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LaunchBar Commander / Re: Launchbar Commander still "Stealing Focus"
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:49 PM »

I thought I'd let you know that I have turned Off "Stay on Top" a couple of weeks ago, and since then I have not had any issues with"stealing focus".

And, nothing has happened that made me wish that it was On, so I consider the issue solved, for me.

Thanx for all your efforts, it was greatly appreciated.


I appreciate that the old versions didn't have this problem, but then -- did the old versions have the "Keep LaunchBars on top option at all?

Ah, yes, and back further than the 2008 version.

If disabling the "keep launchbars on top" option solves this focus stealing problem for you, why not just uncheck that option?  What does that option get you that you need?  My memory is that i only added it because the AUTOHIDING launchbars were falling BELOW other windows -- something that shouldn't happen if you have them reserving space on your desktop as you do?

It *does* stop if I turn Off "Stay on Top". Now, I have to try to remember why I set that in the past - or if whatever reason is still a concern. After two minutes of being "off" as I type this, I can't see or remember any problem with that setting. (Something in the fog of my memory... Oh. well, we'll see..)

One other thing you could do is, we know the problem is definitely related to LBC based on your tests, but is it possible you have some additional odd desktop utility which is interacting with it, causing this?  Might you try killing off any other weird utilities and see if it makes a difference?

We don't want to go there.. "Odd desktop utility"? I load double-digit's-worth, some as old as 1997.

That said, I use a Startup Manager, itself dating from 1997 - but it loads, runs the startup programs, and exits, so, if I don't run *it* at startup the other startup programs don't load - so, I can boot to a pretty virgin state very easily for testing purposes. Which is what I did here.

However, something is causing the problem on *my* machine(s) and not yours, so somehow I must be contributing to the problem. My only saving grace is that I can run a version of LBC that can tolerate even me - and there are a small few others out there that have the same gremlin.

We'll leave it as is for now - and, once again thank you for all your efforts.



(I apologize for how long this post is, but I have to try and give you as much information as I can.)

I really do appreciate all your efforts to address this situation, and I sympathize with your frustration with not being able to duplicate the problem - that coupled with the fact that it only seems to affect a few people (because Word has to be used by many, many people who also run LBC, without this occurring).

Unfortunately, for me, the latest version you asked us to install has not solved the problem.

That said, here is my situation.

1. The problem has occurred on multiple machines, running both XP and Windows 7.

2. So far, it only seems to happen using Word or Excel (in my case, versions 2007 & 2010). It happens when I click on the drop-down menu on any of the menu items on a ribbon. Usually, almost immediately, the menu will drop down and then go right back up (sometimes there might be a second of delay before this happens). When this happens, the Word/Excel title bar will also change color, from the "has focus" color to the "doesn't have focus" color.

There may be other programs that also react this same way, but in my short time trying it I didn't find any.

One thing of note: Micro$uck's Word and Excel 'drop-down' menus operate differently than other programs written for Windows (Gee! Imagine that! Don't get me started..). They 'feel' different, and act different. You know how when you 'pull down' a menu from almost any program's menu bar, and then move your mouse across the items in the menu bar, the 'drop downs' "cascade" as you do it - as you leave an item its 'drop down' goes back up and the next menu item's menu 'drop down' comes down? You don't have to do anything other than move your mouse. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Well, Word and Excel 'drop down' menus don't work that way, because of the ribbon I imagine. Every menu item is, like, compartmentalized. When you click a menu it drops down - you can then move your mouse to the next menu item, and nothing changes.

