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Funny you should ask that; At one time we were building a plugin to support that but we just never finished it...

Once we had finished the ftp plugin there were services already comming out that allowed folks to simply map a drive to that service and some of our existing users were using a combination of FileHamster technology ( features in the replication plugin and script plugins ) to accomplish the same thing so the emphasis on completing that was dropped.

Hooking that up to work like the ftp plugin would not be very difficult using the FileHamster SDK.

You can also have the ftp feature in FileHamster include a "SendFtp" upload button in the bubble so you still get the revision locally but then make a contious decision when you want the file to be uploaded to the ftp.

To enable this, simple configure your ftp settings but set the 'AutoUpload' option to false and you will begin to see the additional "SendFtp" button in the bubble.

General Software Discussion / Re: alternative to filehamster?
« on: March 20, 2010, 12:25 PM »
Incidentally, the filehamster site was rated red on WOT, so I put in a little thread that should fix that.
-Steven Avery (March 20, 2010, 07:23 AM)
I read your post on WOT; thanks for noticing that and thanks again for making that post in our defense...Is there anything we can do as the developer or is this better handled by the users???

Strangely enough, we've had a few other sites do similar things but usually after an email they always lift the warnings; We are not sure where this is originating from but your comment about a potential competitor certainly got my gears churning...I’ll have to pay better attention to these issues in the future!

Hey guys, here's a special 50% off FileHamster link for all your support!
50% OFF FileHamster Coupon Link

General Software Discussion / Re: alternative to filehamster?
« on: March 15, 2010, 02:28 AM »
I'm not sure if you guys knew this but you can hook up scripts in 'FileHamster Advanced' that can be executed automatically or optionally; the optional setting places a 'run script' button in the FileHamster revision bubble so the user can simply choose when to execute the script by clicking on the button at revision time; FileHamster can use just about anything as a script but I've mostly just used common Windows batch files.

I thought this post relevent to the recent thread about having a tool that could either auto commit or optionally commit because you could hook up a commandline script to trigger your control commits.  Using enviroment variables, you can customize the script to work dynamically and commit the recently modified file into your primary version control solution.

FileHamster's Script feature is quite extensive; In addition to just triggering a script, a user can actually pause, enable or even configure FileHamster through command files:
Here's a link with more information on the script commandline interface:
*The environment variables that can be used within a script are listed at the bottom of this web page.

We've used this kind of control in past projects to disable FileHamster ( by simply copying a 'disable command file' to the root of a project's directory prior to a sync or get latest ) so we could prevent FileHamster from revisioning the files as they were being being updated.

General Software Discussion / Re: alternative to filehamster?
« on: October 06, 2009, 05:46 PM »
AutoVer[/url] does, thanks for mentioning it.
Oops, you are correct; AutoVer does do that...However, I think I remember seeing somewhere that it isn't being actively supported or developed anymore.  In checking their forums, they haven't had any traffic in well over a year.

General Software Discussion / Re: alternative to filehamster?
« on: October 06, 2009, 04:49 PM »
In reading everyone's posts, I just thought it would be worth reiterating that fact that FileHamster can still be used for free; if you don't mind the reminders that you are using an expired evaluation version.  Of course we want folks to eventually upgrade to the commercial version but if they don’t mind the ads then they can continue to use the evaluation version as long as they like…It truly is a personal choice.

Just on a side note, I also wanted to mention that of all the alternative mentioned above, none of them offer the immediate and automatic revision control that makes FileHamster so unique.

General Software Discussion / Re: MOGware's FileHamster (Complaint)
« on: September 30, 2009, 10:24 AM »
I'm not sure what sound you are talking about...FileHamster doesn't play any sounds with the bubbles; although, allowing the user to specify a sounds when a bubble pops up or disappears might be a fun little 'optional' feature.   :Thmbsup:

Upgrading to any of the paid versions will eliminate the ad bubbles; The free version or evaluation version is for folks to try out the product and does contain a few annoyances.  We do allow the evaluation version to keep working after the trial period for those users who don't care about the ad bubbles.  Sounds like you may be at that point where you might want to consider buying the full version.

General Software Discussion / Re: MOGware's FileHamster (Complaint)
« on: September 22, 2009, 01:34 PM »
Thanks for your response...

It's funny you mention the various droids as this month marked the release of a new version of FileHamster that more closely follows some of what you outlined so hopefully this means we are falling more closely in line with what you've expressed in your previous post.  :)

We have stopped promoting the 'free' version and in its place have an evaluation version that follows Droid #1.  During the 30 days, it unlocks all the features but also includes some visual indicators designed to remind the user they are using an evaluation version.  Unfortunately, these visual indicators do include the annoying bubble you are not so fond of but those bubbles do ramp in over time so they are not so annoying in the beginning.  At the end of the 30 day evaluation period, we had two choices...Cut off the user or just leave the evaluation running in an expired state.  We opted the latter as that still offers those users a choice to continue using the product in that state; sometimes, even the expired state is all a user needs and we'd rather see them continue to use the software rather than forcibly cutting them off.

As for the bubbles, I know some folks will be more sensitive to them than others.  I personally would rather have a simple bubble pop up which can be ignored instead of the jarring feeling that comes from my workflow being halted because a dialog buttons were rearranged.

