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DcUpdater / Re: DcUpdater fails to check for updates
« on: May 09, 2020, 02:04 PM »
Happening to me as well. The text is "get version failed"

LaunchBar Commander / Re: 1.149.01 and 1.149.04 both hanging
« on: January 19, 2017, 10:21 PM »
My problem is fixed. As I determined when I updated an old Dell laptop, the install of 1.149.04 worked fine with the old files. It was only when I synced the files from my main desktop that the hanging started. I updated my desktop to 1.149.04, synced the new files and reinstalled 1.149.04 on the laptops and all is working fine.

I encourage you to make 1.149.04 an official release, available through DcUpdater.

Thanks again for a great product. FARR also proved really useful when I was having these problems.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: 1.149.01 and 1.149.04 both hanging
« on: January 17, 2017, 09:48 PM »
By "hanging" I mean that LaunchBarCommander.exe is keeping one CPU core pinned at maximum. I've let it go for about 1 hour without any change.

There are some network drives. None of them are new as my setup is pretty stable.

Let me know if you want me to try the debug version.

LaunchBar Commander / 1.149.01 and 1.149.04 both hanging
« on: January 16, 2017, 03:57 PM »
I'm running Win Pro x64 on all machines.
I first installed 1.149.01 on my HP desktop and it worked fine.
I then installed it on a Lenovo W520 laptop and it hung with the CPU busy. After a number of uninstalls, reinstalls and general machine cleanup it started working again.
I then installed it on a Lenovo W530 laptop and it hung with the CPU busy. I then uninstalled and tried 1.149.04. It still hangs.
All my settings files are copied from the HP desktop master copy. I've been doing this for years without any problems. Let me know if you need any more info to fix this.

After watching some more of the FARR videos (thanks mouser), I have come up with a partial solution to finding aliases without having to type +alias at the end of a search. I turned off the Required Alias Prefix and defined the following alias:

1000>>>alias search>->dosearch $$1 +alias>+>^a (.*)$

This alias allows me to see all the aliases starting with "b" by typing "a b", which is one character longer than typing "`b" when I has the Required Alias Prefix set. It is not perfect as it only lists fixed aliases and doesn't list regular expression aliases. It also inserts "+alias" into regular expression aliases like fc, which could be coded to ignore "+alias" but typically haven't been made that fancy.

To summarize: I have an acceptable workaround. It would be nice if the behavior of FARR with the Required Alias Prefix was smarter as it really isn't very usable right now. This problem won't stop me from using FARR as I think it is a very flexible and powerful product.

I setup a Required Alias Prefix with a value of "`". I did this to speed up alias searches and avoid mixing aliases with regular searches. There are two problems.

1. Auto complete - if I type "`c" I will see cpanel in the search results. If I hit Tab to auto complete I get "cpanel" in the search box but the leading "`" has been cleared so it isn't recognized as an alias any more.

2. Repeated searches - once I figured out that I needed to type "`fc" I got Fcalc working again. However if I type a calculation like "`fc 2+2" and then hit Enter to be able to input a new calculation the search box is set to "fc" without the leading (and required) "`".

Please consider fixing this as it makes using a Required Alias Prefix almost more trouble than it is worth. If the Required Alias Prefix is present in the search box the it should be left there for Auto Complete and repeated searches.

You can mark this one fixed as well. I was reviewing the problem in version 1.131.01 when I noticed that one of the child menus of my tab page was incorrectly set as a tab page as well. When I changed it to be a standard submenu all the problems disappeared.

You can decide whether the behavior of a tab page as a child of another tab page is what you would expect or not. I'm happy with this release.

This problem still occurs in version 1.131.01. It may be slightly different than before as I'm seeing unprintable characters in the invalid submenu title off the initial drop-down and a totally different but still invalid submenu title off the ALL drop-down. Both invalid titles are from the tab page submenu.

The sample file I sent you should still be showing this.

Confirmed fixed in version 1.131.01
Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation.

I'm now running LaunchBar Commander version 1.130.01 and VLC Media Player 2.0.0. The problem stopped when I upgraded VLC. You can close this issue.

I tried version 1.30.01 - the problem is still there. Let me know if you aren't able to reproduce the problem from the file I sent you.

I sent you the file Sunday evening. My email has been a bit unreliable lately so I just wanted to check that you got it and were able to reproduce the problem.

I've previously mentioned a problem with a tab page menu: Version 1.129.01 Bug - Tab page loses captions for submenu items on switch

Now I've got another problem. My tab page menu now has three sub menus. The selected sub menu displays properly but the drop down menu that lists the sub menus only gets the first two nodes right. The third node listed in the last item in the third sub menu instead of the sub menu itself. This problem extends to the tab page master menu at the bottom of the drop down menu.

I realize that this may be a bit hard to visualize. I can send you my .mcf file but am not comfortable with posting it publicly. Let me know if you need it.

LaunchBar Commander / Re: One thought and one possible bug
« on: December 03, 2011, 07:37 PM »
I just spent part of the afternoon trying to solve a similar problem. I have two users on my PC, an admin user and a limited (standard) user. I originally had two different docks in two different files. I then noticed that there was quite a bit of overlap and started out to link the two files, essentially I wanted my admin user bar to contain my limited user bar as a submenu. When I discovered I couldn't do this I ended up adding another tab menu to my main toolbar layout. The submenus for the tab menu were the two different users with the specific items that are unique to each user. My bar is now laid out as follows:

1. A set of child nodes for high use shared commands and submenus.
2. A tab menu that switched between users.
3. A tab menu that switches between categories like Audio Video, Images, Financial Software, etc.

I'm still discovering the power of LBC. Thanks Mouser.

More info:

If I right-click on LBC and "Toggle Docking" to make LBC free floating then video works in VLC. If I set the docking to Normal video works. It is only when LBC is docked and docking is set to AutoHide or AutoSlide that video fails.

Your understanding of how to reproduce is correct.

I'm using VLC 1.1.11 - this is the latest version according to the VLC update check. Only other programs of interest are Avast (with default settings) and Comodo Personal Firewall (running in Safe mode).

Has anyone else on this forum run into this problem?

LBC is normally docked to the left edge of the screen on Auto Slide.

When I minimize LBC to the tray the video displays normally in VLC. Restoring LBC breaks it again. Note that I am re-opening the file from scratch to get this behavior. Restoring LBC while a video is playing doesn't affect it. Re-opening a playing file in VLC while LBC is docked works OK as well. I have to stop the current video and open a video file to get the video loss.

It doesn't matter whether VLC is full screen.

I have been using VLC Media player as my primary player for viewing videos for about a year. It recently stopped showing the video and just gave me the audio. When I closed LBC and restarted VLC Media player the video displayed properly. I've seen this behavior for wmv, mp4 and flv videos. Other media players like Windows Media Player, Adobe Media Player and QuickTime Player are not affected.

I'm on Windows XP SP3 fully updated.

I like LBC a lot. I hope that you can fix this quickly.

I have a tab page node with 4 sub menus. All items have captions displayed to the right. When I switch to from one sub menu to another the sub menu itself still has it's caption. The child items of the sub menu are just displayed as icons. If I "Rebuild Docks to Fixup Display" then the captions appear properly after the icons.

1. Please update the help to fully explain the options. I had to run a forum search to find out what the username and password were for.

2. Please let the other programmers on know that they should be using this utility to let people know about updates. That is obviously what it was intended for. The only updates it showed me for all for Mouser's software. Auto-update is an expected feature these days and the more programs on the site that have the better. That includes the small utilities.

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