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you play some sound or Mp3 music. for 30 secs -- 30-40db and for 10 secs - 90-100db.

what i would like is during the 10secs, <something> would auto-detect the loudness at 90-100db range during the 10 secs and then lower speaker volume and after the 10 secs, put back volume to normal

any idea?


got an interesting question...

sometimes noise gets really noisy here and I can't tell if the speaker is too loud / or someone is speaking waay too loud, or needs to reduce down speaker volume...

is there an app or utility which :

a) from microphone, reduce down input from 100db to 70db (or below) ... ?
b) from speaker, if someone speaks too loud, auto-adjust speaker volume to max 80db. (Cut off anything above 80db.) ?

for PC / Intel 80x86/Windows XP.


not free - it does what you want, however.

change-pro -

General Software Discussion / Re: Help Authoring Gem
« on: December 01, 2008, 12:43 PM »

We fixed errors with PDF Editor and PDF merge part.

B - Fix for Large German Words
B - Fix for access violations on Grid when not saving
B - Messagebox update
B - HelpMaker v8.1 code-merge

Reference thread:

It's free of charge.


you could do two things:

option A
buy sources codes and fix problems yourself or...

option B
do like what we did, we made our own treeview from scratch...
of course, you would need solid funding, experts and lots of help to make your own grid.

How is your InfoQube going?

We went different route and buy rights to last remaining licensees who owned libraries used by Ecco-pro, hired experts to write treeview. Deployed R&D tie-up with the local University here.

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