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Hey Mouser,

Just updated from 2.34.01 to 2.45.01, but now the FARR window always stays open after launching anything (just using the Enter key to launch the #1 result). Any thoughts? I have downgraded to 2.34.01 for now.

Running WinXP SP3 (only FarrMilk 0.4.4 as plugin right now, just reinstalled everything).

I have the same issue. I think I updated from 2.34.01 as well.

Hey mouser - I create aliases for keywords that I use all of the time. I was intending to use the feature for some of the keywords that I don't use as often. The aliases within FARR are heads and tails above the Firefox keywords.

Sure - I have a lot of keywords already defined in FireFox (for example for searching Google, work site, etc.) and was wondering if it would be possible to pass in an argument to the launched bookmark, just like you would pass an argument to the keyword within FireFox. If you aren't familiar with Keywords in FireFox (although I'm sure you are) look here:

Hopefully this better explains my point.

I use the FarrFox plug-in all of the time for launching bookmarks. I was wondering if it would be possible to allow the FarrFox plug-in to pass keywords onto the launched bookmark. That way I can use all of the keywords defined within FireFox as well. Thanks.

Hey mouser - Not sure if anyone has ever mentioned this before. But I just increased the number of results to display in the normal results list from 8 to 10 and I noticed that the Alt+# launch keys only go up to 9, leaving the last entry without a number. I think it would be nice if you were able to use 0-9 as well as possibly a Letter for anything past the first 10 entries. It also may be useful to have the launch key differentiated from the actual name a bit more in the display. I'm not sure if have a letter - program name will get confusing for people.

For example something like:
[0] Program 1
[1] Program 2

Thanks for the great program.

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