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Thanks, Jim.  BTW, version was a pre-release, so if you're still using it you should upgrade to the final release.  There were a number of improvements since that pre-release, including sync performance.

You're right, though, that the update order has changed.  Previous releases would update each feed individually, but GR synching enables getting all feed changes in a single call, and then updating only the feeds that need to be checked for new items.  This means that the hourglass icon may jump around a bit instead of move down your subscriptions one at a time.

First, just to respond to the initial topic, I don't have an issue with anyone complaining that we should've done more to make it clear that FeedDemon is ad-ware (unless you purchase a serial number).  I thought we'd done quite a bit to make that clear, but Marek is correct - we didn't mention that in the software license, and we don't state that on the download page, and perhaps we should've.  I guess what gets me is the tone of the original complaint, which said that I'd "lied down with dogs," and suggested that we were purposely not disclosing the fact that the unlicensed FeedDemon displays ads, that we may be sharing your Google login (we're not - that would be suicide) and automatically subscribing you to feeds even when you chose not to.  I wouldn't have survived for so long in this business if I didn't treat customers with respect, and I get ruffled when someone suggests otherwise. to the performance issues, this has been a head-scratcher for me.  Most people say that FeedDemon 3.0 is significantly faster than the previous version - especially when synching, and especially when you're subscribed to a lot of feeds.  But I have heard from some customers who say it's slower, and these suggestions seem to speed things up:

  • Compact FeedDemon's database after converting to Google Reader sync (File > Manage Cache > Compact)
  • Tell your anti-virus software to exclude FeedDemon's database files (.FDB)
  • Turn off page transitions (Tools > Options > Appearance)
  • Let the cleanup wizard remove older items

BTW, FeedDemon already sends sync requests in batches, and it does so in background threads to keep the UI responsive.

You post this exact same complaint in my blog, and then you post it here before even giving me a chance to respond?  My response is here, but I'll post it here as well:

"There was absolutely no attempt on our part to hide the fact that FeedDemon 3.0 has ads, as a quick search of this blog will prove. It has been mentioned here - and several other places - many times before, and it seemed pointless to bring it up again since my only goal with this post was to introduce the new features.

FeedDemon doesn't automatically subcribe you to those feeds unless you tell it to, and you explicitly have to click "Yes" for those feeds to be added (the default is "No"). I can only guess that those subscriptions were somehow left over from the previous version, or that you misread the step in the startup wizard which asked whether to subscribe you to anything.

FeedDemon doesn't share your subscriptions, nor does it share your Google login. Your login is stored locally, encrypted in the registry. It's only sent to Google itself, and then only using secure HTTP."

General Software Discussion / Re: Some HomeSite Replacement Help?
« on: August 17, 2007, 01:44 PM »
Thanks, Darwin.  I would, of course, recommend that you give TopStyle a try :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Some HomeSite Replacement Help?
« on: August 17, 2007, 08:00 AM »
Hi folks,

Just wanted to let everyone know that TopStyle 3.5 will be in public beta soon, and in addition to bug fixes, it includes a number of new features (such as this one).


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