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TreeProjects should be able to quickly and easily transform KeyNote NF stuff into a TreeProjects database, otherwise considering a software change will be hard for anyone with a lot of notes.
Keynote has some kind of RTF file export, export and import RTF files into TreeProjects.
If that wouldn't work for you, export from Keynote to Treepad format, then use Ultrarecall to import Treepad, export to RTF files and import those into TreeProjects. Or maybe open the Treepad format directly in Treepad and export to RTF - I don't remember whether Treepad has RTF export, but it should.

Living Room / Re: Experiences buying software on eBay?
« on: November 25, 2008, 08:48 AM »
Thanks for all the comments.

I didn't buy a software on Ebay yet just because I didn't have a need, but generally I wouldn't have any problem with purchasing software there.

My biggest concern is the way how Codegear/Embarcadero handle licenses. Due to the stupid policies like not allowing non-US customers an access to US online shop. So that they wouldn't freeze my license for example, if I purchased one that was for a US market.

But maybe I'm just paranoid.

It seems another option would be to purchase from one of their resellers in other countries, eg. Russian shop seems not to be blocking IP addresses, and the prices are not much higher than in US shop.

In overall, I have positive experiences with Paypal/Ebay, but negative ones too (like sitting on a phone two hours in total, trying to resolve a trivial case of closing an old abandoned account, so that someone who sent their money accidentally could get their money back, nothing resolved, and not that there was any fault on my side, there seemed to be simply no way to do it for them technically, though they wouldn't tell anything, not even whether it's possible or impossible, just yeah yeah nodding all the time), and I don't put much trust into their "guarantees", just that "usually they might work".

Living Room / Re: Experiences buying software on eBay?
« on: November 24, 2008, 09:17 AM »
Hi Marek, I'm now considering D2009 upgrade from my D6. Local reseller asking for $950 for Pro version upgrade download version, Embarcadero has $355 (after discount) but they won't let me buy (perhaps could be overcome by tunneling through some US IP address, not sure), and on Ebay someone is selling a box for $298.

So wondering if you or someone else have a positive experience with that, in particular whether there were any problems on Embarcadero side (allowing the upgrade to be registered)?

Anyway, David (the author) told me that in a few weeks there will be a web version of FullRecall

You had good info! It's now on
I only had a chance to log-in, not to review as I had no remaining items for today. Interface is simple, in Fullrecall twist. Pretty nice.

(Not sure about SuperMemo in this respect, I think I read that SuperMemo UX (not Supermemo 2006) can be synced with their online

Entering all the parameters of a task on MLP is quite a long winded process.
That's true. I almost never enter the extra info, so for me it's OK. I guess it will improve in the future when multi-column tree might be added.

On TDL it is all on one screen. And the search and filter abilities are much better.
Did you check the latest filtering, that was added with version 2? I can't think of what more could be added (except perhaps as above with the extra info, maybe it might take more steps than TDL, not sure).

So I always think "attractive but not efficient, don't buy".
Interesting, I always thought about MLO as "not much attractive,but very efficient".
I also tested TDL few times, it's very good, but I couldn't stand it GUI-wise.

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