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General Software Discussion / Re: Idea: File note
« on: December 10, 2007, 06:57 PM »

Thanks for the info, I'll be along!
Moonsoftware put out several goods apps that I used for years and they were of the best species, Freeware.
I'm glad to hear that he/them is alive and well and still producing software for us idiots, hopefully, more that we can afford!
I was up in your neck of the woods about 56 years ago. Myself and a couple of chums took a tour up around the Gaspe'. Two things about the place I'll never forget.......... most of the birds in the world live up there and the women didn't shave their legs. We had a ball until the Moosehead ran out. Beautiful country

Happy Holidays,


General Software Discussion / Re: Idea: File note
« on: December 10, 2007, 04:02 PM »

Your mention of using a NOTE tag prodded my memory and I went back and dug a file out of my rathole that I had downloaded previously when the Moonsoftware app, FileNote, wouldn't work on my new 64 bit OS. Unfortunately the new download wouldn't run either so I abandoned it as unfit for 64 bit service. The recent events re: Notes, tags, the error msg regarding the path, etc. prompted another look at the app.

This adds another ingredient to the stew!
The author has provided some very explicit instuctions on the installation and use of his product so I decided to give it another shot, all in the interest of science.

When installed correctly it worked fine! My problem is that it is installed on C:\ , which is why it didn't work the first time because I installed it in C:\Apps with all my other toys. My point here is that this version of filenotes adds Note instead of txt as the extension.

Now with your version of Filenoter and his version of Filenotes I have two options on the context menu.
I can add a txt file or a Note. He adds Note as an extension rather than as a tag as your procedure does so the filename doesn't include file.PDF--Note.txt, simply file.PDF.Notes and is associated with Notepad.

Getting to the crux of the matter...........and I know you're waiting with bated breath <g>!
Long ago I discovered Metapad and hence dropped Notepad as my text editor. 
Metapad will handle an unlimited file size and I have associated .txt extension to it.
Notepad is limited but it is associated to .notes extension by default through Filenotes.
So my plan, if acceptable, is to use File Notes to add a .notes extension where I only want to store a serial number, for example.
To store copious amounts of information about a particular file I would use Filenoter to add the .txt extension which opens with Metapad and it's unlimited file handling capability.
To find a stored serial number I would search *.notes which hopefully are present in limited numbers whereas if stored in a .txt file the search would turn up 100s of files.

You, with your tags, have yet another option for organization........... such flexibilty! Wow!

At the moment I'm feeling so damned clever I'm making myself sick! <G>
Feel free to use my plan if you like.

Happy Holidays,


General Software Discussion / Re: how do you write a .chm file?
« on: December 09, 2007, 01:41 PM »
HTML Help Workshop is available for free from Microsoft. I've used it for years to compile simple help files and I say simple because I'm too old and lazy to get into ActiveX and the other hairy things you can do with it.
Google should find it for you easily and if not come back.
I have dozens of chm files compiled from pages downloaded from the web. Download the pages, patch the links or add an html index and compile using Workshop. It's a neat way to save tutorials downloaded from support sites. All the screenshots, etc., are compiled into one package.
I'll be glad to help get you started if you want. My experience is limited to HTML Help Workshop though!

General Software Discussion / Re: Idea: File note
« on: December 09, 2007, 12:41 PM »
Tested per your request and everything works as planned. Having long subscribed to the idea that "if it works, don't fix it" it was with great trepidation that I double clicked on filenoter.exe hoping to remove all evidence of an app that I had just gotten installed and that was working fine. It worked the way you intended and removed all registry entries with a reboot. I again double clicked and it's back and again working fine. I must say, you do good work for such a young feller!

Openning a second note with a second, appended txt extension, would as you suggest only be necessary if you wanted to create a track record of some sort. What I was thinking of was ini or bat files that you were editing. Each additional extension would indicate a later version. YMMV

You mentioned using text notes for PDF files. For years I avoided PDF files because of Adobe Reader. I doubt that a bigger example of bloatware can be found......... not even Windows!
I've found a solution to the Adobe bloat and you might even be able to use a PDF file without notes???
Get a copy of the freeware reader from Foxit...........

and while you have your browser open get a copy of JKDefrag .........

Using these two tools you'll save enough time to download XPPro 64 trial and give it a whirl. I'm a fan of Celeron D cpu's with the EM64T feature which runs a 64 bit OS just fine. I'm sure the AMD64 will do as well if you don't mind fighting the heat problem.

Thanks again my friend. All is well with the world here and I hope the same is true in Sweden.


General Software Discussion / Re: Idea: File note
« on: December 08, 2007, 06:07 PM »
I think we've got what I wanted. I cleaned all the junk from previous installs of several different apps from the registry and installed FileNoter. It works fine right out of the box (filenoter.exe). The registry entries for filenoter are as follows:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="C:\\Apps\\filenoter\\filenoter.exe \"context_initiated_filenoter\" \"%L\""

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="C:\\Apps\\filenoter\\filenoter.exe \"context_initiated_filenoter\" \"%L\""
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="C:\\Apps\\filenoter\\filenoter.exe \"context_initiated_filenoter\" \"%L\""

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


As you can see there are entries for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. I think the Wow6432Node means Windows on windows but don't quote me.

The appended extensions:
I've played around using various file types and I think the appended extension will work fine. The main reason I use a file note is because I'm a downloading fool with a short memory. Some of the files from MS, for instance, have a cryptic file name that I can't remember long enough for the download window to close. I download everything to this 64 bit machine and the files downloaded are for several different OSs. The note helps prevent unzipping or trying to install to the wrong system. It's also a place to keep any serial numbers for any particular app.
The append feature appends the txt extension each time it's applied so if I use filenoter on myphoto.jpg.txt it adds another txt extension to make it myphoto.jpg.txt.txt, which might just be handy as a clue that some sort of action was applied to that file more than once. Damned clever, sir!
One question remains that I'd appreciate some clarification on. Your code in filenoter seems to make the desired entry in the registry to install filenoter if it's not already installed. If it's already installed then a double click on filenoter.exe will remove the entry from the registry. Is that correct? The .exe file becomes a toggle?
And lastly, are you going to try the trial version of XPPro 64? I ran out the trial and then purchased the 64 bit version.
It's probably my imagination but I think the 64 bit OS gives you a 10 to 15% speed bump over it's 32 bit brother.
I wouldn't even think of going back to a 32 bit system.

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