can analyze their codes to see what is going on behind. And when time comes Google will choose to block certain results or show unranked results for this reason or that reason, say because goverments want, or because there is some money involved in with some search keywords and search display results

To me there is only one real short term solution and that is an open source, distributed, uncontrolled, non tracking, open search engine. A search engine that does not keep massive database about visitors, a search engine that does not do anything else beside seaching. Sure enough this search engine should never be controlled by anyone or anything. And if you think that this is tinfoil hat thinking and it is an unreasonable paranoia solution then I really do not have much else to contribute to conversation.

To me, Google is only one of the issues. Google problem should treated as
Google alikes, Google does represent a set of problems that would be created
by companies that are in similar business and interests. I know some people
get mad because Google is always in the front. Google is just a
representational name, and for a reason it is always in the front line.

Remember just couple weeks ago because of Google`s threat of pulling out, Chinese and American
goverments exchanged serious words, so as you can see Google is such a pivotal
entity for US goverment that, the US goverment has saw great interests in
interests of Google in China.

If we have alot of informed and educated(I do not mean people with degrees)
people around the world, goverments and big corporations will feel more
constraint around their intentions

In this modern day and age, privacy is an illusion. The only real privacy you have is in your mind (and only as long as you keep your thoughts in there and don't let them out)

Not necessarily. You have freedom to not to use those check cards, not use google or bing or any other. But again these solutions are not real solution really. On the other hand accepting that loss of privacy is a reality of life is exactly what has been wanted by the corporations, goverments etc.

As I said in previous posts, the issues surrounding these topics have dire consequences and very very complicated power issues in the upcoming years and centuries, not just for individuals but also for societies, cultures, languages, philosophy, art, literature, animals and the nature. This is a big ethical fog that is surrounding people minds.

Living Room / Re: Leveraging what Google has to offer
« on: April 10, 2010, 07:12 PM »
The Living Room is beginning to feel a bit schizophrenic. I just finished reading this thread here:

That is very uneducated use of the word "schizophrenic".  I do not remember people on that thread having halucinations or denying real events or their surroundings

Also you can always enlighten people with your real insight to Google.

So the answer is, stop using Google? If so, you're cutting yourself off from a lot of the web. And contrary to the article, Google does not own your content. Point is, if your current computing consists of interacting with a big corporation, you're pretty much screwed.  Lots of "could be's" and "cans" in the article. Yet it's still a fair treatment by the author. Trust no one.

It is about awareness and being smart about your choices. Many people are not ready to understand the complications of such concentration of data at this point. Most would regard this concerns as ungrounded, what is ungrounded is their lack of proper understanding of how this all works. That is why it is always a good thing to read different points of views and have educated ideas about what is going on.

Google or not Google, I do not give a damn. I can live without Google or Internet but Google cannot live without users and Internet and this should be  an empowering point for the consumers of the online existence.

I personally do not use anything google. Only time I need Google is when I need to dig through couple technical groups on Google groups and that is not something they have built themselves! As usual they have bought it and claim ownership as in Dejanews, which is generally what I need from Google. Even so it is not a big deal I can always find an answer to my technical research somewhere else.

Total Information Awareness: The More You Use Google, the More Google Knows About You

April 9, 2010  | 
In June 2007, Privacy International, a U.K.-based privacy rights watch- dog, cited Google as the worst privacy offender among 23 online companies, ranking the “Don’t Be Evil” people below Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook and AOL. According to the report, no other company was “coming close to achieving [Google’s] status as an endemic threat to privacy.” What most disturbed the authors was Google’s “increasing ability to deep-drill into the minutiae of a user’s life and lifestyle choices.” The result: “the most onerous privacy environment on the Internet.”


I watch video on my second monitor all the time. Though I tend to use Media Player Classic HC and manually drag the program to the second monitor.

Is that similar to what you mean? I'm not really familiar with the Nvidia tools (though my graphic card is Nvidia).

No I do not mean manual. There was a way to setup automatically to play videos on a second monitor or another external viewing device

Sony Vegas is probably the best video editor on Windows.