Hopefully the new evaluation version of FileHamster will help encourage users to upgrade to the paid version as that only helps us further the development of the tool, and for those users who choose not to upgrade to the paid version will be pleasantly surprised that we left them with a free alternative; a free alternative that only reminds them they are using an expired evaluation.   :)

General Software Discussion / Re: alternative to filehamster?
« on: September 10, 2009, 11:33 AM »
Hey guys, I came over to respond to another thread that was just brought to our attention today and saw this one so I thought I would just chime in quickly to see if I can address some of the questions raised above.

The new versions of FileHamster is intended to help cut down on a lot of the expense and complications of selling plugins individually which was causing a lot more work and support on the Mogware end.  We are hoping this shift will also help improve the less technical user's purchasing process by having better defined choices…Sorry, I know a few others who really liked having the ability to purchase small addon plugins.

We kept the low-end tool (FileHamster Basic) at the same price point as the old +plus version.  The advanced tool (FileHamster Advanced) is also at a similar price point because it includes all of the power user's plugins that we used to charge for individually.

We do still have the free version…The 30 day trial version comes fully unlocked then falls back into the free version after the trial period ends.

We are in the process of setting up an upgrade path for our existing users that might go live today which actually takes into consideration any previously purchased plugins so it will be fair for everyone regardless what addons they previously purchased.

As for the above mentioned test case involving a few thousand files, I’m going to have testing check into that today…If memory serves me right, we did have issues in some older builds when FileHamster is inundated with file change events but I was under the impression they’ve all been cleared up.  If we do find anything, I can confidently say it will be addressed in the next drop.

Oh, and the thread issue…We do have a separate thread for copying the revisions; However, it is only one thread which buffers any subsequent events so they can be processed properly in the background.  We did have a bug with the zip plugin a long long time ago that might have done this horrendous thing but that was quickly resolved.

General Software Discussion / Re: MOGware's FileHamster (Complaint)
« on: September 10, 2009, 10:55 AM »
We never saw this thread over here on DonationCoder or else we would have responded earlier...

We're certainly sorry to see we have a few unhappy folks here but I'll do my best to try and answer some of the points mentioned above.

The ‘UpgradeBubbles’ were a controversial topic internally to Mogware so their implementation was carefully thought out.  The ‘UpgradeBubbles’ are only present in the free version.  We needed a way to try and convert our free users into upgrading; These small bubbles enabled us to remind the free users in a less than obtrusive manner that wouldn’t halt their workflow by randomly rearranging dialog buttons.  The ‘UpgradeBubbles’ slowly ramp in over the course of 2 weeks and only promote our products as we try to encourage them to upgrade.  If the user chooses not to upgrade, the bubble will then slowly transition over to an alternative ad campaign.  At the end of the day, we can’t only have free users and still sustain the tool.  At least this way, the users who don’t want to pay for the tool can still use the tool.

I see some other threads here on FileHamster which I will try to chime in on them throughout the day…

I also want to know if it has network support, I mean, to save the versions in other computers in the network.
Each Backup Library has its own storage location which can be anywhere including a mapped networked drive.  You can add additional Backup Libraries from the File menu.

And is possible to setup that instead of versioning each time I save the file, I can push the program to capture it? I mean, like a CVS or something but locally and faster. If not, exists some other program that does that?
Well, we never actually thought of using it like that.  Although, I actually think this could be a pretty easy plug-in to write.  All the functionality is there, it would just need to be bundled differently.  We are getting ready to release a plug-in SDK where you could create your own FileHamster plug-ins so check back at our website to see when it becomes available.

12 ghosts has a wonderful auto backup which saved changes to files and kept
* 1 a minute for the last hour
* 1 an hour for the last day
* 1 a day for the last month
* 1 a month for the year

I always look at "auto backup" tools hoping one will have a scheme like that.

Interesting idea...This could easily be done via a plug-in.  I will add it to our potential plug-in list for future consideration.

How do you get the timed versioning set up? It's not under options...

The 'TimeDelayBetweenRevisions' option allows you to specify how much time you want between each revision.  If you frequently save, FileHamster will not pull the next revision until the specified time has elapsed from the last revision.

NOTE: You can also manually trigger all pending revisions with the 'Trigger Delayed Revisions' option in the content menu of FileHamster in the task bar.  This is helpful when you have a longer delay yet want to capture the current version of the file.

Does this work with office docs?
Has anyone tried? It looks a bit obstructive with the popups...
Is there a similar freeware tool for say word docs?

We did spend a lot of time making sure it works with a vast variety of products.  In fact, some of them were pretty tricky because they would potentially create several temp files during the saving process.  Please let us know if you find an application that doesn't work.

We have some nice inheritable options that can be set on an entire library, watch or individual document that alters FileHamster’s detection behaviors.  If we don't automatically support the saving schema, you should be able to tweak these settings enough to get it to work properly.


it appears that making edits using ACDSee seems to confuse FileHamster - if i make the same edits with Photoshop then the program works as expected.

We just tested this and found that ACDSee listed the 'All Users\My Documents\My Pictures' rather than the correct 'My User\My Documents\My Pictures'.  FileHamster was able to properly detect the image change once we added an additional watch on the 'All Users\My Documents'  folder.

We are making a bit of an assumption that you experienced the same thing we did.  If this wasn't the problem, please let us know the version of ACDSee you are using so we can investigate this on our end.


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