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I don't remember seeing this mentioned anywhere and I did a search that came up don't give me greif if you've talked about this 3 billion times :)

WikiPad is an interesting creature:


IMO Wiki's are a good way to present and share information but writing content leaves something to be desired with WikiWords and CamelCase etc.

Another client side Wiki is TiddlyWiki which has spawned lots of variations.

Some good reading on Wiki's includes: and all the article comments and the follow up articles: and

NEWS: Onfolio Acquired by Microsoft
New release of Onfolio free in the Windows Live Toolbar
March 8th, 2006, Microsoft announces the acquisition of Onfolio and the release of a new version of Onfolio with the Windows Live Toolbar.

It is an add-in for the Windows Live Toolbar, which you can download from the Windows Live Toolbar download site.

Probably free because it's labelled a beta.

This has rightly upset the OnFolio customer base as MS has stripped it right back and also removed Firefox support. Been great for me though as OnFolia users jump ship to Surfulater. See the OnFolio support forums for more.

As I understand it, it is Opera's fault.  Opera does not copy HTML to the clipboard like IE or FF, just plain text.  This also means it doesn't copy RTF either... I don't understand why, it does get cumbersome to always open another browser when I want to save something... but, there you have it.


Opera has padlocks on all the doors. They see this as a big feature as Opera users don't suffer from spyware and the like. The downside is developers can't hook into Opera and do anything usefull. The need to open the doors a little and work with us folks. I've tried contacting them, but never got anywhere.

I've just discovered this thread has come back to life again and I haven't received any e-mail notifications of these new posts. :o

Will try and catch in the next few days. No time just now.

For those interested Surfulater V1.96.2.0 was released this week. See: and

Plus two new articles on "Pushing content into Surfulater from other Programs". Part 1 and Part 2:


And following on from superboyac's post I'd like you all to know that I've just released the latest version of Surfulater, Version

New features in this release include the ability to Import Bookmarks from a variety of applications, including IE, Firefox, Linkman, Powermarks, Compass, Netscape & XBEL files, new Bookmark and Note templates, content editing improvements, more tree item images, improved searching, enhanced XML Clipboard capabilities and more. This is a big update, as you'll see from the releases notes here and in the Help.

If you've tried Surfulater in the past and need to start a new Free Trial simply UnInstall Surfulater and delete the
My Documents\My Surfulater folder. Then download and install the latest Surfulater release and your free trial will start over.

See: Surfulater V1.96, B0.0 released - A Happy Easter for more information on this new release.

Expect to see a new DC discount shortly. :)

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