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hmm you guys sure use a lot of programs, i'll have to check some of these out
myself, i only use Executive Software Diskeeper. It's the full version of the defrag that comes with windows xp, so you know it has to be good if microsoft licensed it. full versions aren't cheap but i love the "set it and forget it scheduling"
i tell it to run between 3 and 6 am, and enable smart scheduling. then it only runs on whichever drives it needs to and only at those times.

heh wow, i can't believe some of you think defragmenting is unnecessary, but i suppose for some tasks it would not make much difference. loading windows, browsing websites, and many other things would not benefit much from a defragmented drive. Anything that involves working with large files does. Any time you create a large file on a drive that is close to full (extracting a movie, installing a game, etc) there is a good chance of it being scattered across your hard drive in a thousand peices. If you then try to do anything with this file (play the game, watch the movie) it's going to require much more disk activity. If you are burning a heavily fragmented file at high speed to a disk it may not be slow enough to cause the burn speed to drop, but if you try to do ANYTHING else at the same time that requires access to the same disk, it will probably take about 10x as long.

General Software Discussion / Re: startup/tasks manager?
« on: February 05, 2006, 04:19 AM »
wow, nobody mentioned regrun?

check it out!

sorry about spamming my website everywhere, but it's just free info and a screenshot, i dont get any $ no matter what you do on my page...

Official Reviews / great job so far
« on: February 05, 2006, 04:02 AM »
hey i just wanted to post some encouragement here, i haven't even read all the reviews yet but i really like the way you are approaching this. Most 'software review sites' try harder to make money than to review software, and have little or no in-depth testing or comparisons of the software. I think the couple of reviews you have here are a great start, and hope to see them updated and more added soon!

if you decide to "break reviews into multipl pages with easy navigation between them" you should consider adding a 'print this review' link that opens the whole thing up in a single page again. Not just for printing (i would never do that) but when you are browsing the net on a slow connection it's nice to load the whole thing up at once. the reviews at anandtech work like this btw.

Okay, well here's a post to let you know I used one of these. I figured you might want to know that I listed your process tamer program on my website, although it doesn't get much traffic yet so it probably doesn't matter ;)

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