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It looks like I am missing cmd.exe in my sytem32 folder (under Windows Xp 64). Is there anyone out there who is nice enough to zip this and send me a link? I know this is not the best solution but I need to try something else before running windows recovery


I would stayaway from Mediacoder. I would recommend WinFF. It is nice and simple

Finished Programs / Re: organize text
« on: July 11, 2010, 03:01 PM »
That is totally a Vim`s arena :)

I use CapsLOCK

Find And Run Robot / Re: latest update messed up my toolbar?
« on: May 12, 2010, 08:33 PM »
Ok that is bizarre. The right toolbar config residing in MyDocuments\DonationCoder\FindAndRunRobot, but for some reason Farr was loading from the root.

Copying and pasting resolved it now, thanks

Find And Run Robot / Re: latest update messed up my toolbar?
« on: May 12, 2010, 07:13 PM »
Well I deleted all the entries just because I was not using them. The thing is that I see that there is a toolbarmenu ini file which has the wrong entries. These are definetely not the toolbar shortcuts I had this morning. Is there another place where toolbar ini might reside?

Find And Run Robot / Re: latest update messed up my toolbar?
« on: May 12, 2010, 06:42 PM »
mouser, i happen to have only one Farr at the moment

Find And Run Robot / latest update messed up my toolbar?
« on: May 12, 2010, 06:27 PM »

I just updated to the latest version and my toolbar is totally jammed, it is showing toolbar entries from last year. it looks like it reverted back some settings? I have deleted some of the toolbar entries last year, they just popped up again after the update

thanks for all the great suggestions. I now have a lot of ideas to try


Thanks for the link. It looks like somehting that is usable except that I see that when I send an email all the recipients email adresses are shown in the list. I am porbavly looking for some kind of hiding method, so the list is private.

I am going to change my email address and I was wondering what would be the best method or tool to notify my friends and interested parties to notify? This is a personal paid hosted email account so I am not using web based stuff. I am also using thunderbird.

I do not want to send one mass email to everyone I know, I want to subdivide them in groups then send seperate emails.

Definetely I can do copy paste, group people from contact list etc. I am just wondering if there are more elegant methods out there, in case I change some of my other email adresses as well


General Software Discussion / Re: DuckDuckGo - new search engine
« on: April 21, 2010, 07:58 PM »
The only real problem I have with this site is that it requires javascript and I hate to turn javascript in general

No that wont work because there are already a lot of  projects setup with all mapped drives on both ends. The manual download upload needs to be minimized especially including a web browser into soluytion would be a nightmare

There are cases I can use RDP, so I do use for those. But the thing is that those are limited cases. Mostly I need to deal with files-folders from my computer to theirs or from their computers to my computers.

I cannot change the way they do stuff, so ftp or some other server side setup is out of the solution for me now.

I wish that there was an application that does work like an ftp client but works over VPN.

There has been a break in the posting stream in this thread, so I expect we now are done with the zillion dollar programs, or what? Why must I come here for a free or low cost editor and be told that a $600 editor is what I need?

.. I am hoping I can find something that doesn't require a 2 month learning course to understand and hopefully it would also be free or at least cheap.
"Any suggestions?" -as he also were asking.

You can use Blender as well, it is a free cross platform software. It is originally a 3d animation program but has an integrated sequence-video editor


I think Vegas is way faster than Premiere. Also Adobe apps have turned into bloatware. To instal one Adobe app, you need to install some other crap too even if you unselect many other crap.

No thanks on any nch software.
Made that mistake once, that was enough to remember to stay away.

Word up


Due to my daily work I need to deal with Vpn files and folder a lot and Vpns can be very slow. The server side settings is not something I can change, it is the company set the rules and the servers. To work as fast and efficient as possible  I always try to find the best way to deal with Vpn.

So far the ones I have tried that are slow or can not deal with the Vpn as good as I anticipate.

Slow managers

(with Supercopier, Fastcopy, standard windows file copy)
Total commander
Xyplorer (which is my main file manager)
Cubic explorer

The one I prefer

Q-dir (free) + Fastcopy is the best way to deal with Vpns. Not the best solution but in my tests these two gave me less headaches and wait times compared to other options

Most of the time my main complaint is file folder refreshes, or speed of simple file related operations. For example once I open a Vpn folder sometimes clicking a file to select can be slow in one of those in slow managers category. The right  clickcs gets even worse. Although Q-dir`s right click is not any faster than those in the slow lane, but overall Q-dir has provided better experience with Vpns.

It seems like there is nothing out there that is specifically optimized for Vpns or Ssh based file browsing

I thought that it might be  good idea to open a topic to share tips and tricks regarding working wirt Vpns

If you don't use google,you quit the internet and the computer, and the phone :P,just hidden in your house and sure no one can find you.

