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Living Room / Re: Win10 Navigation Pane scrambled
« on: October 05, 2014, 04:11 PM »
That's the other option that I've seen- in the disk management utility, you can change that sort order.  Because I had an old drive with windows, and then installed another drive and set that to C, that drive was in the wrong order.  I was able to fix it in the disk management utility.

That works fine when you have two physical disks.
In this case, there are six partitions on a single 2tb drive. You can re-letter, rename, re-size, whatever you think will work but the drive sort in File Explorer still remains the same.
I re-lettered all partitions, with the exception of C:, starting in the middle of the alphabet.
File Explorer then showed what was drive D: , as Drive J: , C: comes up in the second position, Drive K: displays where Drive F: showed below C: and so on. Drive E: has a new letter but it still winds up at the bottom of the list of six partitions.
I returned the letters to C: through H: as they are displayed in Disk Management, return to File Explorer and the order returns to D: , C: , F: , G: , H: ,and E: .
I told Shades yesterday that I remembered adding some old memory to that machine a couple of years ago and after it sat here for a couple of hours with the Win10 install running it developed some weird HDD activity and emitted some strange sounds. Last night I pulled those two old memory sticks and then did a clean install of the Win10 preview, for the 4th or 5th time.
When I booted for the install it was immediately apparent that one of those memory sticks was bad, or failed after warming up and the install proceeded post haste!
Welcome screen, logon, and File Explorer........ the drive order still remains at D,C,F,G,H,E.
The log file of the install has dropped from 3700kb to 149kb and shows nothing that would change the drive order.
Conclusion: The problem is in the ISO download! If I decide to continue playing with it, I'll download a 64bit version since that machine will support 64bit Windows.
Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry it's not the right answer.
I installed Win10 on that old machine strictly to play with. I have no intention of upgrading from Win8.1.1, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Living Room / Re: Win10 Navigation Pane scrambled
« on: October 04, 2014, 06:05 PM »
You are right about the serial numbers and I spent an hour crawling the registry trying to find a place to change the sort order, all to no avail. Considering everything else that's turned up I'm going to check out some other ideas before I download another ISO.
That machine ran Win7/32 Pro since it was released but it has a Celeron D CPU so it will run a 64 bit O/S.
I didn't download a 64 bit ISO because I'd seen reports where people were having problems with it. I have no intention of upgrading to Win10 so I thought I'd give the 32 bit version a shot to see what the hype was all about. If I have to re-download I'll get the 64 bit ISO.
In the meantime I'm going to check that machine out a little more thoroughly. I've got a cigar box full of memory sticks and just before I stopped using the machine fulltime I was looking for some memory for my nephew. I found a couple of 500mb sticks that would fit that machine and since it had the slots and only 2gb memory I dropped in the two 500mb chips.
I didn't use the machine much after that but it reported the memory, ran fine, and gave it a little performance boost.
Since the Win10 install went belly up and especially after the strange noises after the machine sat there awhile, that old memory has become suspect. I think my next move will be to pull that memory and then re-install from the last DVD I burned. I don't remember if Win10 requires more than 2gb mem to run or not but I'll get some idea if the memory is corrupting the install or if the media is already corrupt.
Sorry for the ramble...............

Living Room / Re: Win10 Navigation Pane scrambled
« on: October 04, 2014, 04:05 PM »
And I'm still looking for the option to sort the Navigation Pane. There are sort options all over the page but the one for the Nave Pane eludes me  huh

Thanks for the reply but if there was help there I missed it.

I thought it was only fair to give you an update of what is transpiring here.............
I downloaded the 32 bit ISO for the Win10 Preview.
Burned it to a DVD using Image Burn.
Clean install on a 64 bit machine.
Install finishes, a bright multicolored rainbow background appears.
Hit the space bar and the login appears.
I log in and open File Explorer.
The drive letters in Navigation Pane are not in alphabetical order. Strange but it is a beta, and I usually run them if I have a slot to put them in. Having read that users were having problems with installing I did a little checking and then posted to DC hoping the problem I was having was the same as the one others were having.
Having run many betas previously I started System File Checker and it found corrupt files, some of them it couldn't fix.
It also produced a log of errors it found that ran 3700kb and one helluva long scroll to read.
Completely unacceptable and I think it was about that time I posted what I had found to DC.
Having nothing to lose I ran setup again in an "over the top" install.
When that finished the Nave Pane was still in the same non-alphabetical order so I punched up SFC, again from an elevated command prompt, and when finished that reported "un-fixable" files, Nave Pane no improvement, but the log file of errors had dropped to 2100kb. Some improvement but still unacceptable!
I began getting advice from DC and a request for a screenshot. Apparently I had set something wrong and the Nave Pane wound up out of alphabetical order.
Since I have a virgin, default install in front of me and I haven't "set" anything, combined with the knowledge that the Navigation Pane is not, I repeat... Not, sortable by a user, I chose to disregard all that free advice and ask some questions.
The next step is to give Windows "Repair"/Reset a go.
Inserted the DVD and rebooted.
The install screen opened and I selected "Repair".
I immediately got a response "Your computer is not repairable".
Having some experience in the field, I immediately suspected a bad burn and proceeded to burn another DVD from my original downloaded ISO.
Got a mess on Drive C: on that machine so a clean install is essential.
A clean install with a freshly burned DVD duplicated the original install.
Simple deduction tells me "hey buddy, you got a bad download! Seems reasonable to me under the circumstances.
The machine with the bad install sat there awhile, HDD light flickered occasionally, and then the light flickered rapidly and the machine emitted a strange sound repeatedly until I hit the reset button and got it shut down.
With a five and a half hour download required to get fresh install media I think I'll wait awhile.
A new release by MS might give me a better shot at a compatible ISO.

That about brings things up to the minute! Is there anything here that you can agree with?


Living Room / Re: Win10 Navigation Pane scrambled
« on: October 04, 2014, 12:53 PM »
Chances are you have one of the many organize/view settings set to sort the drives by free/used space, or drive size. Which is usually easy to spot in a screen shot.

Personally I have a standing request for all clients to send a SS of any and all error messages they get for an issue, as frequently the type of window will tell you more about an issue than the poorly worded error message. Not to mention that users never read the entire message, or pay attention to the caption bar text.

So Yeah...a picture really does paint - or save the exchange of - 1,000 words.
Thanks for the reply, Stoic Joker, and I agree that users often never read the entire msg but I'm afraid I've never found screenshots to be of much value when troubleshooting. And of course, to get a screenshot off a flawed O/S install is another challenge.
I might also refer you to my reply #5 on this thread, both above and below at this point and ask you that same question I asked Tomas.. screenshots and corrupt files? Not just on a different page but in a completely different book!
And I'm still looking for the option to sort the Navigation Pane. There are sort options all over the page but the one for the Nave Pane eludes me  :huh:

Living Room / Re: Win10 Navigation Pane scrambled
« on: October 04, 2014, 12:17 PM »
Finally, does stoickjokers suggestion about sorting help?
Tomas, I appreciate your efforts, I really do! But I think you missed my reply #5 quoted in the previous post.
And I would really like to know where I might find the option to sort the Navigation Pane???
Not the Details nor Preview Panes, just the Navigation Pane please!
(see reply #5 again please) Since System File Checker found corrupt files, some that it couldn't repair, do you really believe that a screenshot will aid in the solution???

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