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  • September 16, 2019, 01:20 AM
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Boring? Yes they are, however the individuals who create these Apps used all of the 5 criteria listed, so for them I don't think it was boring.

I want knowledge,
I want intellectual liberty,
I want no restrictions on my curiosities,
I want creativity, not [endless] legal controls,
I want productivity, not merely connectivity.

Productivity" The essence on what I look for in applications, products and websites, which is why I allow myself to subscribe to proprietary products like iPhone or MacBook because on those, I find I am reasonably productive. 

Productivity vs. Creativity Is the human race called to be creative and not productive? You can be productive and mind mind-numbing bored at the same time, sadly this is the existence many sould face because their creativity is curtailed.  I feel that productivity in the wrong hands lends itself to be entrapment or ti control of others, at least in the hands of the companies represented in icons of the lead image.  ie. "the more money or subscribers they have the more they can influence / control others", the less they want others to be able to control themselves of move out of reach, or exercise liberties and freedoms. 

Creativity: is what defines us all, what you guys appear to do very well: The software and donation software you write is evidence of that. Problem is that the corporations that we refer to are slowly and surely erode away the creativity of man, with restrictions, licenses, limitations and the absence of an export button. We are no longer taught at school to be creative, we are taught to be productive, even if that productivity is mind numbing and thoughtless.  Resulting in boredom.

Restrictions: - Yep. Corporations are great at that, take for example Oracle suing Google because Android uses Java, or for example Microsoft hounding and pursuing Linux from pillar to post, If this is what they do to each other, what would they do to us given half a chance. 

Liberty: Thankfully there are traces of that particularly in open source, restoring our rights and freedoms, but then we run this liberty software on Window or Mac?   What are we thinking?

Knowledge:  I can have knowledge but what is it without with liberty, creativity, productivity?

- o0o -   

Enter an Open Source Hand Held Console without an App Store  If Desktop vs. Cloud and Apps Stores are the source to our boredom then here is possible solution to those App Store Blues.   "But the most interesting part is probably that it isn't designed by a large company, it was designed by the suggestions and requests of hundreds of people on the gp32x forums. Over several months those suggestions were fine tuned in to what you see today, a completely new open source handheld."

And if you have further doubts please have a look at this video of the first completely open sourced hand-held console and what it can do.

You may already be aware of this although I did a quick search and there was no reference to the Open Pandora console on here, so if you have not already heard of this console I think you guys will love it.   

Thanks Roland.

I don't pretend to know which are best, but I've got some mileage out of placing my Portable Applications in C:\Apps and then using Folder Share aka Windows Live Sync to sync that directory/folder between my work and home PC's.  This ensures that the micro & portable applications I enjoy are easily accessible although I should probably look for a way to reliably sync C:\Apps with my Thumb Drive.

Thank you for another interesting read. For months now, when my Newsletter notification first arrives in my Inbox, I smile and click on the "Online Edition of the Newsletter" which I place on my desktop. I run a clean desktop, so the lonely link reminds me, and for the remainder of that day as and when I get a few moments I read with interest.
I'm a Linux, Mac, Cloud user so more of these would be great.  - Thanks.

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