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General Software Discussion / Re: Plain text editor for writers
« on: January 22, 2008, 04:13 AM »
Special characters problem solved.

Thanks, downloaded and tried Allchars.  Just what I needed. There are some good macro goodies and expanded text as well.



General Software Discussion / Re: Plain text editor for writers
« on: January 21, 2008, 09:48 PM »

Nice avatar, best in a long time.

Thanks for the tip.  Will try it.  Counting reactions and reading content, it seems I opened a can of worms.   Looks like we better talk to Logitech for a good all round keyboard.

Thing is, in my language if I don't do diacritics, it sometimes reads like swearing.  Yes, people have already dropped to it and read over it, yet it remains an irritating foible - breaks the thread.

Word/OpenOffice is no issue anymore.  Go to for a butt-kicker suite.  Admitted, not gratis (about half  MSOffice Home)  but "Word/Ecxel/Access" all in one binder under one file format.  "Copy-paste" - literally! - tables into word processor and the links are kept. Internet collaboration, yes.  And file conversion to/from MSOffice. Fair dinkum.  It also works exactly like MS Office - so no learning curve.  It's written in Java.

Otherwise, thanks I'll look up the leads.


General Software Discussion / Re: Plain text editor for writers
« on: January 20, 2008, 08:57 AM »
I thought AutoHotKey could be the answer, but it seems not to be.  All I need to do is create diacritics for some vowels.
Installed AHK, left it for a few days (busy), clicked on the shortcut (everything is on a short\cut) and it opened the Notepad editor.  So started working, came back to Notepad and it was gone (mine).  Tried to re-open by click and got the "older version already running " dialog.  For the rest nothing.

Ok, so tried the "Record" scriptwriter - takes editing and saving, but for the rest doesn't want to run.

Ok, so try Windows Explorer - as per instructions.  Filename "Diacritics.ahk".  Right-click on the filename to edit and it shows "Diacritics.ahk.txt".

Before this, read up on remappig key board, SendInput, Transform, hotkeys, hotstrings, clipboard et al.  Right now, I am really feeling stupid and not much inclined to donate.   The attention line to "Plain text editor for writers" is the nearest I could get to find a solution.

The minefield through to find possible leads in examples is really daunting.  Still nothing.

Any ideas on how I can actually start using AutoHotKeys?



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