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General Software Discussion / Re: again!
« on: January 21, 2010, 02:54 AM »

speaking of lookups -

for those curious

you can buy 3.1 million-record music collection with all the artists, CDs, tracks, timings, discography information for a 5-figure sum.

with that, it could probably fulfill all those look-up queries.

Hi there,

We're doing lengthy QA on our products, websites and other things here. We're always looking for people to look with "critical eye" and "severe fault-finding".

Drop us a note if you're interested...

Protocol is:

a) contact us, or drop us private message on donation coder.
b) we contact you, negotiate price,
c) you look/ or try to find faults with our products
d) more feedback --> more money.

this is private non-published review in other words.

Hi there,

We're developing a site and near (or somewhat near) its final stages of completion.

site description:
the site is bidding-project where you can post a project with description and wait for sellers to bid on them.
you can converse with the sellers and money is escrow until work is done.
there is fair arbitration and prompt payment for sellers.

If interested for QA, please message me privately and at the end of it, get paid (via PayPal) for feedback.

Thank you.

General Software Discussion / Re: Book Collector 6
« on: December 12, 2008, 06:12 AM »

maybe it's just me or something -

few days ago, we tried to access amazon website using some custom libs and got:
"Access Denied" or "Connection forcibly closed by host".

maybe that's perhaps the reason why they started to switch over?


anything that works for skype and adobe flash videos?

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