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Curious to know what others use to store and fill in passwords on web and phone/tablet (android for me)

Me: Have used Roboform briefly and then went to Lastpass
Originally the premium LP found cheaply via Humble Bundle etc.
LP has some annoying features but works pretty well
Premium price is no US$36 p.a. - wow
Most of the features including use on phone are now in the free version
SO I could stay with that
I am trialing BitWarden which seems to be a very close copy of the LP service
Although it claims the program code is Open Source which is good - but still linked to their website/service
I did install KeePassX and a browser extension as well
It did work too but was clunky to get going etc.
haven't tried on Phone yet

Haven't settled on any one program because it always seemed that some program did something I wanted better than another program that tried to do everything
My issue in a nutshell
Thanks for the list

If you can get around it's quirks, there is PaintStar.

Pretty amazing features for the file size etc
May not quite be what I had in mind but hats off to the developer - shame he didn't open source the code so someone could take it forward

I find GIMP extremely over rated, if it wasn't free it would surely be rated much lower. Minus collages which I would say is a more particular 'niche' task a combination of, Xnview and Faststone has served me well. Photoscape does a few things well too.
GIMP is probably good for some but too big and complicated for many
Agree collages are not important
Care to share what you use each of, Xnview and Faststone for
Thought Xnview and Faststone were pretty similar (and similar to Irfanview which I use/prefer) so why both?

Have tried - similar to GIMP - quite complex etc. - but good price
Affinity looks powerful but if I am going to pay $80 ** and learn a pro program I would go with Photoshop or at least PS Elements

(** I am in Australia and we get hosed on international pricing and exchange rates)

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