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If you tell Clipboard H+S to ignore your browser (where you are pasting all kinds of passwords and user names) it then ignores everything you copy or paste into your browser beyond user names and passwords - this is not a solution.  A simple application password required to start Clipboard H+S would be adequate in keeping most snoops out - having no security lets anyone in.

Have a look at "Simplest way to add a command to Explorer's shell menu" thread and "Create a containing folder by right clicking on a file" thread for ideas.

Well...thank-you very-much (Elvis style).  You want me actually figure this out for myself?!  :-\
While I really appreciate the help, I just can't be bothered with doing the work to make...what would turn out to be a disaster-piece in my all-thumbs hands.


I need a solution from someone experienced who would deliver it to my doorstep!  That is why I am here.


I see a lot of programs I have installed have added context menu selections to context menus that open when you right-click in most text programs and text/message boxes in a browser.  If I knew how to do this I would.  I am looking for someone to give me the solution directly so I can apply it to my systems.  I have looked everywhere I can think of.  Once upon a time I saw a context menu addition that would add three selections to the right-click context menu of text programs.  The selections were: Date, Time, and Date and Time.  I can't find it out there anymore.  This seems to be a simple necessity and I know it has been done more than once before, but damned if I can locate it.   :(

I type now` and PhraseExpress expands it to today's date like this -> 04/27/2008

I have no idea what you are talking about.  I am a lousy programmer, that is why I am here!   ;D

If it isn't hard why do you need help?

Sorry but since most right click context menus are specific to the application they pop up in how can you add an option to all of them globally.

It is easy to do in some applications but for others/most it would mean recoding the application or at the very least writing some sort of macro within programs that support macros (such as MS Office) to add the functionality ???

Bit of a rude response to someone who was trying to help you! Can you keep comments civil around here please.

We were referring to hard as in hard-coded, and no, it is not hard-coded.  No rudeness implied.  :)


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