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General Software Discussion / Re: Shut Up About Vista, Already
« on: December 07, 2007, 02:50 PM »
I really didn't like Vista at first. Too many annoying things. Now I've tweaked it a bit I prefer it
over working on XP actually. There are some things I replaced instantly though like the file explorer.
It annoyed the hell out of me. I didn't like the changes at all.

The biggest reason I'm using Vista vs XP though is the performance which is rather ironic since most
are complaining about Vista's performance being worse than XP. XP in my case is much slower
than Vista. It mostly has to do with the quad-core processor in the system. XP just doesn't make good
use of it. Multitasking in XP is hardly possible. I've tried some multi-threaded programs on XP vs Vista.
Vista was able to make 100% use of all cores where XP only managed to use 70-80% with the same program.
In Vista things got done quite a bit faster. Startup of programs when other things are running is also way
faster on Vista.

When you have to run an Oracle database, web application server, java ide and all kinds of other stuff
simultaneously it really starts adding up.

Vista has it's share of problems and a lot of things definitely need fixing but right now it will have to do.

Living Room / Re: Amazon's Kindle eBook Reader
« on: December 07, 2007, 02:34 PM »
Personally I'd love to have ebook reader. I have tons of books and other reading material.
The problem is.....80% of the books and such I have are PDF's and the PDF format is just not
very good for the current ebook readers. It doesn't support reflowing pages and such so it will
need to scale down. The screens on the current crop of readers the screen are just too small
in that case. There's only 1 larger one out right now (the iRex Iliad I believe) but it also has a
touchscreen and some other features I don't want which makes it way too expensive.

The next generation is supposed to get much larger screens (see the Hanlin V9 that's announced,
it looks REALLY interesting). When I can easily read my pdf books I'll get one instantly. I'm getting
way too tired of reading the books on a laptop or on the pc and there are too many of them to
buy as a paperback, I'd run out of space at home :)

Early 2008 should be really interesting for readers.

In case of java the best imho is IntelliJ IDEA. It might be commercial but it saves me so many headaches.
I've tried Eclipse and keep trying it with every new release but I end up going back usually within 30min.

Eclipse has loads of features, mostly because of all the plugins. Which is both a good and bad thing.
It's a pain to find all the right plugins. I'd rather have everything I need or 99% of it available right away.

The thing is, featurewise Eclipse probably surpasses IDEA. Most people compare IDEA and Eclipse and say,
Eclipse can do that too and more. In practice you hardly need most of the extra features. IDEA rocks in
the usability department. It's hard to describe but IDEA never gets in my way, it only asks me stuff when it really
really has to and then lets me move on where I was in the first place. Eclipse on the other hand annoys the heck
out of me. It seems everything takes too many keystrokes and is placed just a menu too far away. Especially the
implementation of "quick fix" in Eclipse is imo terrible. An example comparing the quick fix in IDEA/Eclipse:

Type "Hashtable somen_"
You want to import Hashtable? Well, in Eclipse you have to move the cursor back to Hashtable which interrupts your workflow.
In IDEA you press alt+space and keep on typing. IDEA also automatically removes unused imports which in Eclipse it takes another
quick fix keystroke.

It's all the little things in IDEA that are amazing. I don't need all the fancy features that I'll never use. I rather save hundreds of
keystrokes each day. Eclipse just gets in my way. It forces me to work a certain way and always distracts me from what I'm doing
and that's coding. IDEA on the other hand takes care of most of the annoying work and lets me focus on the important stuff.

Of course it's a very personal opinion. Eclipse is a great editor and you can get all the work done. It's just not for me :)

Coding Snacks / Re: Create an exit for Java hell
« on: October 02, 2007, 05:02 PM »
I know where you're coming from. I'm mostly a java developer and really enjoy programming in it (for the right tasks, in our
case most stuff needs to run on unix, linux and windows and are mostly services/webapps). But one thing I'd never ever do
is write a java applet. It's easy to use separate JRE's normally but the plugins are indeed terrible. When someone mentions a
program needs a certain version of java plugin I already start worrying. I agree they really need to fix that if they want it
to be of any use at all.

« on: September 26, 2007, 10:57 AM »
@nitrix: lol, think Mouser has his nitrix filter turned on still ;)

No problem Mouser, take your time.

Just to summarize the possibilities that would be really nice to have:

- make it very easy to distinguish between FARR specific options and program parameters
- be able to handle the modifiers with plugins, all of them or partially which means "+folder_music" could be handled by the plugin for instance, "+mp3" scoring by FARR
- maybe even the ability to let the plugin change the modifiers that are used? (would probably be more complicated)
- let the plugin have access to all the FARR options. Specifically the SearchFolders, Pattern Scoring and such
(less of a priority since I can easily load %APPDATA%\DonationCoder\FindAndRunRobot\FindAndRunRobot.ini and get the values from there if needed)
- being able to use modifiers on alias/plugin results. (For instance use locate to return a subset of 500 files which FARR filters afterwards with "+folder_music")

There are also some options in the plugin framework I'm clueless about when to use them and what they do precisely. Trying as much as possible with
trial and error to figure things out but I'll probably get stuck on some items :)

In the meantime I'll just try and find some workarounds.

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