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Congratulations, TucknDar, on your new daughter.  May your joy continue!

Best wishes,

Jeff Kogler
Thank you!!

suppose I can post in here, too

I'm a 27 years old male livining in Oslo, Norway.
I've been using computers since... 1994 I think, but never got further than being a "mildly advanced user" meaning I can't program in any language. Well, I know a tiny bit of PHP, but that's about it. I love to tweak my system though, and have been into alternative shells for 7-8 years or something, with a preference for LiteStep (and the PureLS-branch when that was actively maintained). I recently discovered AutoHotkey and am trying to tweak and write useful scripts.
I love freeware, but with the discovery of I've found myself donating for freeware and also registering a few shareware apps (some Collectorz-programs through the DC-discount!). I've "always" wanted to be able to code programs, but I suppose AHK is as far as I can go... unless you know some great way to learn C or C++, that is.

"software I can't live without"(tm):
Total Commander
KatMouse (microsoft, you got wheelscrolling all wrong!!!)

On a personal note, my first-born daughter is now 5 weeks  :-* I'll never forget this summer, that's for sure! Becoming a father is, needless to say, the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me!
That's about as much as I care to post right now... maybe more in my personal profile later :-[

General Software Discussion / Re: Maxthon 2.0 Invitation
« on: August 06, 2006, 04:05 PM »
I think Opera is faster than IE in page rendering. I've seen statistics on this (don't have an url to back it up, so take it with a pinch of salt ;) ) proving that Opera is the fastest.

Keyboard Shortcuts are 100% user configurable. Of course :P

Opera has built in blocking, and although it's not automatic ala Firefox' AdBlocker it's good. And there are user scripts and user css files that automatically blocks ads.

I agree on the firefox plugins! Love apps with plugins/extensions/modules. The best way to keep a small and/or basic core with user deciding what else to add. On that note though, Opera can take user scripts (even most Firefox Greasemonkey scripts) which makes the little difference sometimes.

about the mail-client and torrent-client... well, I sorta agree. I use the M2 client myself (Opera's built in) which is the closest I've come to the mail-client I want (I've tried tons...). I don't use the torrent client, and don't notice it, since it's disabled. Don't think it affects the general speed of Opera, either...

Sorry to topic starter for stealing the thread, btw...

General Software Discussion / Re: Maxthon 2.0 Invitation
« on: August 06, 2006, 03:48 PM »
I dunno if FireFox is that much more safe, but at least it's not targetted as much as IE... yet. The price to pay is of course bloat, sluggishness, slowness and high memory usage.
Ever considered Opera? I used FireFox before, but it was too darn slow. Opera showed me the way. Still not a perfect browser, but by far the best and most comfortable I've ever used. And it's fast, both starting up and surfing!

Oh, and unlike before, it's free now, as you probably know ;)

Great find!

I use alternative shells (Litestep 99% of the time) and small utilities and AHK-scripts, so I guess I'm pretty much into customizing my Win2k system ;)

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