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 :Thmbsup: great to hear. Anything else you'd like to see?

It sure could be. I just uploaded a new version  - please try 'er out and let me know.

Have a look in your local appdata folder, in Options.xml

(My path, e.g. is: C:\Users\Tim\AppData\Local\Auspex)

You should see 4 colour entries - see what they are, and you can probably replace them with the following to get something usable:


That's white popup with black text, but then the selected replacement is white text on purple-ish background

Every time I restart my PC, it resets the colors used for the popup text tips - and it resets them to black text, black background! For both selected and unselected. So if I forget to change it, I get little black boxes popping up as I type.

I've tried setting the values, exiting out of Auspex & re-running it, but the result is the same - black on black popups.

Not sure where it stores these settings, why it is forgetting them or why it is using default values that make the popups useless. I'm just hoping I can get away form having to reset the colors every time I reboot.

That'll be Auspex unable to save its colors to disk for some reason. Can you try 'run as administrator' to see if that solves the issue?

The default color combo should be black text on white, so it's very odd that you get black on black in any case. I'll change the defaults slightly and do a new release on the weekend.

What was the bug? I can still fix stuff if it's stopping you from getting good use from the program

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