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Living Room / Re: Google does no evil; kills reMail
« on: February 22, 2010, 06:04 PM »
Unless you have some strange distinction between online and offline forces I guess you are talking politics.

You are still a raving internet shopper compared to Richard Stallman  8)

Well I just know what I am talking about  and taking my own prescription.

If I had a foundation that was feeding me like Stallman has I would have done the same thing. Unfortunately technology(not ads, not adsense etc) is where I make my daily bread.

I have been using Python for a while but never delved into functional programming( http://docs.python.o...owto/functional.html ). Here is my first try.  I am using a recursive function to slice the array into 2 pieces, smaller and bigger than average in given pass until the lenght achieves 1. In the past for practice I used loops for this stuff but functional+recursive makes more sense to me now.

This will find the smallest item in the array

Code: Python [Select]
  1. import random, time
  2. print random.seed(time.time())
  3. myarray=[random.randrange(1,100) for a in range(0,10)]  #this creates a random list array
  6. print myarray
  8. def findSmallest(array):
  10.     if len(array)<2: return
  12.     array_sum=reduce(lambda x,y:x+y,array) #Calculate the sum of all the elements inside the array by using the "reduce" function
  13.     array_avg=array_sum/len(array)
  15.     smallers=filter(lambda x:x<array_avg,array) #This line filters the array items based on their size compared to the average of the array
  17. #----------------------------------------->Debug  
  18.     #print " sum: ",array_sum,
  19.     #print " average: ",array_avg
  20.     #print "\n"
  21.     print smallers
  22. #----------------------------------------->Debug  
  24.     findSmallest(smallers)
  27. if __name__=="__main__":
  28. #    pass
  29.     findSmallest(myarray)

Living Room / Re: Google does no evil; kills reMail
« on: February 22, 2010, 02:39 PM »
Most companies want/need to make money. They think of them self, how it works. Not special for Google so if you have them targeted down as being the one and only problem you should be ridiculed :) What are alternatives and what do you use? Which company of this nature has better products, "care" more for user, are more open with info/development, has better licensing?

How are you using a computer, being online without supporting companies in one way or another? Which companies are you friends with? Is it not simply a matter of picking your poison? Because some prefer Google does not mean they are blind or will not switch if something better comes along.

Well I do not agree with the fact thatI I need to choose this company or that company at all. What I care and try to implement is being careful about my choices and actions. I also believe that small actions and choices can lead to big changes if they are done and repeated enough times. I just try to practice my fair share within Virtual mediums. I stay away from helping Google or other big corporate commercialization of Internet. I do not use javascript and cookies (I ban-delete them) I heavily kill and filter ads. I generally disable Flash and alikes unless it is for educational purposes. I do not use Tv , I only turn my cellphone if I need to make a call.(Cell phones can have impact on your health). Half of the time I use text based web browsers, and Internet just looks fine to me inside a text based web browser. I never participate in any kind of virtual social linking and environment like facebook, myspace twitter etc etc. I pay for my email service, web service etc, being cheap is not that cheap in my view. 

Ideally all these technologies are great and offer amazing possibilities but corporitization-commercialization of all these good ideas are abusing the innovation and I personally do not want to participate in that in any way. For some reason some people like to think that all these articulated ideas can only be attached to paranoia or fear which is wrong approach to take when one needs to be critical.

Anyways I firmly believe that everyone should be careful about their own deeds. When you drive a car you need to be careful, same for browsing online or using Google services. Being careful and being critical is a good thing. I have been using computers for 20 years and browsing the net for 15 years. Being critical and trying to understand the technology behind the visible technology always helped me

Living Room / Re: Google does no evil; kills reMail
« on: February 22, 2010, 01:12 AM »
I hope that the people who were ridiculing people like me on these boards about Google and its smelly acts up to couple years ago would reconsider their thoughts about Google when more and more Google`s real intentions unfoils.

I do not use anything Google at all and I am glad to be Googleless. Remember, Google is not and has never been your friend :) The fact is that Google cannot be your friend, you cannot be friend with an entity that needs massive amounts of cash and energy every second to keep going.

On the other hand it sounds like Google bought them and cancelled the product to promote its cellphone system. If you think about it Google would want people to buy its phone not someone else`s.

