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General Software Discussion / Re: easy peasy website building
« on: December 11, 2018, 05:51 PM »
It really cannot be easier than this tool for Windows and Mac: MobiRise
This looks great and a worthy alternative to a Wordpress blog when most content is static - easier to maintain too

Hi all
What software does everyone use for photo/picture edits?
Would like to do simple edits like crop, colour, filter, face swap, background and object removal, collages etc.

There seem to be a ton of android apps that offer this functionality but less for PC
I have tried and use GIMP which is very powerful no doubt but also complex - more pro than consumer
Photoshop elements is expensive and proprietary
I use Irfanview as a viewer and also good for resize and batch - has some functions including 'paint' but not a real editor

Any recommendations for a program that hits the sweet spot of price, features and ease of use?

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: clean the marked text
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:09 PM »
AHK (compile it, place it in start, use it's shortcut when a text with underscores is in the clipboard):

Just a thank you for the AHK script code
I have added this to my always running AHK script and call the cleaning with a different keyboard shortcut - Win+K
I also added a second run to remove the dash and replace with nothing as I need that for certain operations
Looks like this now
Clipboard := RegExReplace(Clipboard, "[_]+", " ")
Clipboard := RegExReplace(Clipboard, "[-]+", "")

Just checked back in for an update - and found one
Replying to say that this is a VERY useful little tool
I don't use it often but when I do - it's awesome
I bet it would achieve fame in office around the world if promoted some how
Thanks again

Mouse without Borders works perfectly for me
I have a HP home server and a desktop - plug server into VGA cable - switch monitor source and share kb&m
Works with laptop on vga too - so long as all on same network (cable or wifi)
It's free so worth a go
Highly recommend ticking the box that makes mouse cursor stay on screen until you hold control key so no accidental slides off screen

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