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General Software Discussion / Re: Monitor Rotation
« on: December 21, 2007, 10:50 AM »
When I posted this originally I was thinking more about the capability of rotating the display to accomodate a disabled person. The news is full of stories about our disabled trooops and I was curious about how much work had been done to use the features available in currently available hardware to aid the disabled?
Thirty years ago I turned a small TV set on it's side on the side of my bed to watch something. A disabled troop sure couldn't do that with a 21" portable nor with a 21" monitor.
With a monitor on a table beside the hospital bed could a patient easily rotate the display 90 degrees left or right, CW or CCW, without assistance. Is there simple software available to perform the action?

I don't have any answers and perhaps there is no need?
Henry J. Kaiser said many years ago "Find a need and fill it".
I saw the post from Entech about the display capabilities, the little trick of tipping the TV set on it's side popped into my mind. The thought process continued and I wondered if anyone had explored any of this and whether there was a need. My mind is warped! Something that moves, a box to tell it how, and a programmer to tell the box what to say seems like something waiting to happen. YMMV

I'm sorry if I confused anyone. Hopefully Kaiser filled the need already!

Found this???

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Serif only SAVES as spp. Many photoeditor programs work this way, but I'm not sure why. But you CAN convert from within PhotoPlus, in the file menu, there an EXPORT selection, that is the place that allows you convert to other formats.

(Note: the free version doesn't allow as many different conversion types as the commercial version.)
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General Software Discussion / Monitor Rotation
« on: December 20, 2007, 01:05 PM »
This looks like a good idea for certain applications.
Has anyone ever played around with it (other than as a prank)?

I was given a small, 13" TV set many years ago and I use to turn that on it's side to prevent getting a stiff neck while watching it in bed.

I was thinking of bed patients. Rotating the screen, depending on their position in bed, might provide some comfort to people in that situation.

The same would be true with TV, such as in the military hospitals, but that would require rotating the entire TV set.
Food for thought, though!


My late brother and his brother-in-law were in the sign business many years ago.
He had a critiqueing system for signs proposed by customers. The system may be useful in your situation?
For example, the local fishmonger wanted a big banner type sign that he could hang in front of the store when he got a big load of fish in for sale.

He informed my brother that he wanted the sign to read:

[size=12pt][/size]FRESH FISH SOLD HERE TODAY

Bro suggested maybe they could shorten the sign some and still get the point across.
They discussed the word FRESH and decided that once you got a whiff of the fish it became obvious it wasn't fresh.

Fresh was chopped off and they looked at the word FISH. It was decided that with the rack full of ice and fish in front of the store that the word FISH was expendable.

They soon agreed that everyone in town knew it was a fish store so they dropped SOLD.

Left with HERE TODAY they readily agreed that HERE was redundant. After all, this IS the fish market!

With only TODAY left it seemed ridiculous to hang the sign. With all that stinky fish out front when else would it be for sale?

Being mutually agreed on the sign my brother bought a couple of Red Snappers and left.

Perhaps "POINTS" would suffice?


From Roboform......

Filling Long Forms from Identities
Quality Artificial Intelligence
RoboForm is really smart in filling in forms; it is the most precise form filler on the market. We use Artificial Intelligence techniques to achieve this kind of precision and we test RoboForm thoroughly.

Not Limited Only to Forms it Knows in Advance
RoboForm can read and fill any form, even a form that it has never seen before. This is because RoboForm does what humans do when they fill a form -- it parses the form, "understands" it and makes field filling decisions.

Multiple Identities
You can have many Identities and you can easily switch between them. Your identities do not have to be real persons. Use fake Identities -- preserve your privacy.

Contact: a Small Identity
Contact is a small Identity that usually is not offered for form filling. You can use Contacts to create your own Address Book, with folder tree structure.

Multiple Credit Cards, Addresses, even Persons in Each Identity
Every group of fields found in Identity (Credit Card, Address, Bank Account, Person) can have multiple instances. That is, you can have several credit cards, addresses and persons (usually members of one group) in one Identity.

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You can ask RoboForm to fill just a part of your form, rather than the complete form. Simply select (highlight) the fields that you want RoboForm to fill and click any form filling button -- only the selected fields will be filled.

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RoboForm correctly fills selection fields presented as drop-down lists of items. Example: if you car expiration date is in February, RoboForm will select "Feb" or "February" or even "02" in the field. It handles radio buttons in a similar fashion.

Filling Partitioned Fields
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RoboForm lets you select the country you are in, and then it customizes its form filling rules based on the traditions of your country. For instance, it knows that in the US the date format is MM/DD/YY but that in the UK it is DD/MM/YY.

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