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ProcessTamer / Re: Problem with emule being repeatedly tamed
« on: January 05, 2006, 04:39 AM »
Great find Zeph,

I'll be using FireDaemon to set PT as a service aswell.

I'll report back here to let you guys know how it turns(ed) out.



Okay, I've installed Firedaemon (w/ the included libraries) and installed PT as a service w/ the default settings.

Everything works as it should w/ all of the windows services now properly having their priorities set.  A few small observations, however:

1.  The tray-app no longer shows, which is fine by me; however, configurator needs to be run from the start menu short-cut (again, fine by me).
2.  Priorities set in configurtor do not update automatically anymore.  The Firedaemon-PT service needs to be restarted for the process priorities to take effect, but once set they stick.

I'm excitedly awaiting v3-- having PT run as a service will make this the perfect app.  Good job, Mouser!


I'm *now* [edit: had "not" before! whoops!] using microsoft's srvany.exe, which comes with the win2k3 server resource kit to run PT as a service.

It doesnt have the same GUI nice-ness as Firedaemon, but its free and just as nice.

Also, I've resolved the "tray-app not working" problem simply by setting the service to "interact w/ the desktop".  Now everything's working perfectly-- tray app is showing and configuration app properly interacts with PT once again!


Thanks mouser,

keep up the good work!

ProcessTamer / Re: any plans to "force" stubborn programs?
« on: October 29, 2005, 07:37 PM »

...Also, re: the foreground priority boost.

It *is* an automatic win2k/xp feature.  However, its only enabled if/when you have your system set as a workstation-- which is the default setting btw...

hope that helps,

ProcessTamer / Re: any plans to "force" stubborn programs?
« on: October 29, 2005, 07:33 PM »
I couldn't find anythign on how/why some processes resist the change.  I have noticed that some programs set their own priorities and will eventually re-set process tamer's choice.  This is a different issue from where programs are simply resistant, but I wanted to mention it as well. 

As for 'resistant' programs, maybe this has somethign to do with the level at which PT is running.  Maybe running it as a service (as you suggested), would solve this.  Other than that, though, I couldn't find any other information on the matter.


ProcessTamer / any plans to "force" stubborn programs?
« on: October 28, 2005, 01:43 PM »
Mouser, first off, great program!  Yours is definitely the best i've used so far.  I have a couple questions/request which i hope you'll entertain..

1.   There are are a few services/processes that simply ignore Process Tamer.  I've seen this corrected in a few other (similar) programs and was wondering if you were planning to implement/fix this.

2.  Can the next version have an option for a small(-ish) foreground priority boost?


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