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Post New Requests Here / Re: Flood Alert (As service or tray apps)
« on: August 19, 2013, 09:36 PM »
Now it's flooding again..

Yes bro, I saw it gets in 'alarm' state and I have moved my car earlier before it gets higher(critical). My neigbor has moved earlier as he seen it moves to alert state. our area is 'mindanao' avenue and the sensor is located under the bridge. I guess mindanao has the deepest water lever in that sensor.

again, thanks so much sir BigVent, it is working now  :Thmbsup: save us alot and is working to us now, its flooding again here.

Sweetness!!!!  :)

the website is inaccessible on my end at the moment

that was way more awesome bro!!!!!  :)

my thoughts:

* if we didn't put an entry on email/txt/smtp functions, will it not function by default? or can we have an enable/disable box for the email/txt/smtp functions(to save bandwidth/sms during non-alerting days) or a button to toggles between alerting/normal days?

* have a hyperlink to  - near the location selector(so they will have the initial idea where they are located)

* can we use a different icon? (lets look for one)

* can we name the apps as floodwatch.exe(instead of pagasa.exe) and rename "Philippines Flood Information and Alert" into "Flood Watch Philippines"

thanks in advanced :)

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