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Looking forward to your entry.
(I can count to 21!)
-cranioscopical (November 29, 2012, 06:54 PM)

...except when you're in public?  :-[

Thank you very much!

You knew I couldn't resist another NANY ;) - it's lured me out of the woodwork at last.

Application NameClueMeIn
Short DescriptionA simple Sudoku-like logic puzzle game with some math
Supported OSesAnything that runs Java and has 640x480 or greater screen
Setup File [url=]ClueMeIn!
System RequirementsVery little
Author Infotimns
DescriptionSharpen your brain by using both deductive skills, logic and simple mental arithmetic to solve the puzzle from the clues presented.

All puzzles can be solved without guesswork.
FeaturesSmall game area, simple to learn, ideal for a coffee break
InstallationNo installation required
Using the applicationMouse only. Left or Right click to remove tiles according to the rules shown, until the grid is filled with each of the numbers 1 through 9, exactly once.


x < y means that the number represented by x is in a column to the LEFT of the number represented by y
x ^ y means that the number represented by x is in a row ABOVE the number represented by y

The numbers in at the end of each row and the bottom of each column are the SUM of the three correct numbers across or down respectively.
UninstallingDelete the shortcut
Known IssuesDoes not respond to every mouse click

Living Room / Re: Any DCer's in Seattle?
« on: October 30, 2012, 10:17 PM »
Hey Timns, how'd your trip go?  :tellme:
I hope my "itinerary" didn't lead you astray, and hopefully you found some other cool sites to visit and things to do.

It was very nice thanks - in fact I've been twice recently and need to go back again at the end of November. I think I've covered quite a few of the items on your list by now  :Thmbsup: and found some pretty nice restaurants to boot. In particular "Toulouse Petit" deserves a mention.

Well! Thank you for those kind words  :-[

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