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I have a friend (who will remain nameless)

He had a double-hyphen name.

The reason?

He was an orphan (i.e., both his parents died) and was raised by his auntie. That family decided to suffix the surname with his current surname.

MacMail is straight forward.

When you have a mail where you last moved it in 3 or 4 different folders, it gives you a choice to move it to the last 3 or 4 locations where you last moved it to.

For example, those PayPal emails... you file it under [ISP], [Rent], [Mac Programs], [Windows Programs], the next time the same email comes, it gives you a choice to file it under any of those last 4 folders you want.

If it's from that user, click [File] or [Thread] to file all the threads under that folder.

Click on To-Do, if you have WiFi, it flows to your iPhone or iPad

Top notch.  :Thmbsup:

I still remember the time spending many hours filing my emails with TheBat



I dunno, but they might want to look what iPad, MacMail, Android Mail, GMail and how others do it, but

shhhh!!! it's a secret  :P

It makes you re-think how to write software...

For instance,
- are all those toolbars really necessary?
- are all those fancy buttons really necessary?
- does the customer need this feature? should it be designed in a better way? ...

Windows is going in complete opposite direction than Mac. There are so many technologies and UI interfaces for Windows - MFC, NET, WPF, Silverlight, Flash, RIA, Restful interfaces, browser interface, SOAP, Ajax and probably a dozen more UI toolkits for Windows...

Then look at the way how iPad and Mac OSX apps are developed. Then you say,
WTF were you doing all that time writing software without thinking about the user??

It goes with other software too...

Take Trillian for example and how it has gone from the simple IM client to the mega-IM client with all bells and whistles... while getting slower, more bloated, more annoyingly colorful, seems to forget all your settings, has 101 features you don't need... and look at Audium for Mac.

You could drive yourself nuts over looking for that feature Trillian has to make it look normal and non-distracting or spend ages wondering wading through the plug-in list. Same goes for MSN Messenger. The latest version of MSN Messenger (v9) is just plain horrible and what were the developers thinking??

Same goes for some of the ShareWare/ASP developer software. They added so many features and then complain nobody buys their product.

Take any average image editor for sale - for Mac and for Windows. The Mac image editor is simply elegant, has almost everything you want (vector graphics, editable annotations, call-outs, shapes, human-usable image transformations, usable clip-art, human-usable features - like various wooden photo-frames, oil-paint feature and so on) Then look at Windows image editor - it looks like it was designed for zombies or has so many useless features...  :(

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