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The 'original hotkey' can only be one of the different mouse clicks. So if I make a keyboard shortcut, I will still have to set it up (with autohotkey) so that it will emulate the mouse click.

I however do like to have the middle button for other purposes.. So any ideas?

I've googled all over the place and haven't been able to find a way to assign a alternate shortcut to trigger instant viewer (part of the microsoft mouse software). Even just ctrl+middle button is better than just middle button. It is quite an usable way to switch apps. So can someone find a method?

ps. I find it most curious that there is no mention even in the autohotkey forums.


I can't get this to work in Win 7 x64. I am not running everything as a service but the plugin is simply not detecting thst evernote is running.

If it works for someone else on win 7, can they help out?

Also, everything supports ETP/FTP and http protocol, so if the plugin uses a protocol, wouldn't it be more standardised and work on more systems?


I have been searching for an option to enable higher (above normal/10 or higher /13) priority for the FARR process. Am I missing something, or is this option hidden somewhere else???

Ok, here's an example where shift+enter to launch a "run" command might come in handy.


when I type in that I get a list of options based on nircmd (which is not installed on my system by the way). That is all well and fine, but if I just want a command line window, I simply could not get it without the "run " prefix. So a way to launch the command typed in disregarding any results that may be available would be great. This again could be in advanced preferences, if that's your wish.

ps. you could try and add nircmd to the FARR installation, if feasible..

It's great that you continue to listen to new ideas. This is the sort of difference that could make a good product into a great one :)


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