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General Software Discussion / Re: Scheduled Shutdown after backup?
« on: December 01, 2005, 04:13 PM »
Make a batch file and point the scheduler to that:

C:\Program Files\Backup.exe
SHUTDOWN -s -t 0

Due to the way batch files are processed (in series), it wont start the shutdown sequence until Backup.exe has closed/finished


Finished Programs / Re: IDEA: Quick Serial Number Copy
« on: December 01, 2005, 04:14 AM »
Have a play about with what I can only call a release candidate...
It's fully functional, but over the next day or so I'll be adding various 'User-friendly-ness' features...


Finished Programs / Re: IDEA: Quick Serial Number Copy
« on: November 30, 2005, 05:28 PM »
How about:

A tray icon, Right Click>Serials>[The program you want]

And it would produce a small popup box with copiable text...

All the serials would have to be entered manually, but, is this the sort of application you're looking for?


Slight bug skrommel...

If you right click > Exit, it removes the taskbar, and Explorer.exe needs to be restarted to restore it :/


Just updated it, now 1.1, when you change the letter, it shows the current value in the Input box, along with one or two 'under the bonnet' changes ;)


Done! Complicated syntax, but, that's what the GUI is for, right?

RRunner 1 12 30 13 45 C:\hello.exe

1 == Start silently (0 for normal)
12 == Start Hour
30 == Start Minute
13 == End Hour
45 == End Minute
C:\hello.exe == Application Path

If you use one, you need to use them all :)

Have fun, go grab 1.1 from


I can run more than one copy of the timer simultaneously, to run different programs or the same program more than once, but are there likely to be any problems or conflicts if I do this?

Nope :)

I've set up my computer to switch itself on using the BIOS timer and switch itself off using a shutdown utility. Inbetween it runs various calculation, download and housekeeping tasks under timer control. I'd like to get RRunner to load from the startup group minimised to the system tray, ready to run it's program at some random time. However, RRunner doesn't seem to save the details of the time period and application.
Could the program be made to read a configuration file containg the time period and application path-name (ideally plain text) by using a switch after the program name. That way I could get RRunner to load and run completely automatically or get two instances of RRunner to run different programs at random times automatically.
Also if I set the program to run minimised it minimises to the task bar as well as the system tray. Could the program be set up to (optionally) run already minimised to the system tray?

I'll work that in soon, something like:    RRunner /m -sh:12 -sm:30 -eh:13 -em:45 -ap:C:\Program Files\Azureus\Azureus.exe
Would: Start minimised, the start range would be 12:30 - 13:45 and the program, Azureus :)

Does leaving the programme running use up many system resources?

Minimal, It's Visual C++ .NET, it may appear to use chunks of memory, but, this is due to the way .NET handles memory :)

Glad you're happy with it so far :D


Any chance of you sending me a winmail.dat as an attachment? I don't believe I have one to 'experiment' with...

Thanks for the nice tool... it doesn't work with virtual drives, but still useful! Thanks.  :Thmbsup:

It should... in the screenshot, G is an Alcohol 120% virtual drive... Try using the Reset button on the drive first, then set it...

One (probably) final addition to the code so it didn't throw an exception... (ReDownload)

If you grabbed it before now, redownload!, I added a 'Reset' feature, so you can always return them to how they were :)

Done!  ('Till I get my space here sorted out smiley)
Yours is the 'RRunner.exe and .jpg'
Bugs? Suggestions? Shout them out :)
You will need the latest .NET 2 framework (Use windows update if you don't already)

Done!  ('Till I get my space here sorted out :))
Yours is the 'Drive Name.exe and .jpg'
You will need the latest .NET 2 framework (Use windows update if you don't already)

OK, 10 mins was a slight exegeration, but, i'm working on it now, shouldn't be long :)

Sure, gimme 10 mins :)

hmm, is it just base64 encoded?

Ok, done the app, just need to make a GUI that can actually be used :)

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