You know that is the same lame thought that has been brought up over and over again. Noone is talking about hiding in a cave :) The issues are not about living in fear


I never took "tinfoil" word as an insult. I just think that that kind of stuff never contributes to the conversation. And in many cases similar words are used bluntly as a broad brush to discredit any idea that is not in the scheme of main stream thoughts.


You are missing the point. Obviously Microsoft, Google or Amazon etc are all on the same boat. I mean if you are into making money out of people`s consumption frequencies of this thing or that thing, you will want to exploit all avenues to increase  the profit. I never defend or approve those practices.

I do not own a tv, I do not use credit cards, do not subscribe to online social stuff, never own a cash discount card, do not own a motor vehicle etc. Not because I am paranoid, I just think that they are all boring and wasteful. I do not use credit card because I do not like to spend money that I do not myself own. I do not use discount cards because I think that it is a trap to lure you buy more, so simple. I do not even need to look for paranoid clues it is all there. Discount cash cards are traps that will make you buy more but on the other hand they are used for tracking your shopping habits. It is up to you to choose the right side for your cause.

As I mentioned before I do not care about who does what, I care about the "do"s. So coming up with Microsoft vs Google is not going to improve the debate in my view.

The main point and the the most important point in this debate is  " high concentration of data in certain hands". This data is not created by those hands, rather collected by those hands. They do not own it, but they act like they own it. They just created the technology to analyze the data, the data itself is created by people like you.

Again, I am not talking about goverment`s flexing its muscles on individuals, or some corporations technical skills of practicing massive anonymous filtering operations. I really hope that this sentence is taken literally. I am more concerned about the results of these skills in the long run, but if you guys want to talk about individuals or rather small side effects in current , that is fine with me. It is just that that would be rather more blind view on the real problems

Franklin's quote is a great one, and often used. The question here is whether "liberty" and "safety" are even involved. If not, the relevance of the quote comes very much into question, and if you rephrase it "Those who would give up essential privacy to purchase a little temporary convenience, deserve neither privacy nor convenience", I'm not sure it rings true as much, nor is as compelling. And perhaps it's the entire issue of conflating privacy with liberty (not the same thing, though related) that is at the root of some of this disagreement.
- Oshyan

Because it is quoted many times does not make it less worthy. It is just a saying not a solution to anything. It has a basic point that can be applied to many concepts. If you do not work hard for it you will never own it truely.

The reason I brought it up is that it has been said by a famous person, since  most people have harder time believing the little people.

I would like to reiterate again, the issue is not personal privacy. Most of the talk here as usual is surrounding around personal privacy. If you want to loose it that is fine by me. Personal privacy is really a small problem in the set of technology related problems.

On the other hand one would never appreciate the real value of personal privacy until your privacy is diminished by law agencies, goverments, corporations etc. If you have never been a victim of these issues it would be harder for you to comprehend what that can bring up.

I do not want to turn the conversation into another issue, I really do not have another agenda regarding healthcare topics. But  just to iterate my point above here is an example. If you have never been somewhat low income, jobless and needed serious health care service, surgery etc, you would not understand why people want universal healthcare. Now the rest of this example is debate for another forum, but what I am trying to say is that all these issues are not just abstract talks, they might at some point affect you, and your life.


Your points are well taken.

In general though I wish that people do not use cliche words like tinfoil, paranoia etc anytime similar topics come up. The issue is neither of those because. Whenever I bring up these issues, my real intention is never about " gosh my privacy has been lost lost, life is worthless" point of view. Individuals have right to choose whatever make them feel good or happy. My intention is always bigger side effects of the issues, because individual themselves, especially those who are happy with the controversial stuff will never question any side effects anyways. It is all about the future and the global side effects. And these concerns should never make me or people like me a tinfoil hat crowd, because we are bringing up issues that are far more serious. And these issues will overcrowd real problems in the future, I am that certain about these. It is serious, and never meant to be just about "your cash card", or "your individual right to privacy".

Here is a quote from B. Franklin,

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
another variant
"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

you can find the other variants here


I really do not know why you are stuck at that particular word. I publicly explained what my intention was with my sentence. Google is the frontline example of this particular problem regarding privacy.

You said that "That's wrong and tinfoil hat thinking IMO.", and we pretty much know that "tinfoil hat thinking" is used for undermining people, lightly mentioning that they are crazy enough to believe some crap that is normally by standard unacceptably stupid to believe by normal people. If that is not how you meant it please correct me.

If you want to defend a particular point of view that is fine with me, but please do so with the standards that you praise. Because none of the points you have brought up contributed to the real discussion so far.
The discussion is about privacy, internet, data concentration etc. If you want to discuss my lack of wording skills you can do that in private.

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