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Have you tried a Google search for context menu add item
You may have to do a registry hack though .

Yes, rather thoroghly.  Thanks.  :)


No the context menu is not hard and thank you for your response.

Please refrain from commenting if you cannot be of any aid in giving me a solution for my idea.  I know exactly what I want, and I don't want anything different.  I have a macro keyboard, I can program a key to insert the date - I don't want that.  I want to insert the date with the mouse, from a context menu, wherever text would be input.  Thanks for previous suggestions but it is like trying to sell me a bicycle when what I am looking for is a car.   :)


I meant right-click!


I would like this built into the left-click context menu of most places you would enter text, mouse controlled.  I also only want the date, since time would be irrelevant where I would use it, in all time zones.  Thanks for the response!


Simply to be able to insert the system date from any/most Windows context menu (global).

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