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General Software Discussion / Re: Fantastic: XsX Alphablended Cursors
« on: December 11, 2007, 09:02 AM »
Yea.. I discovered them at the same time on LifeHacker.. Love them, way easier on the eyes..  :Thmbsup:

@Perry Mowbray: I was able to make the runtime work locally by including the manifest in the install, so if you download the portable install now, it should work without needing to install the runtime.

I also created a new install for people who want the runtime local to the app and not installed SxS in system32, as MS would have you do it :)

Let me know if you see any problems...

I really don't consider that a portability issue because eventually everyone will have the runtime as products move to newer versions of visual C++, Visual C++ 2008 is already out. I could package the runtime with the app and make it a alternative download, but that could cause a problems with SxS installs. I'll look into it, I seem to remember a way to put the runtime in a directory under the install, but it had some problems..

I see.. so you basically want to manage the menu in a folder tree structure.. I would have to re-work the way you manage the favs list, but it is do-able, and I think the feature makes sense.. I'll add it to the wishlist for the next release.. Lots of good suggestions have been made.

I have not really addressed the portable issues yet. Most of my favs are to truecrypt volumes that go with me so the drive letters never change. I could use UNC paths to pick up the computer name, but I'm not sure what can be done to handle paths on USB drives, relative paths to the program may work, like you say.. I'll add this to the list of features also..


@zzynx: I'll look into adding the option for multiple icons. How would you use the submenu functionality? and CFD does stand for Common File Dialog :)

@Dr-Leech: Giving favs a name is an interesting idea, I'll add it to the list of feature requests for the next release.

Thanks for all the praise and the comments...

@lanux128: the CFDButton_portable_setup.exe is just a self extracting archive, just extract it to the directory of your choice and run it from there, no install needed :)

@PhilB66: You aren't kidding, downloads went off the chart overnight, and continue to go up  :Thmbsup:

@Perry Mowbray: I added it after you had problems, crashing on starting an app for the first time leaves a bad taste with people, figured I'd try to head it off early, thanks. I'll look into the browsing favorites menu item. had some very good points about memory usage and task tray icon hiding that I will be looking at in the next version, so keep you suggestions coming and thanks for trying it out..

I'm wondering if you don't have the latest Visual C++ runtime installed, they are up to SP1 now..

You can get it here:

There is always a link to the latest VC++ runtime on the app page

Sure do.. I do it all the time.. been through 3 hard drives on my ThinkPad T40 so far < ugh >.. Works like a charm..

I bought one about a year ago and it is on loan more to people than I actually have it   :D

I have to agree, that sounds more like a hardware problem..

If you do manage to get it started, here is a really good tutorial to analyze the dump file and find out what is causing the problem:


If all else fails you could get a cheap USB to IDE bridge and pull the data off the drive with another system, something like this:

I liked some of the features and the fact that there are tons of options, but I had some problems with the way file filters were handled, if I add a file filter *.h, it also shows *.html files not just my cpp header files, it does not work the same way say command line wildcarding works.

I had actually written my own solution to the problem before I saw FileBox eXtender:

It only really does what I need, but I would be interested in hearing what other people would find useful.

GOE 2007 Challenge Downloads / CFDButton - GOE Challenge 2007 Entry
« on: November 27, 2007, 09:45 AM »
I've got a little app I have been working on over the course of November, how do I go about entering into the contest.. I've seen other apps that do some of the same things, but have some limitations that I think I have addressed. It mainly adds some functionality to the windows common file dialog, like favorites, history, and custom file filters. I found other solutions didn't get the file filtering quite right so I wrote my own.. Small app, coded in C++, portable, so it runs on a usb thumb drive.. Comments and suggestions welcomed..  :D

Anyone interested can have a look here:


Anyone having a problem launching the app should download the Visuall C++ SP1 runtime from the same download page..


General Software Discussion / Re: Hard Drive Diagnostic Software
« on: November 26, 2007, 08:50 AM »
How about:


I also bricked a eGo portable USB drive and used Knoppix to get it back, you can view my post here:;highlight=knoppix

I 2nd Dormouse for ToDoList2..

also with some creative XSLT work you can design some really nice reports and publish them as HTML.

Living Room / Re: Computing. A Goal in itself, or a means to an end?
« on: November 08, 2007, 10:30 AM »
Interesting topic...

I started out on a Timex Sinclair, and immediately became fascinated by the elegance and structure of code and how the simplicity of a bit could grow into the complexity of an operating system. Ever since then I have been writing software, and even though sometimes I burn out at my day job of writing code for someone else, I always seem to be drawn back by that first moment when I realized the limitless possibilities presented by the programming discipline, that drives me in my personal projects.

Even though life has become extremely busy I still find time to download applications to see what other people are doing as well as find time to indulge in my own development projects. Sometimes I find a application that gives me the tools to free up more time to write code :).

So I think I still indulge in computing as a 'goal in itself', a few of my projects are so ambitions they might never be completed and fall into that category of being purely for the journey and not the destination, but of course it would be nice to finish a few  :D

General Software Discussion / Re: best clipboard program
« on: November 05, 2007, 08:52 AM »
I swear by CLCL.. not glitzy, but small/portable and does the job really well...

How about OrbitDownloader.. Kind of light on functionality, but I have had success downloading from sites that other download managers choked on.. And it is free.  :Thmbsup:.

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