3. Here is what I have done to test your program:
- I downloaded your 'test' 1.136.01 version and extracted it into its own directory.
- I copied LaunchBarCommander.ini, LaunchBarCommander.mcp, WDPLaunchBar.mcf into this directory. I ran LBC and then started Word and Excel. The "loses focus" issue occurred.
- I then copied year-2008 LBC version 1.83.01 files LaunchBarCommander.exe and quickdoclauncher.exe into this directory, overwriting the 1.136.01 versions. I ran LBC and started Word and Excel. The "loses focus" issue *did not* occur. I re-copied 1.136.01 executable files back into the directory and tested again - and "lost focus". I re-copied 1.83.01 executable files back into the directory and tested again - and didn't lose focus. Something after 2008 changed how LBC works for me.

4. Here is some additional information:
LBC 1.136.01.jpg 

LBC 1.83.01.jpg

LBC Settings-1.jpg

LBC Settings- 2.jpg

LBC Settings- 3.jpg

LBC Settings- 4.jpg

(I have *no idea* if I have done this "attachment feature" you have included correctly. If the "preview" is supposed to show the "thumb" then I haven't, and I clicked the "help" link - and even looked at the source HTML in that help page. Oh well.)

Again, I really appreciate your efforts so far. Don't beat yourself too much on this.



I want to see if I can make a video showing the new version of LaunchbarCommander "stealing focus" and an older version not doing that. Prior to that, let me note this:

I know that I can show it stealing focus when I am in M$ Word 2010. I will click a drop down dialog box in Word, and then a split second later the drop down will roll back up and the title bar will change to show that Word no longer has focus.

If I do it in the older version that I am running, this doesn't happen.

Is this something that you can do to check? Do you run Micro$ucks Word?

(Also, as near as I can tell, all you need to have are the same versions of LaunchBarCommander.exe and quickdoclauncher.exe for the program to run properly - all the other files in the Directory don't care which version is running. Is this correct?)

Note to "Veryweird": See if you can get an older version of LaunchbarCommander [the version I run is 1.83.01] that doesn't have this problem. I lose out on 5 years of new features - but, Hey!, I don't know what they are, so absence is noted;>) Program is still very usable, and I would sorely miss it...

LaunchBar Commander / Launchbar Commander still "Stealing Focus"
« on: July 10, 2013, 02:18 PM »
To continue the discussion, Mouser, Launchbar Commander is still "stealing focus" with version 1.135.01. This has been an ongoing problem for some of us. For me, it means I have to go back to 2008, and version 1.83.01, to not have it "steal focus". Five years - and all those feature improvements - and I can't use them.

I know that if I turn off "Stay on Top" the problem goes away, but I want that feature more than the new features over the last 5 years (maybe - the latest versions don't spend much time on my system for checking them out...)

Sure wish you could find the problem. Really like the program.


LaunchBar Commander / Version 1.129.01 Still "Steals Focus"
« on: November 22, 2011, 09:46 AM »

Back in July I described a problem where the latest versions of Launchbar Commander would "steal focus" from other programs (which made using their "drop down" menus very hard to use, because when Launchbar Commander "stole focus" the drop down menu would disappear).

A more detailed description of my problem is in the July 2011 thread: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=27264.0

As I noted in that thread, I was able to "fix" the problem by reverting to an older version of Launchbar Commander (1.83.01, dating from 2008) that did not "steal focus".

I installed the latest version today, and the problem is still there  --  so, I went back to 1.83.01. That is the only change, going back to the older executable version. All the other files (.ini, .mcf, .mcp) are the same.

Have you given any further thought to this "bug"? I can continue to soldier on with version 1.83.01, but I am missing out on all your improvements since 2008....

Thank You.

Here's what I have done since my last post:

I have several archived versions of LaunchBarCommanderSetup.exe installation program (including one, minus the word "setup" from 2006), so I just started working backwards, installing versions. Here's what I found:

My latest version: v1.127.01 that I was running when I posted this subject.
Installed version: v1.112.01 and problem still existed
Installed version: v1.109.01 and problem still existed
Installed version: v1.83.01 and -- the problem went away...

I am currently running that version (v1.83.01) for a longer trial.

Hopefully this helps...

