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General Software Discussion / Re: What is Mozilla trying to do?
« on: June 23, 2011, 09:41 AM »
What am I doing making duplicates?  :-[

General Software Discussion / Re: What is Mozilla trying to do?
« on: June 23, 2011, 09:38 AM »
If I preferred to use a browser that changed the major version number every quarter just like Chrome does, I would use Chrome. Wouldn't I?

Why is Mozilla adopting this weird scheme of development, do you have any idea?
Well your first statement answers the second, does it not? :P

The competition is moving to a schedule-driven release cycle to ensure the user is continually getting new features (among other reasons), could Mozilla afford to continue their feature-driven cycle without appearing out-dated, slow, or losing users? After all, Firefox 4 was in beta for almost a full year before it was released and in the time they went from 3.6 to 4.0, Google took Chrome from 4 to 10.

To be honest, I think Mozilla only made this change because they were able to see/understand the merit in Google's decision to change Chrome's release cycle. I don't believe they would have arrived at this on their own (at least not at present).

If you really want to delve into their decisions here's two good reads, also pretty good considerations for general project management:

The first also mentions that the time between 4 and 5 was meant to be short and transition them into their new cycle, so 5 to 6 might not feel as quick.

My take away is that it boils down to establishing a cadence and rhythm, sticking to it so the teams don't lose momentum, and freeing everyone involved from the stress of meeting/missing/setting a release date.

Living Room / Re: Tablet Discussion - in the market to buy
« on: June 09, 2011, 12:20 PM »
I have a free offer for Safari for a 45 day trial with Effective C#... how is it?  I've always brushed it off because I can't see renting books.  But looking at it closer, I guess it would make sense.  I have so many outdated books because of the rate of technology changing, so maybe I need to change my view of things.  Can you only see them on the website?  So can you use them if you're offline?
I only used it briefly and it was through membership in the IEEE Computer society that gave limited access.  I don't recall it having the download tokens or any way to do offline at that time, not sure how much of the books got cached.  Also, I never did get to try the mobile site, so I only used it through Firefox, where it worked pretty well.  The selection of books was a subset of the full library which made finding the books I wanted hit or miss, and oddly they didn't show the books that were in the library but not available in my plan.

The way it works can be a bit confusing for an individual:
1) You get 10 slots.
2) You can preview parts of a book but to access the full content you have to place it in a slot.
3) You cannot remove the book from that slot until 30 days have passed.
So it seems more conducive to people that will read the book cover to cover, and less so for someone using it as an actual reference library.

Given all that it was good for how little I used it, and I can recommend giving it a try.  :P

I haven't renewed my IEEE membership and Safari is the only thing I miss, but I don't feel I'd ever use my money's worth with the 10-slot plan.  I'd be willing to pay $120/year for a 3-5 slot plan, even if it meant losing the Video content, and I think that would meet my usage better.

What would be truly amazing is if they adopted an à la carte model where you pay a small monthly subscription for 1-slot and can at any time add/remove more slots for an additional fee, or pay more to add the Video/Rough Cuts/etc. offerings.  Seems I'm doing a lot of dreaming today.  :-[

Living Room / Re: Tablet Discussion - in the market to buy
« on: June 09, 2011, 06:48 AM »
Definitely agree on the last point.  And to give an example of what I'm talking about in lack of parity- four books that I just bought:
Ah, yes those are ridiculous.  I tend to buy all my technical books from O'Reilly, since they've shown an understanding and commitment to the digital formats - trying to offer everything in multiple DRM-free formats and with updates.  And really I just watch their [url=[/url]Deal of the Day[/url] feed and wait for the books I want.

My hopes have increased for Wrox since they've recently started selling through O'Reilly; for instance, that WPF Programmer's Reference would be a much better deal from them at $35.99 than B&N.

My dream is that one day Safari Books will add a 3 or 5-slot bookshelf subscription level at no more than $10 per month (a little less than half the 10-slot level).  Combine that with some improvements to their mobile and offline support and I wouldn't hesitate to subscribe.

It's not that the 10-slot level isn't a good deal, but it's wasteful for my needs - like always ordering a foot-long sub but never eating more than 6".

Living Room / Re: Tablet Discussion - in the market to buy
« on: June 08, 2011, 08:29 AM »
At first, I was buying because that was the format I already had- but now, comparing to Amazon, it seems that in *every* case, the price at B&N is quite a bit higher than the price at Amazon for the digital formats- even approaching hardcopy prices.  So I'm having a bit of a crisis in e-reading right now. :(
For the books I've been buying recently the prices between the two are in parity, though admittedly I have noticed that in many other cases B&N prices tend to be a little more.  And often reference books are moronically priced (on both stores) - for a while I didn't believe anyone at Wrox had a brain because their e-books were only available at prices higher than the dead tree versions' list-prices and came with stupid restrictions on number of downloads and devices.

Personally, the difference has always been acceptable to me since B&N are selling me a less restrictive, but still stupid, DRM format.  My problem with the Kindle has always been their proprietary format platform lock-in.

That said, I find the B&N situation extremely frustrating since it should mean they are in competition with the Sony and Google bookstores which use the same format, and I think that should drive prices down.  Though, I imagine part of the problem is their contracts all ensure they get the lowest price and Amazon can afford to take a bigger loss.

However, with certain screen protectors, I can alleviate most of the glare issues for her.
I've yet to find a solution that I like, which is why if outdoor reading were a requirement I couldn't recommend anything other than e-ink.

While the PDMI is OK, I do not like having to buy custom cables to do basic things.
I'm not sure I'd have bought the Galaxy Tab myself because of this exact reason. There were a lot of people at IO that were disappointed to discover nothing but the PDMI.

I like that it means a thinner and lighter device but feel the least they could have done was thrown in the USB adapter. Note that they do include a USB male-A to PDMI cable for charging/syncing - I wonder if it would at all be possible to create a USB crossover cable?

The only reason I might hold off is for the quad core tablets coming out shortly. But, I am likely going to bite the bullet and buy her one as her laptop screen is just about shot.
Completely understandable, I suffer from technolust so I doubt I could have taken my own advice and made it through this summer.

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