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Living Room / Re: Meta-data
« on: September 09, 2014, 12:20 PM »
This little utility is worth installing for it's sorting abilities alone   :huh:
When you add a "Tag" to the Properties sheet and then customize the menu bar to show "Tag" it adds Tag behind the last item on the menu bar (size, type, date, etc.) so the tag sticks out like a sore thumb. It makes it real easy to spot the tag in WinExplor but it also allows sorting by tag by clicking on "Tag" in the menu.
I've added a "Tip" tag to web pages I've saved and opened a Tips folder. By clicking on "Tag" in the menu bar, the web pages are all sorted by Tag so all my tips pages are listed in detail list. Highlight and move the whole list of files to my Tips folder. Neat and sanitary  :D
I highly recommend it and the whole procedure is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. It's not something that has to be done all at once either..... :tellme:
Install the utility...... the next time you download a tip simply add the Tip tag in the Properties sheet  :up:
Right click on the Menu Bar and add "Tag" so any tag shows up on the menu  :up:
Later to sort click on Tag in the menu and all your tips show up in a pile... ;)  I like it   :P

Living Room / Re: Meta-data
« on: September 06, 2014, 11:59 AM »
Has anyone installed this little beauty  :huh:

It's working fine for me. I was concerned initially that it wouldn't index anything other than C:\ drive but it worked on D:\ as well.
There's much I don't know about it yet... there's a 100 or so details in Properties that can be added but I haven't got much of that working yet. Just wondering if anyone else has given it a go  :huh:

Living Room / Re: Hack Your VCR!
« on: September 04, 2014, 11:59 AM »
I just got back from the hospital. Over 200 stitches & I'm now typing with 1 finger.

See what happens when Grandma catches you picking your nose!  ;)

My Grandma had perfect aim  :D She only broke the finger that was stuck up your nose  :)
One time at the breakfast table she got me with a slap with a butter knife, maple syrup and all............ she was fast..... :tellme:

Living Room / Meta-data
« on: September 04, 2014, 11:40 AM »

Use this Free Utility to Help Make Your Windows Files Easier to Organize and Find

Posted: 03 Sep 2014 03:12 AM PDT

"Do you have a lot of personal files on your PC? Want help keeping them sorted? One useful way to help organize them is to tag them in various ways with metadata. In Windows Vista and up, only a few file types normally allow their metadata to be edited. However, there is a free program called “File Meta” that allows you to add tags, comments, and other types of metadata to most files in Windows 7 and 8.x."

Here's a chance to get PO'd and frustrated for a couple of days and then experience great relief  :D (Better than Rolaids :Thmbsup:)

It works in Win8.1 but it takes a couple of days to index all your files with any new meta-data you add. They don't mention that when you sign-up  >:(  Set it up with any additional file types that you want additional tags added to the Properties Sheet and then "WAIT", yeh, wait  :o
You also have to customize your Menu bar to show any categories you want displayed, along with Name, date modified, size, etc.
and you also have to wait :huh:
It bugs the hell out of me to set something up and then have to wait two days to find out if you did it right  :(
It works  Give it time  :D


Living Room / Re: CMD-commands
« on: August 31, 2014, 10:08 AM »
For Kindle Subscribers,

I have a free eBook from Kindle, titled "Introduction to the Command Line (Second Edition) The Fat Free Guide to Unix and Linux Commands".
If you use Kindle it's well worth checking it out   :D

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