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CovArt Ops was designed from the start with the idea of one album per folder.  Therefore, it doesn't know or care about the actual album involved.  Did I misunderstand your suggestion?  If so, please explain it in more detail.

It detects the album name by the mp3 files themselves though, doesn't it? My music collection is organized so all MP3s are named Authorname - Songname.mp3, in one single folder.

Are you positive you're using the new version?  Help, About should show "v1.0.9 build 1".

Oops, for some reason it wasn't copying correctly.  :-[

Still reproducing the same error, even with the new version.

Suggestion: Could you add the ability to use it on a folder full of mp3s (no subfolders), and get the album name from the metadata?

Which OS?

Windows XP Pro SP3

I get a "Shell init failed" error when opening the program.

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