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Living Room / Re: Almost 50% of Americans shun high tech
« on: May 07, 2007, 11:51 PM »
Statistics aside, we need to acknowledge that there is a large number of people who use tech products and are connected to the Internet, and then there are others who do not use tech products and do not use a connection to the Internet.

Now regardless of the number of people in each group, we know there is a divide, but possibly not as neat as one might want to describe, because there will be some who connect to the Internet infrequently, and those that use a mobile phone like it is a computer but don't like going online with a PC. And every other abberation one can think about.

Building some type of a model in our heads of those who are tech users and who are connected, against those not tech saavy, we can then go ahead and do some marketing. Some in conventional paper formats, such as daily newspapers and magazines, and some online advertising and marketing sites.

Now this is the world in which I have lived for more than 10 years. I know that we get more sales from general print than online advertising even for tech products, and we go by results not artificial statistics about who is online and offline.

What works is to read the history of similar products and their sales and alter spending likewise. Statistics like included earlier are myths.

And web searching aside, I don't know if I could properly function without Gmail anymore either... I fell in love with PocoMail, but rarely even open it up anymore because of Gmail's glory. I've come to rely on Google and their services to supply (or at least direct me to) a lot of my Internet experience.

I think most people do not really understand why Google is such an advanced platform for searching. In their mission statement they state their strategy -- "Organize the world's information" and second "make it universally accessible".

So what do they do about "organizing" information? They enable people to blog (, organize people's emails (, invite people to make notes while they research topics online (, provide tools to word process and prepared business documents ( -- you have the idea . . .

And how does Google make information universally accessible? Providing server farms on which is housed the world's number one search engine, they provide searching in almost every language on earth, and so on . . .

Want to get listed in Google really fast? Write a notebook page about it and publish the page. Guaranteed quick insertion. Why? Because Google hosts the "Notebook Pages" and every new page is entered into the search engine within minutes -- as long as it takes to disseminate the links to the various copies of the search listings. Crawlers do not need to be involved in searching for and indexing a page. Sheer genius!

The more Google provides us with tools to organize our information, the more it can be the number one search engine where people will find my information. Have you seen how many things Google is prototyping? The Museum of Modern Betas Labs lists the top 50 popular Google Betas.

General Software Discussion / Re: Ubuntu Linux vs. Windows Vista
« on: April 29, 2007, 07:15 PM »
I know this is my first post in this forum, but this issue "Ubuntu" Vs "Vista" is something that has really stung me into action.

You see, what happened to me is that on the first day that "Vista" was available to the public I went to my nearest computer store and purchased a "Vista" upgrade worth AU$300+. That day, I went home immediately and began the install on my home made Pentium processor computer. The install took me 8 hours. Yes, that is right, 8 hours and still even after that time I did not have an operative way to support my dual flat screen monitors, and it did not allow me to use my security software as it is not supported my Vista.

Now that was all OK with me to start with. So I fired up Vista and began to use it normally. Within the first 3 hours Vista displayed a message "Your installation of Windows is not valid. Please visit here to validate your copy of Windows". So dutifully I did so. The automated method of validating the software didn't work. So I was sent to a page outlining my support options. I chose to talk to a Microsoft support person. Over the next hour and a half on the phone he tried everything that was on his screen about how to fix the problem. In the end he told me to completely uninstall Vista and reinstall it which I did over the next 24 hours.

After reinstalling and then beginning to run Vista the blasted message came up again. I called the support person and quoted my case number. A different person was assigned to my case. She tried everything that was on her screen. She was a little more persistent. We spent three hours trying to overcome this problem. In the end she said, "Sir, as I have completed the fixes for this problem and you are still receiving those messages, your software must not be possible to validate. Go back to the store you purchased it from and obtain a valid copy." I went to my software store. They would not exchange or even give my money back.

So here I am with a copy of Vista for which I have paid good money and it won't operate on my hardware. As soon as the "not valid" message appears the system begins shutting down and does not allow any new processes to be started.

I obtained a copy of Ubuntu. Admittedly it did take two hours to download. But then it took me three hours to install it. I had issues on how to get my dual monitors operating, and how to connect to my wi-fi network. I solved those issues on the Ubuntu forums, which, guys, you should have seen how quickly I had my answers and workarounds.

I now run Ubuntu.

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