General Software Discussion / Re: Free Pascal - Lazarus?
« on: February 21, 2010, 04:33 PM »
Thanks for the suggestion. I already use tiny ahk stuff here and there, maybe I can move to Autoit. But for now I am mpre interested in investing my time time into cross platform stuff. I do not think I will ever make big stuff but would be nice to have the options

So far I have looked into Tkinter(is ok), Pygtk(Glade), Wxpython. Pygtk seems fine and Glade is updated regularly. On the otherhand the Wxwidgets and Wxpython seems nice, cross platform and well documented, but all the Gui designers for Wx are old and has not been updated or abandoned. I do not think that I am interested in investing my time on abandoned projects. Although one can definetely write Gui apps without a designer. In Python it is not so hard, it just gets tedious at least based on my experience with Tkinter.

I have looked into Codeblocks+Wx integration.It looks like very viable visual designer and cross platform developement. The thing is that C++ is whole another universe and I am not suire if starting Gui pogramming with C++ is a good idea or not. I am open to ideas in this regard really.

Pascal is an old friend to me that was my main reason for bringing it up.

General Software Discussion / Re: The best Media manager?
« on: February 20, 2010, 11:46 PM »
I am not looking for  catalog application, like one manually or automatically enters extensive information about available media collection, dvd collection etc. What I am looking for is probably closer to JRiver Media center that is cross platform. As I have mentioned I have tried alternative media center apps but most are towards end users who want a keyboarless media center in their living room. I am not one of those.

General Software Discussion / Re: Free Pascal - Lazarus?
« on: February 20, 2010, 10:33 PM »

 Thanks for the suggestion but I am not seeing any free version there. They  are trial versions?

I have used Pascal as well but that was 18 years ago :) It was Turbo Pascal 5.5

General Software Discussion / Free Pascal - Lazarus?
« on: February 20, 2010, 09:25 PM »
I am thinking to start GUI programming and I am thinking that maybe Free pascal + Lazarus
might be a decent choice since both are free and open source.
I normall use Python for my needs but gui stuff is tedius with Python. Since I am a hobbiest I do not want to invest great
deal of time to do some decent looking GUIs. I am not comparing both languages at all , I just have different needs sometimes.
I use TKinter here and there for small needs and seems to be ok for my little needs.

What are your suggstions, ideas about Pascal in general and about GI programming?

Does anyone know any regex tester that can work on the focused window content? So basically I would type my regex in the regexpap, and  the app would look for a match that is under the regex app window, like Firefox, Word etc.

General Software Discussion / Re: The best Media manager?
« on: February 16, 2010, 03:20 PM »

thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately this is one of those that I have tried which downloads album dvd covers automatically which is a behaviour I hate. I could not find a way to disable that nasty behaviour. Also it had problems playing some quicktime movies on Ubuntu.

General Software Discussion / The best Media manager?
« on: February 16, 2010, 01:08 PM »

I am looking for a media manager application that would let me watch, listen catalog etc. I am not looking for a media catalog, dvd librry kind of thing. WHat I am looking for is an app that can play all kinds of media formats, organize stuff based on folders, format, etc. It would be nice to have conversion skills. It should be  multi platform as well.

In the past I have tried Jriver, which was nice but it does not support Linux.

On the other hand I tried some of the media box kind of stuff, while they look nice I did not like certain functions like auto album cover downloading. It is mind boggling to me to see that such features are hard coded. I looked into disabling some of those features in their forums without much luck. They download album, dvd covers automatically. Why on earth this is an ubiquitous feature that should be hard coded is beyond me really.

Anyways I would appreciate some solid suggestions.

General Software Discussion / Re: What's your preferred File Manager
« on: February 14, 2010, 08:15 PM »
Nowadays my favorite is NDN(use with ConEmu), it is cross platform.

Under Linux I like Gnome Commander, Midnight Commander and Krusader

Obviously I don't expect *u*x to follow the same standards, problem is that *u*x doesn't have the same kind of standardization... but ah well, this is a different rant, for another thread.
I agree, it would have been awesome if Vim and Emacs were using the same standard keysets :)
Think bigger, though: systemwide standards. I can user Ctrl+Arrowkeys to jump at word boundaries in most edit controls (whether single- or multiline), I can use shift+navigation to select, ctrl+backspace/del to delete to the respective word endings, there's home/end/pgup/pgdn, et cetera. ONE set of (reasonable) keybindings that are simple to remember and work across pretty much every application on the system.

