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General Software Discussion / Macro software?
« on: July 01, 2019, 05:14 AM »

I've been using Phrase Express (only because the one I had previously went out of use for some reason) for a while now but lately it's been playing up and no matter how many options I change, it's still a headache.

Does anyone know of free macro software whereby I can save frequently used phrases, email addresses, passwords etc etc.

I never realised how laborious it can be typing in your email address and password!

General Software Discussion / Re: Sync Laptop & Desktop
« on: September 19, 2016, 01:22 PM »
I'll take a look at GoodSync later.  I've got a version of Allways Sync on my Laptop but haven't used it in a while.  I've not long got in so I'll start with setting up Syncback which I'm hoping will work otherwise it's setting up from scratch..... 

Thanks for the info Mark.

General Software Discussion / Re: Sync Laptop & Desktop
« on: September 19, 2016, 09:20 AM »
P.S. And it's also for situations when you want to force the direction of the sync, i.e. when you want to ignore certain changes for certain files or folders on one machine and overwrite them with older versions from the other machine.

Just to clarify when this might be useful. Image you have the same already synced copy of a database file on the desktop and on a laptop. Then you do a lot of changes on the laptop to that file.

Then you reopen the same database application later on the desktop, to check something without changing anything. However, even that would have modified the file, as lots of database type apps might modify a file when you just open it to look at it.

Some cloud services might pick the desktop version as the latest version and overwrite the laptop version that has the important changes. Allway Sync allows you to review the files and force the sync in the direction in which you want it to happen, not which file was changed last.

a good argument for also having good local backup on each machine with multiple versions saved -- for that time when you just forget that you opened that database...
Okeydokey!!   I've got my head around it now, thanks for the heads up guys in that respect.   ;)

General Software Discussion / Re: Sync Laptop & Desktop
« on: September 19, 2016, 07:17 AM »
Definitely a very good option. In Syncback, just create a sync profile. It works both ways (a file added / modified on your laptop will become added/modified on your desktop and vice versa).

Be careful not to modify the same file both on the laptop and desktop at the same time, otherwise there will be a conflict (SynBack Pro will ask you which version of the file you want to keep). This is not a cloud solution, no need for an Internet connection.
Hi ppass,

I do have Syncback (and have had for quite some time) on my Laptop and I understand what you're saying but how do I connect it to the Desktop as well as the Laptop?  There is only one Ethernet socket on the external HDD.  The only way I can think of is via Wifi??  I have just realised.....  My two machines are linked via my wifi so if I search for the Desktop files via my Laptop to select the Desktop files to backup and then select the same file in my Syncback files on my HDD......  Is that what you mean?   


I tried your suggestions questorfla but they don't appear to have a Windows interface.

Unless I'm missing the obvious I'll keep looking!!

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