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Hi guys,

I am using Quotepad, which is awesome software, but it does not sync. Yes you can sync using Dropbox, but it's better to have sync built-in.

Are there any small utility software that has an GUI as simple and useful as Quotepad and syncs? It would be better if you can specify a custom sync URL like WebDAV, FTP, etc.

Thanks in advance. Any idea is appreciated.

I've played through the tutorial. This is a very cool piece of software. But I have one question: Why?

I have no idea how could anyone organize anything in TreeSheets. Perhaps I am too dumb to imagine how on earth it could be used to "replace for spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, PIMs, text editors and small databases."

Anyone has a real-world examples?

Edit: found examples in example folder. Now wondering how could play todo with it.

How's it compared with Potplayer?

There is a Chinese WinRAR knockoff for 7z:

source code (will be BSD in 2.0):

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