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FWIW, the Chandler Project was started by Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus and author of the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet.  The original concept came from Lotus Agenda, an organizer that nobody ever could figure out how to use, back in the DOS days, and which Kapor had had a hand in developing. Kapor dissassociated himself from the Chandler Project a year ago (and stopped funding it). He is also responsible for the Foxmarks synchronizer for Firefox and is on the board of the Mozilla Foundation, among other things.

I was once interested in the idea of Chandler, but as it grew more complex, it also got more diffuse, eventually devolving into a nebulous concept that had no chance of turning into a usable product.  A fine example of how not to create software.

Word processors and most text editors today work on a stream buffer principle - a single stream of text is interpreted and reformatted into lines on-screen. But there is another approach with roots in the IBM mainframe world: line-oriented editors in which each line of text is a separate record in a linked list. Line-oriented editors have certain limitations which make them unsuitable for some purposes (e.g., searching for multiline patterns) but they have many other benefits.

The best line-oriented editor for PCs is probably Kedit for Windows, an emulation of IBM's XEDIT mainframe editing environment. It's not likely to be anyone's only editor, but it provides capabilities unmatched by any other that I know of. One thing that I love about KfW is the selective editing: You can specify a target pattern and view only those lines that contain that pattern; you can then edit them as a block or toggle back and forth instantly between full and restricted views. You can also restrict edits to within vertical columns or inside rectangular blocks, overlay and fill blocks, etc.  Persistent blocks are independent of selected text so you can use both at the same time. KfWt operates entirely in RAM and is exceptionally fast.

KfW has all the capabilities asked for by the OP, although for the ability to use filters as external user tools, you would have to learn to use REXX, which is probably the least intuitive scripting language ever devised.

The Mansfield Software Group, which publishes Kedit, had planned to cease operations last year, but there apparently is still enough demand for it that they have decided to continue selling and supporting it through 2009.  KfW costs $129. You can get a demo version from their web site which is fully functional but will only save the first 75 lines of a file.

Seagate replaced their CEO yesterday.  Wonder if it had anything to do with the reliability rumors. FWIW, I've had better luck with Seagate than WD or Hitachi over the years, but the warranty change from 5 to 3 yrs worries me because it indicates a new lack of confidence in the quality of the product.

FWIW, the latest version of VMware Workstation is 6.5 and it provides a nice "Unity" mode. which allows applications in a guest VM to appear as if running on the host system. Since Unity mode and multiple VMs are also supported in VM Player 6.5, you can create multiple VMs on one system with Workstation installed and run them on other systems with just the Player installed, eliminating the need for multiple Workstation licenses.

My experience is that the more RAM the better with WS. I run on a 3Ghz P4 with 3GB RAM and XP Pro SP2 and while it takes WS over a minute to start up, once it is running, there is very little degradation in performance and VMs start up quickly. Having plenty of RAM allows you to reserve a good amount for your VMs to run in and and disallow swapping on the host system. VMs can also be kept running and accessed after closing WS on the host, although I haven't used that feature myself.

For all the new goodies in WS 6.5, see: https://www.vmware.c...leasenotes_ws65.html

askSam is a freeform database, not DTS software (which means that it imports text into a database file rather than indexing it in place)  but it provides much more powerful search capabilities than DTS software can. In this respect it is more of a researcher's tool than a file finder, which makes it more suitable for my purposes. It also imports from a wide variety of file formats and is particularly good at creating searchable email archives from email programs, which seems to be the main target promoted by most DTS software.

Unfortunately, it is also quite expensive -- the professional editon, which includes indexing, normally costs $395, but it is now on sale until December 12 for $99.95. I have posted the details and link in the software deals section.

Found Deals and Discounts / askSam Pro 75% off until 12/12/08
« on: December 02, 2008, 09:55 PM »
askSam is having one of their year-end special sales until December 12, 2008

askSam 7 Standard: $69.95 (reg. $149.95)
askSam 7 Professional: $99.95 (reg. $395.95)
askSam 7 Web Publisher: $750 (reg. $1495.00)
Surfsaver 6.1: $9.95 (reg. $19.95)


You can also buy a 5-user network version until 12/5/2008 at $995.00 (reg. $1995.00)

General Software Discussion / Re: How do you manage your email?
« on: September 12, 2008, 02:32 PM »
They've been taking about the Paperless Office of the Future since the early 1970's. ;)

Personally, I think that's about as likely as a Paperless Bathroom;D

That joke takes me back, if not to the early 1970's, at least to 1981, when I heard a DEC engineer use it in a speech at a CP/M-86 conference. I've been using it ever since.

I'm not sure I quite understand what you mean by a CD/DVVD writer emulator.

Nero allows you to write a a CD or DVD image to your hard disk.  In version 7, which is what I use, you just select Image Recorder as the device to write to.

But a much easier option is UltraISO ( which costs $29.95 and allows you to create and edit CD and DVD ISO images. You can drag files and drectories to and from ISO images or remove them altogether, create ISO images from or burn them to physical discs, create bootable discs, etc.  It includes a basic CD drive emulator, but the images it creates can be mounted with all such programs that I know of.

General Software Discussion / Re: Best password manager?
« on: January 15, 2008, 04:35 PM »
Another vote for eWallet. Very flexible, although it doesn't fill forms, but that's fine, since I use a variety of browsers (Opera, Firefox, Seamonkey...) and they all do things differently.

The main thing for me is that it is extremely secure, unlike the browser password managers, and I can use it on both Palm and Windows. Stuff that I don't care about much, I leave in the browser's manager. Anything that could cost me $$ if it escaped, I keep in eWallet only.

eWallet is also useful for keeping other kinds of information than just passwords.


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