As far as posting any screen caps, my toolbar is the most boring Launchbar Commander toolbar one can imagine - just a sting of menu texts across the top of the screen, no icons, no textures or anything; you have to click on the menu text to see the menu drop-down before you see any icons. For me, Launchbar Commander replaced the old utility "Appbar", dating back to 1996, which mimicked the old Mac toolbar at the top of the screen.

Again, Mouser, thanks for your help. Great program!

I have used - and loved - Launchbar Commander for years (at least as far back as 2006), but lately it has been "stealing focus". I found out mostly by happenstance.

I use Launchbar Commander as a Text Toolbar at the top of my screen, much like the old program "Appbar" - kind of Mac-like you might say. It is my Window in to my computer, basically to all my programs, files, websites, whatever (currently my tree file has 772 Nodes...).

I noticed a little while ago (many weeks ago) that something was "stealing focus" while I was working in a program (Word, for instance). I would be typing away in Word without noticing anything untoward, but if I went up to a drop-down menu item on Word's Toolbar/Ribbon, almost every time the menu would "drop down" and then instantly close back up. By continuing to select the drop down I would eventually get it to "stick" long enough to make a selection. I noticed that when this happened, Word's Title bar would change color slightly, indicating that Word no longer had "focus". I don't lose focus when I am typing, just when I "pull down" a menu in Word.

I couldn't figure out what was taking focus - until today. I was in Word and just happened to press Alt-F right after a drop-down menu had disappeared - and, lo and behold, the drop-down menu in my Launchbar Commander toolbar that started with "F"...dropped down. So, I played around and every time a program would lose focus, Launchbar Commander had "taken" it. I exited Launchbar Commander and the problem stopped.

I have scoured the "Configure Preferences and Options" looking for a setting, to no avail. I turned off all hot keys that I had to get to certain menus. Can you help me? Have I somehow done something? I simply can't (and won't) stop using the program.

BTW, I have it configured to be docked to the top, always visible and always on top (the way it has always been).

Any ideas? Thanx for the awesome program.

OK, here comes a suggestion for a program that will do exactly what you want. It may seem like like an odd recommendation, but the program is HotKeyz ( - it has all of ChngCase capabilities built in. And you don't have to use the Clipboard; just highlight the text and change it.

Want to have WIN-U convert text to UPPERCASE, have WIN-L convert text to lowercase and have WIN-S convert text to Sentence Case - consider it done. Are those key combinations taken? Chnge the combination to whichever you wish. (I don't use the Title Case or tOGGLE cASE abilities, but I could just by assigning a key combination...)

HotKeyz also has a lot more tricks up its sleeve than just working with text. I make use of this programs for many more hotkey-related actions than this, but it does this very well (even after apostrophes…;>)

Haven't seen anyone mentions it, but Index Your Files is my choice - by far. [] Download link: http://www.freewaref...a_program_32912.html

I am indexing Four Drives on the WAN, plus my local hard drive  --  a total of over *1 million* files. Program creates five separate databases that I can mix-and-match as I wish when searching (search Local C Drive and Network K Drive, for instance, or just one drive, for another instance).

I update the index each day at 8:30 AM  --  and really don't notice that much of a performance hit at all. The index updating over the WAN is really unnoticeable since it is not local and I really don't notice when it is updating the Local Drive.

Takes a *long* time to search for text in files, particularly if your database is large, like mine, because contents are not indexed (Duh...). Searching for just files is lightning fast:

AND, you can preview some files in a Preview Pane within the program. So far, this is the pass/fail list on "previewing" (results may also depend on the "viewers" I have enabled, so your mileage may vary...) in my testing:

PDF - Pass
XLS - Fail
DOC - Sort of Pass. Can view text.
DWG - Fail
JPG - Pass
BMP - Pass
GIF - Pass
PNG - Pass
MP3 - Pass
FLV - Pass
MPG - Pass
AVI - Pass
WMV - Pass
ZIP - Fail

As you can see, I like the program...

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