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People please...! A good candidate for best freeware for on-the-fly capitalization lives right here on !
Skrommel's CAPshift

I also use a clipboard extender with capitalization capabilities but I prefer CAPshift's highligth&change approach.

Living Room / Re: Recommend a keyboard
« on: November 06, 2008, 08:26 AM »
I have to jump in to recommend the keyboard I use and like so much. It's a little different from what you were looking for but it's perfect for me and I hope to others.


It's from A4Tech and is sold as part of a wireless Kb&Mouse set. I love A4Tech wireless mice. Although the KB uses rechargeable AA batteries I only change these about two times a year and the wireless signal receiver doubles as a battery charger. Same for the mouse signal receiver.  The reason I prefer wireless is because I have a big desk and the KB and mouse routinely are on top of large paper drawings sheets that I work with.
The keypad on my KB gets at least as much use as the letter keys and here is the real reason for this model preference: the keypad is on the left!.  I find this is a more natural location for use with the left hand and allows for continuous right hand use of the mouse.
I seldom have to type long times and am not the most accomplished typist but I use all fingers and I prefer this A-shaped key layout to the traditional one. I like how the keys travel and fell firm. The detachable wrist pad adds comfort.
I use most of the multimedia buttons but have still to configure all of these for use with my players and other non Microsoft sw. There's also a mouse wheel on the KB that doesn't get used at all.

Living Room / Re: What are your favorite gadgets and gizmos?
« on: July 15, 2008, 12:21 PM »
I carry my Creative Labs Muvo v100 USB key/MP3 Player everywhere. I upgraded from the Muvo TX which has 512MB capacity. This new one has 2GB storage. It can fit about 16 CDs worth of music along with my other data files. No cables needed, plugs directly to USB. I also use it to store voice memos!
And you see it in this photo paired up with this geekier Digiana AudiaX DGT-202 FM transmitter. I'm also a returning customer of Digiana. I mainly use it to listen to MP3 on the car stereo but I've at times livened up a party with this small kit of two.  It's scalable. If you want to turn your private headphone listening experience into a big rave, you can! Just add a few cars to a nice location and ask them to tune to your radio station. 8) It's so cool it should be illegal! Oh... wait :huh: It is an illegal broadcast, in Portugal! Oh well, who cares?!  :P

Also the Xact Skil laser measurer, because measuring tapes are a thing of the past and any gadget with laser is cool.
BTW me Moleskine fan too.

General Software Discussion / Re: Drafting/Architectural Software?
« on: April 10, 2008, 07:42 PM »
Hi J-Mac,

I can give you a professional's view as the architect and CAD manager I am  8)
Have no experience with 3DHA so cannot help you with that.

If you're determined to let go of 3DHA salvage everything you can first. Try to export your documents, drawings, models, details and construction parts libraries. Anything that you might want to reuse. It's usually better to export data from within the program that created it than later trying to import it on another program that claims to understand it. To this end your best bet is .DWG format. Although it is a closed proprietary format it's usually a better bridge for data than say .DXF which is open and standard.

As yksyks first told you SketchUp is the way to go. It's very well put together, very intuitive. Responds very satisfactory to professional requirements but is equally accessible to curious DIY user types. It has already gathered a strong user base which makes help and content and add-ons readily available. And because it has Google to back it up you can be sure that it won't disappear from one day to the other or be gobbled up by Autodesk as so many good ones have. SketchUp is genuinely good and I think many small practices will adopt it.

Forget about AutoCAD. It saddens me to say this because I'm sort of an ACAD nerd and proud of it  :-[ . I'm 37y.o. and have 20 of experience with it. I know nearly every aspect of the program and have earned at least as much money from this self taught knowledge than from my architectural work. I say AutoCAD is on its way out. AutoDesk's REVIT will take its place on big architectural/construction firms. Autodesk won't say it and will milk the ACAD cow until it dries up. ACAD had its time but now the paradigm is changing from the virtual drawing board or the virtual 3D look-alike model. Nowadays the focus is on assembling a virtual building/database/model that not only looks like or helps build the real thing but is built like, functions like and helps the real thing function well beyond its construction. REVIT is what I'll learn next.

Clipboard Help+Spell / [BUG?] Under user profile using MUI
« on: April 10, 2008, 05:50 PM »
When starting CH&S I got this error:
"Could not convert variant of type (String) into type (Double)."

I think it's because of this particular set of circumstances which may (or may not) be rare:

This is a XP SP2 setup with Multilingual User Interface (MUI) installed. Admin profile under which CH&S was installed, has Portuguese Regional Settings, including a comma (,) decimal separator. CH&S can be used without problem.

User1 needs English Regional settings, namely a period (.) decimal separator. If this user tries to start CH&S this error dialogue box pops up followed by many others. CH&S can only be stopped by ending its task or process.

I don't know if it is worth for you (or me) to pursue a solution to this bug. Perhaps if others are also affected. Anyway if you solve this or know a workaround that permits use of CH&S under such a user profile please respond.

Off topic:

I only just now started using CH&S. I only use the right-click menu to paste the recent clips which is only a fraction of the power and versatility that the program offers. I don't usually keep programs installed that do more (or less) than what I require but CH&S UI manages to keep it simple so I like it, will keep it anyway and will be aware of opportunities to use its more advanced functions.
Thank you for your good software.

Skrommel's Software / Capshift - Renaming files
« on: February 10, 2007, 10:03 AM »

I'd like to use Capshift to quickly change filenames' letter case.
Problem is when I activate it by pressing Caps Lock or clicking in the tray it deactivates the filename edit field.
Maybe if we could assign a hot-key this could be achieved in one step?

A workaround to this is change the filename in the Properties dialogue.


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