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General Software Discussion / Re: SyncBack with Dummy Profiles
« on: December 06, 2010, 11:37 AM »
Price Changes For 2011

We┬┤ve kept prices of our software licenses frozen for two and a half years, and our volume discounts have been a steal over the same period. Now is the time to grab your license as price changes come into play as of 1st January 2011.
Guess I should look into upgrading to the Pro license... anyone have experience and feel it's actually a worthwhile upgrade?

I'm not interested in backing up to optical media, e-mail, or SFTP, and not sure BZip2 compression really makes that much of a difference.
The drive failure detection and scripting might be nice and $20 to upgrade isn't bad. Hmmm...

I think I was after something different than you, a multi-device synced solution, but here's some things I went through on my similar search.

My main goal was finding a way of keeping my feeds in sync between my desktop at home and my laptop, where I do most of my listening, at work..

At first I was using the Zune software on my desktop to subscribe and download, sync the files to my external drive and then play them whereever.  But I wanted to get away from having to take the external drive out of my bag each day.

Then I started using Foobar2000 with the Podcatcher component portably, which worked well but I still wasn't satisfied with keeping them in sync, and I got a new phone that I wanted to start using as well.

That's when I tried Google's Listen app for Android, which integrates with Google Reader, and that was just an awful mess. It works alright, but it was difficult when a podcast would show up in Google Reader, and I'd have to keep it new until I listend for it to show up in Listen.

I like Google Reader for RSS, and now that I had moved my podcast subscriptions into it, I found that I liked it better than Zune (which I didn't dare install on my work PC).  Thus, I decided to just manage things myself. Currently, I subscribe in Google Reader and when a new podcast shows up I download it to my Dropbox folder.

Then I can download it on my phone or play it from any of my devices (they all have Dropbox) in whatever player I want.  Once I've listened I just delete it from Dropbox and that's it.

It's not a nice automated solution, but it's a simple one that meets my needs, and there's no software trying to be too smart or flashy getting in the way.

Living Room / Re: iPod - tell me why I should buy one
« on: December 02, 2010, 06:18 AM »
anyone know is Zune no longer available in Europe ?
I can only find accessories  :huh:
I don't think they've ever sold the Zune outside of North America.

With Windows Phone 7 they finally expanded the Zune Pass and Marketplace internationally, so maybe the next revision of the Zune-line will also be available to the rest of the world.

not so sure about this item though, it seems somewhat bulkier than I would prefer, and the general consensus seemed to be that the battery life was lousy
It's a terribly dated device at this point. I own one which I still use and I get a day or two out of the battery.  By today's standards it is incredibly bulky however it's really no where near as bad as it appears in pictures.

Being so outdated I wouldn't recommended this, but it's not an awful purchase at that price.

Living Room / Re: iPod - tell me why I should buy one
« on: November 17, 2010, 11:15 AM »
Dropbox sync for some useful files, password management sync'd through dropbox, etc.

The podcast management in iTunes is reasonably well done, and also simplifies the way I use them.
I don't suppose you could use Dropbox to do the majority of media syncing for the Touch, could you?

If you really want this feature, be patient. It's going to come. If you can't wait,
use another browser. Complaining on the issue tracker is not going to get the feature implemented any sooner so please refrain from spamming the 300+ people that have this issue starred.

The code monkeys there seem to feel that printing from a browser is not a true primary function.
I don't know that I would take this comment as any indication of how the "code monkeys" actually feel. It's a sentiment often expressed in similar comments found in many of the "popular" issues on Google's trackers, and not just for Google products.

One of the problems with Google's tracker is that by default if you Star an issue you receive update e-mails for every comment posted.  So you'll get a bug like this that a number of people want to see fixed, and it'll get posted on elsewhere, and people who don't know anything about issue trackers will flood the comments with "+1" and "I want this fixed too!" posts that get e-mailed to everyone who has starred the issue.

This then leads to some people who understand how the tracker works trying to get this flood to stop by posting something like the above, but that typically doesn't work. Plus the moderators have the ability to remove comments, and I don't believe doing so leaves any trace so you end up with comments like the one you quoted where it has some useful information but also a plea to stop the spamming.

In comment 66, there's evidence of this happening over a year after the comment you quoted:
I've locked this bug to non-committer comments, since someone flooded the help forum with links to this bug along with a suggestion that spamming it with comments would be helpful, when in fact all that will do is spam hundreds of people and make this bug less useful for anyone actually trying to work on it.

If you want to express interest in seeing this fixed and get email updates when something changes, star this issue.

I'm sure somewhere there's an issue report begging Google to make the option to e-mail updates a granular setting that can be applied on a per-issue basis, and it's probably been flooded with "+1" and "Yes please" comments by people trying to be clever.

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