Definetely, and that is precisely what I have done with my Vim settings. :)

Obviously I don't expect *u*x to follow the same standards, problem is that *u*x doesn't have the same kind of standardization... but ah well, this is a different rant, for another thread.
I agree, it would have been awesome if Vim and Emacs were using the same standard keysets :)


I think that standardization is fine, but the thing is that not all user wants standard stuff, especially when it comes to layouts and key bindings. For example I never use the standard keybindings of anything any given app, except C-c C-v in , mainly because some apps do not allow you to change mappings of those. Thus  I never bother to mess with those 2 in the apps that would let me change. Most of the time I tend to think that key bindings suck in many apps that includes text editors, graphics applications etc. For example Photoshop has standard shortcuts that many might think as industry standard, but the thing is that most of those industry  standard shortcuts are inefficient and painful to use.

Anyways my point is not to critique your point, rather I just want to iterate that customization especially when it comes to window layouts and key bindings is very important. Some apps claim to offer customization but they offer very limited one. I think that Vim or Emacs excel at custom stuff because you can hack them like crazy.

Recently I've been spending more and more time in Linuxland and have been forced to come up to speed with one of the editors there. I chose Vim simply because it is ubiquitous. I've learned the very basics - enough to open, navigate, edit, save and exit. But I have to say - I have not really enjoyed the experience (it reminds me of the old days working in DEC's KED (and TECO) editors on a VT-100 terminal connected to a PDP-11). Yes, I am aware of the power of Vim and Emacs but I've been unable to justify spending the time required to come up to the power-user level (i.e. learning all the seemingly archaic keystroke bindings and non-perl-like regex syntax).

However, one of my coworkers from my last engineering job was extremely proficient with Emacs, and he could work absolute miracles with it. He also was an amazingly fast touch typist and had setup the Dvorak keyboard layout on his machine - (which effectively kept the rest of us mere mortals from ever messing with his box!) I know that Emacs has evolved a long way and is very configurable. But say what you will about Windows, one very good thing that has resulted is a standardized user interface and a common set of keystroke bindings (which I have grown very used to over the years). If I could get Emacs to look and feel like a Windows editor, this might be a viable solution. I was wondering if there are any Windows users here who have setup Emacs to emulate the Windows keystroke functionality?

Oh, and thanks for all the input!

Actually you do not need to learn Vim keymaps, you just need to initialize your own configs, same with Emacs. Without customization both apps are painful to master.
I also suggest you to move to Gvim, it is graphical, has menus, offers customization etc. Vim is amazing because it offers so many weird ways of customizing. Really there are hardly any editors out there that would let you assign a shortcuts the way Vim does(like multiple key combinations), probably Emacs has it similar as well. I have recently started playing with Emacs, definetely feels great too.

Yes it says it is alsofor 64, but I could not get both 64 and 32 file dialogs shells to show DF menus.

But I am troubled by how the entire internet seems to be moving to content funded by advertisements, and I think being funded by voluntary donations from actual users is an entirely different and much more healthy way of existing in the long term.

Word up.

I also think that web sites should be able to get funding, grants from various institutions.

Google ads is not worth the trouble really. Because of such easy money making sounding ideas many web sites are erected with small content to lure viewers to make couple dollars every month, and in many cases these sites never go further and expand the content because couple dollars extra every month from Gmnakes them happy enough that they seek no further effort to expand the content.

Curt, is it tested by any DC users?

The reason I asked is that I tried DF and it did not work under 64bit file dialog, and it says that it supports 64bit

Sure you can put ads , but I would be blocking anything Google using 5 layers of ad blockers, ad blocking proxy, ip blockers(especially Google Ips) ,script blockers, cookie deleters,java script disablers you name it. As long as blocked content does not mess up the layout. Heck I even use text based browsers to block any kind of ads when I am browsing. I have a thing for ads especially when they are obnoxious or sneaky.

In general I would be sad to see ads here regardless of me blocking them or not.  I dont think that you would make enough out of Google ads too. You earn, .005 google earns 1000. Also ad serving scripts endanger your viewers-users privacy. Everytime you serve an ad to someone you are endangering user privacy and net neutrality.

Well, it might take a while but essentially it will happen. I know we human beings have short time span way of understanding time :) We want things that we want happen now, right away. Linux is going to take sometime maybe 20-40 years, in the end it will happen.

I suggest that when looking for an app make sure that it is cross platform. Linux is not going anywhere and it will be very viable solution for "everyone" soon. In that respect I persoanlly would suggest Vim, Emacs and MicroEmacs. The Windows only editors I like are Notepad++, Notepad2(good notepad replacement) and programmers Notepad. Recently I have tried this one as well

Tomos actually I have tried it under Wine recently and it did not work, so I was not sure if mine was an isolated case

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