I tend to think that it was possible to play video on the second monitor when I played video , which was set unde Nvidia panel. So whenever a video was played on the main monitor the video would show up on the second one. I am using the extend method.

For some reason I cannot find a way to do that under Windows7 Nvidia panel. Does anyone know what happened to that feature? any other solution out there?

Also it looks like Nvidia removed Nview from WIndows7 drivers :(

General Software Discussion / Re: Looking for an addon - Firefox
« on: April 03, 2010, 11:12 PM »
You can try PowerFolders, it is a syncing program

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Actual Window Manager mini review
« on: April 03, 2010, 09:22 PM »
Yes, thanks for sorting out the discount.

Another one to add to the list of windows managers (Works very well on my system for last 6 months). I already use Ultramon but the regular expression matching of window titles works well for me ...

Window Layout Manager - Wilma.
Post a comment at the end of the above web page page for a link to the download location. Not sure I should disclose it directly without the authors permission

Home Page for Wilma

Thanks again for sorting the discount !!!!

Ok this is great. But how do you make it work only on active window that is under the mouse pointer? Is this only for managing multiple windows?

Living Room / Re: Need a new sound card( non Creative)
« on: April 01, 2010, 10:05 AM »
Thanks guys,

I actually went ahead with external usb solution for now.

Living Room / Re: Need a new sound card( non Creative)
« on: March 28, 2010, 01:11 PM »
Are these onboard cards use the cpu or they generally have their own processors?

I trI tried and it did not work for me. As far as I can tell it is nowhere near close to Vimperator in my view. But I can see that it can appeal to many other

Thanks for the additional suggestions. It looks like I will try building a
custom menu for myself.

The delete example was a simple one. Obviosuly I can just use delete. But I
have other shell menu stuff that I rely on when I am using any folder, like
copying paths, running a cygwin bash shell, running a searcher from that
particular folder etc etc. So I am just afraid that some stuff cannot be just
put on a menu but I will try

I will check out Selector to see what it is offerng, it might be a good start
for me..

Why don't try my DTT (Developer's Tips & Tricks)?  It's free...  :)

Free download from: DTT page

Best regards,

Hey this works under Linux under Wine as well :) And it seems like there is drag and drop now

Living Room / Re: Need a new sound card( non Creative)
« on: March 26, 2010, 06:49 PM »
I do not like the quality on those :)

Living Room / Need a new sound card (non Creative)
« on: March 26, 2010, 12:10 PM »

I have been having massive issues with Creative Audigy under windows7 64. And it is time to move on to another product line. I always thought that Creative hardware is good but their software sucked to death, always, no matter what product line you use. I have used their jukeboxes, soundcards, mp3 players etc. The software or the driver was always an issue. So I am fed up enough about Creative`s software side issues.

I also hate massive driver downloads Creative, same with Logitech. All I need a stupid mouse driver, and these companies force you to install something like 60+mb(setup size) drivers-apps.

So I am looking for a new soundcard that might be in the range of 30-60$. I do not need a highend card, something decent. Naturally I am looking for something that also runs flawless under 64bit Windows7

skwire, sure I understand that. But think about this  scenario: you have explorer open and you are under a VPN folder. Now you want to delete a folder you have couple options,

select the file-right click-delete which take the longest
select the file, just delete
select the file and use the delete icon in the explorer pane either on top or on the side.

So obviously one would go for the 2nd or 3rd option. If one can access the functions on the shell menu without invoking it, then no needfor dealing with the right click menu

I guess what I need is then a pseudo explorer menu with explorer functions that does not use Windows shell context

I own FileLocator pro from them and it is a really nice search tool. I even use it under Linux under Wine


thanks for all the great replies. My main problem is that I work with VPN drives-folder-files alot and mouse right click on those folders can be quite painful and slow because I think Windows tries to cache the files or does some other thing I do not know. So I am hoping to bypass the way Windows does the right click and just get the damn right click menu without prior processing. At least that is my basic idea.

I will try above sugesstions

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