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Screenshot Captor / Do not open PDF at startup
« on: May 02, 2015, 02:35 AM »
I recently updated to Screenshot Captor v4.9.6, from an older version.

My default directory for screenshots contains various files, and a PDF file (which has no relation with a screenshot).
Whenever I restart my computer this PDF opens in my PDF reader ! This annoyance seems to come from Screenshot Captor that scans the directory and only finds the PDF file (no image in the directory), and runs the reader on it.

In Preferences I could not find a way to avoid starting the PDF reader when selecting a PDF file. In fact I don't want this feature introduced in v4.9.5. It would be enough to start the reader with a double-click on the file.
A screenshot captor is primarily used to create an image, not a PDF.

Screenshot Captor / Web site link to previous stable release
« on: October 29, 2008, 02:38 PM »
I have Screenshot Captor version 2.37.03 and I wanted to have a more recent version  8)

On the web page I clicked on the link for Previous stable release, marked : Download v2.42.01
I got the file, installed it and found it is version 2.32.02  :o

Finally I downloaded the latest beta release, but please change the link for other users  :)

Screenshot Captor / Request : set dpi of image
« on: August 26, 2005, 10:33 AM »
Hi again,
Currently, images are saved  at a density of 300x300 dpi. This is perfect for printing a big image, but not for smaller window screenshots, where 72 dpi is preferable. Of course one can manually redimension when inserting the image in a document but it is better to have the same enlarging factor for all shots in the document.

If you have some time left, it would be interesting to:
- have a default dpi in the Preference panel
- have the facility to set dpi in the save as panel, or provide a "change dpi" function on the current image.

Thanks anyway for this much improved version.

new version uploaded.

v1.02.06 - 8/26/05
 · bugfix - license dialog sometimes locked up due to another modal form being on top of it (thank you bill gates) 
 · bugfix - advanced options in save dialog were not working.   

No more problems now  :) thanks
Don't forget to change the text in the Screenshot Captor web page.

Well, I was very pleased with version  :) and then I downloaded this 1.02.05.

I found some problems with 1.02.05 (see further down), and I wondered if it would be solved with a freeware license key.
I went through the whole process  ;) , did Ctrl-C on that incredibly long key, opened About box, copied it and clicked "Accept".
The About box displayed again, and stayed frozen >:( . During 5 minutes it gobbled my processing power and I couldn't Dismiss the window. I began to write this message, but then I saw the right edge of a small window lurking under the about box: I could just  click on the edge of the close icon (X) ! Now it works again, but is this the normal process ?

In fact my original problem is still here : Panel Save Copy of Image As...
- The preview button does not work (used to work in
- The Advanced button does not work (used to work in
These two features were very valuable to optimize the weight of the image file. If I can't get them, I reload my copy of .

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