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In many aspects, you can consider SQLNotes as Excel with outlining capabilities, as the outlining tree supports formatting and has user-defined columns (text, date, number or checkbox types). The outlining grid is fully editable, printable and exportable. Equations can be defined between columns (i.e. fields or attributes in URp) and between rows (hierarchy based calculations). Item properties (color, backcolor, font, icons) can be determined from field values. Pivot tables and charts can also be used to summarize your info. Finally, as in UR, a rich text pane (HTML in SQLNotes, RTF in URp) is available to enter rich text content.
Yes, sqlNotes has a leg-up in many areas, it will be interesting to see what developes in the future for both programs.

Thanks for the info, Ken.  Where are instructions for "creating UR Attributes to match the Excel column headings"?
I'm a bit hesitant to hijack this thread into a UR discussion, but...

UR Help: Application Components | Dialogs | Attributes Dialog

UR Help: Application Components | Dialogs | Attribute Properties Dialog

UR Help: Application Components | Wizards | Import Wizard | Select Source | A delimited text file

Beyond this I would have to go into more detail then I think appropiate here.

Yeah, I would rather be able to scan automatically if possible since I am trying to track installations on three computers.  As for the Excel spreadsheet, that only covers my desktop computer - not the others.

As for using UR to store what I already have in Excel, that would be easy enough to put in there, but I guess my understanding of UR is lacking enough that I can't see what benefit that has.  UR has no inbuilt spreadsheet functionality, nor can it even be used to create tables other than very rudimentary ones that seem to be limited with very few attributes.  I have created a few but then discovered that I cannot do even a fraction of what I can do with tables in Word and other apps.

I guess I could just drag or import the Excel file there and then, what? View it in UR? Could I actually do anything with it in UR? Edit it?  Add programs to it?  Add in programs for the other computers?  or would I also need to complete those in Excel and pull it into UR?
Yes, for the number of systems you want to track scanning would be a big plus, especially if you want some real depth and detail for each system.

Regarding UR, Excel, and Tables

You wouldn't necessarily want to drop the native Excel file into UR, what I envisioned was creating UR Attributes to match the Excel column headings, export to csv from Excel then import that into UR. Your "spreadsheet-like functionality" would come from the grid display in the Child and Search Panes, granted these grid cells are not yet editable. There is a sample UR database - Software Inventory - that may give a glimpse into the possibilities.

I believe that similar functionality is available in sqlNotes.

Yes, table creation and manipulation in UR lacks a number of features, you've just about got to create and populate the table in Excel or Word before bringing it into UR (as RTF), and even then it would be more for presentation purposes.

Me too.
I put the registration info into whatever my current notetaking program is.  Most likely, I'll move them all into SQLNotes.  SoftCat is cool, but you can pretty much modify SQLNotes to do the same thing (minus some conveniences I suppose).

I also have used Belarc in the past to get a summary.  There was another program that I'm forgetting right now, that will scan your computer and give you a summary.

But SQLNotes won't scan computers and locate all applications, right?  That's the feature I'm seeking.

You mentioned above that you have much of this information in Excel, and I know you're playing with UR, except for the scanning thing it sounds like you may have 80% of the data already cataloged in Excel, moving it into UR is pretty easy.

On the other hand, I do hear what you're saying.

General Software Discussion / Re: Reliable web page capture...
« on: July 12, 2008, 11:55 AM »

I realize that .mht is a MS/IE only format, but what's puzzling about UR's current state is that UR has always had such tight integration with MS products. It would appear that both browsers have a handle on page capture, but I will admit that there have been times when the Save Page As .mht has hung, failing to complete and forced shutdown of the browser is required. Sometimes you can re-launch the browser, try again and it will succeed, other times...

I would imagine that it's no small task to go out and grab all the related bits and pieces that determine how a page is rendered.

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